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Meghalaya Khasi Language: Some Useful Words and Phrases

Rolling hills, dense forests, and numerous rivers divide Meghalaya. With this division and its history, Meghalaya has several dialects. And while English is widely popular in many countries, even outside of America, students may have assignments to write paper specifically in English, but since major tourist attractions lie in the Khasi area, the language that would be useful to you would be Khasi while travelling in Meghalaya. Here are some common phrases and words used in the Meghalaya Khasi language. Remember these while in Meghalaya to make a soulful connection with the beautiful Khasi people.

Basic Conversation Khasi Translation
Thank You Khublei
Hello Kumno
What is your name? Phi kyrteng kumno?
My name is… Nga kyrteng i …
Where are you from? Phi dei naei?
Kumno ka rangbah? How’s your family?
U pynjylla ha Shillong. I live in Shillong.
You are beautiful Phi bhabriew bha


Number Khasi Numeral
1 Wei
2 R
3 Lai
4 Sao
5 Sun
6 Hynriew
7 Hynyao
8 Phra
9 Khindai
10 Shiphew
20 Arphew
30 Laiphew
40 Sawphew
50 Sanphew
60 Hynriew Phew
70 Hynniew Phew
80 Phraphew
90 Khyndai Phew
100 Shi Spah
500 Sanspah
1000 Shi Hajar


Other Useful Words Words/Phrases Khasi Translation
Where Shano
Who Mano
What Kaei
How Kumno
How many Katno tylli
Here Hangne
There Hangthie
Play Lehkai
Sleep Thiah
Hungry Thngan
Read Pule
Name Kyrteng
Story Khana
Do you have …? Phi don ka …
Good night Thiah suk
Happy Kmen
Sad Sngewsih
I love you Nga ieid ia phi
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