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Corporate Team Outings

“To keep your team’s creative juices flowing, trek; to resolve conflicts, trek; to build partnerships and achieve heights, trek. And finally, to challenge and bring initiatives alive, trek. Dangle in the wild, drink the wind and get high in the mountains. Gone are the days when boring pub and resort parties interested employees. Now, if you need a break, come to the mountains.” 

-Jatin Munvar, Founder at PTU

Why Choose 'Plan the Unplanned' for Corporate Team Outings?

Plan the Unplanned is renowned for Corporate Team Outings because of our vast adventure tourism experience. We provide unique stay, gaming and trek destination options for corporate outings at the best prices. Also, having served for 6+ years, we understand corporate culture and thus responsibly cater to mixed group dynamics. 

After coming on one of our corporate team outings, we promise your growth trajectory will change for the positive. We have a collection of 100+ treks across India that we can customise according to your team’s preferences. 

Having completed over 2000+ group treks, we have successfully outgrown our ageing competitors. And that’s the reason why over 50000 corporate employees have relied on us to date. 

Apart from covering almost all trekking and outdoor destinations around Karnataka, we also host several events in places outside, including Kerala, Maharashtra, North East, Bhutan, and several high-altitude treks in the Himalayas.


It improves self-understanding and clears mental roadblocks in pursuing things.

While trekking, trekkers see the benefits of pushing limits.

  • Result of Trekking: They start enjoying open-ended questions, which is often the case in solving problems creatively and building a sense of initiative. 

It builds your team.

In the words of Robert Munsch, ‘Nobody learns swimming by reading a book about swimming; you learn swimming by doing it.’. Similarly, you can’t teach someone teamwork. You need to put them in situations where working together is the only way forward.

  • Result of Trekking: The shared experience of facing and overcoming challenges – learning to lead by example, slowing down to help those in need, understanding the importance of following orders, and maintaining a comfortable pace with the whole group – automatically fosters an innate sense of camaraderie.

Trekking builds trust among employees.

As individuals are forced to face difficulties and share small moments of joy over an extended period, it naturally develops a sense of trust among the team members, which is the primary goal of team-building activities.

  • Result of Trekking: Personality traits such as empathy, leadership, and helping mentality are brought forward. This ultimately puts them outside their comfort zones and makes them face situations they would never usually face in other settings.

Trekking improves workplace relationships.

You let down your facades and interact freely as work dynamics or office behaviours no longer inhibit you.

  • Result of Trekking: As casual conversations flow, relationships are built, and the same is carried over to the work environment.

Team starts obeying time-bound target achievement.

Following a rhythm of breaths, this must be the only time our brains gust up with life instead of getting tired from continuous engagement.

  • Result of Trekking: Employees become disciplined. On long trails, they start at a particular time and are given a target to return at a certain time. In this, they all work together, helping each other to accomplish the goal. 

Employees learn to push limits and achieve challenging tasks.

Watching each other, we overcome difficulties and achieve what we deem challenging or rather impossible.

  • Result of Trekking: You get out of your comfort zone, push limits, discover difficulties (at the workplace: read bugs) and proactively engage in a single problem for a longer duration.

You will see improvement in the team’s Fitness.

Trekking in rugged and remote regions improves oxygen levels in your system, blood flow improves, and lethargy is gone.

Result of Trekking: Many corporate jobs are linked with long hours sitting at desks. This makes employees gain weight and lose eyesight and fitness. Breaks like trekking will help them gain back fitness from time to time. 

Here’s What Sets Us Apart

-> Experienced Outdoor Leaders: Our passionate, friendly and knowledgeable outdoor leaders are dedicated to ensuring you have the most incredible time with them without sacrificing safety.

-> Focus on Offbeat Experiences: We design our events to ensure you experience a place in its most authentic form. 

-> Unmatched Quality of Service: Our timely departures, comfortable and spacious buses, professional trek leaders, clean homestays and campsites, and 5000+ five-star reviews are testimonials of our efficiency & quality services.

-> We Understand Your Needs: With separate accommodations for women and men on all our treks, we are dedicated to ensuring professionalism and a safe environment. 

-> Local Support: We take pride in introducing you to our local team at each destination, as their dedication and warmth are very much a part of your experience with us.

-> Much More than Just a Trek: The experience continues even after the journey, thanks to our vibrant travel community, regular meetups and monthly travel talks that help keep the wanderlust in you alive after your trip.


  1. Trek Leaders, local guides: Our experienced trek leaders knit the team on every trek. One trek leader walks with the fastest trekkers in the front, and the other guides the group from the back, ensuring everyone stays in the middle. If anyone lags, they thoroughly discuss the reason and tackle variable scenarios.

    Problems can range from a trekker unable to catch up with the pace of others to sometimes someone getting an ankle sprain in which they cannot walk at all. Trek leaders and guides find the best alternative to bring them to safety as soon as possible. We are also in touch with local authorities and homestay owners who assist us in unlikely conditions. 

  2. Flow of Trek: Ultimately, it boils down to the procedure. If we ensure everything is followed correctly, we can ensure 99% safety. 

  3. Stay Options: We have different stay options, like homestays, campsites, and resort stays, depending on availability. All of these are safe. To check this, our operations team regularly visits these places and receives feedback from trekkers. If anything is unfit according to our guidelines, we switch to a different stay for future groups.

  4. Equipment: Our equipment is of excellent quality. Rentals such as shoes, leech socks, etc, are cleaned thoroughly after every use. In the Himalayas, devices such as oxygen cylinders, ropes and AMS medication kits are carried.

  5. Feedback: Feedback is our energy drink. Positive keeps us inspired, and negative gives us arenas where we can improve. That is why, after every trek, we strive to collect all feedback and work on them thoroughly.

Listen to What Our Trekkers Have to Say About Their Experiences

“I have been on three treks with these great people; Makalidurga, Kudremukh and Ambukuthi hills. They are amazing at organising treks, may it be choosing comfortable vehicles, stay, food and helping trekkers to reach the peak; they are awesome.”

Santhosh Sankar, Lead Product Engineer, Cadence Design Systems

“Plan the unplanned is one of the most professional trekking organisations I have ever seen. They are extremely safe, especially for female solo travellers. The trek leads are friendly, fun-loving, professional and take care of the group well.”

Abhishek Suresh, Copywriter at Tata Consultancy Services


Corporate Team Outings We’ve Hosted in the Past

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Choosing the Right Event for Your Team

Whether it is an intense long-distance trek that gives your team the thrill or a chilled-out experience, or maybe even something in the middle, we have events of all difficulty levels planned for you based on several criteria, including trek duration, distance, inclination and so on. 

However, personal fitness levels, past trekking experiences, group size and the average age of a group are factors that ultimately determine whether a particular trek would be suited for your team.

Here are some options we provide:

2 Nights and 2 Days Events: The most preferred choice for a majority of our corporate clients since this ensures maximum time spent together as a team while making the best use of weekends as well as having the option to choose from some of the best places for team outing around Bangalore.

Start Time: 9 pm on  Day 0
End Time: 10 pm on Day 2

Overnight Events: These are more suited for groups who wish to spend adequate time together and are looking for a more casual outing. 

Start Time: 2 pm on  Day 0
End Time: Noon on Day 1

One-Day Events: If your group wants to leave and return to Bangalore on the same day, look no further. Choose from some of the best one-day team outings places in Bangalore.

Start Time: 5 am
End Time: 3 pm


If you are looking for a more tailor-made itinerary for your team outing, get in touch with us, and we can provide customised plans per your requirements.

Corporate Team Outing - Plan the Unplanned

Submit your requirement, and we will reach you by email or phone as soon as possible. 

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In all other scenarios, write to us in the following format: 

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Subject: Corporate Team Outing – Company Name

Body: Tell us about the strength of your group. Let us know if you are interested in a specific event. If you want to enquire about different events, mention your interests, priorities, and age group. Don’t forget to add your name and contact details.