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1. Anthargange Trek Anthargange Trek Starting point: Kolar Anthargange Trek Length: 3 km Anthargange trek Distance from Bangalore: 80 km Best time for the Anthargange trek: October through the end of March How to Reach Anthargange trek base: Bangalore – Kolar – Anthargange Antharagange literally translates to “The Ganges from the deep” and is located...
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Road Trips in South India | Plan The Unplanned
The country’s rich culture begins to enchant visitors when you approach the south of India. You won’t want to leave these states, cities, or vacations because of how beautiful the water is playing down the entire coastline. Your journey will be rewarding because of the breathtakingly magnificent scenery, historical buildings, settings, and some contemporary charm....
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To put it in brief, I’d say, “It was a cold rainy morning with the fresh smell of sugarcane and petrichor. With people seated and/or walking around the peak, some of us happen to have some meaningful conversations.” On August 8th, my trek to Kuntibetta was confirmed. I left on Saturday night, boarded the metro...
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