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Plan the Unplanned

There are two kinds of people: one, who love their power glasses for their style statement, and others who thoroughly hate them for they come with an awful lot of precautions, are slippery and can break easily.  Taking them on treks might mean that you end up saving them instead of them saving you! So,...
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Mountaineering/alpinism involve climbing on tall mountains. The duration of such expeditions can go from somewhere around 6 weeks to 9 weeks. Preparing for such a duration is generally a herculean task. We have seen mountaineers preparing for almost a year, considering the demands that a mountaineering expedition requires. This article will cover a list of...
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Unplanned Stories
Traveling is liberating in itself. By indulging with communities, encountering cultures, meeting people, grasping stories, witnessing architecture, and snapping pictures, we bring back satisfaction. So many stories are moving under those huts, in those trains, on the hikes. Travel is not just necessary to discover what resides outside but also to search what’s inside. Plan...
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