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The reason we advise you to choose us is because, we want you to unlock and discover your dauntless side and experience the sheer joy of gasping the fresh air amidst the lush-green mountains, the crystal clear waters and the unplanned and adventurous trails under the golden or the glittery skies. We offer you a memorable and an exhilarating experience where you can escape from your monotonous lives and embrace the courageous and fearless person in you. Join us if you have the desire to go somewhere or to anywhere.

Beautiful Places

Follow the footsteps of our explorers as you discover the stunning landscapes, cultures and biodiversity of India. Whether you are strolling across the Western Ghats in Karnataka, or capturing the forts of Maharashtra through your camera lens or exploring the mighty Himalayas, we assure you to make your journeys, unforgettable ones!

Passionate Travel

We aspire to be travelers and not tourists. We try new things, meet new people and look beyond horizons or what is there right in front of us. This is the key to understand the amazing world, where we live or an alluring nature, where we breathe .

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Most Popular Treks

MM Hills Hike and Village tour

One of the popular & holy ancient temples surrounded by
Kayak on Shambhavi
Early Bird

Kayak on Shambhavi

Kayaking on an India river is perhaps the most thrilling

Uttari Betta Trek

Uttari Betta is one of the most popular trekking trails

Kotebetta Coorg Trek

Kotebetta is the third highest peak in Coorg after Tadiandamol

Baamikonda and Kilchika Peaks Trek

Baamikonda Kilchika is one of the most untouched and stunning

Kodachadri Trek

Kodachadri Trek comprises of a complete package of natural beauty

Pawana Lakeside Camping & Trek to Tikona Fort

Our campsites are located in the Sahyadri mountain range and

Makalidurga Trek

Makalidurga is a trek to one of the most enchanting

Kalsubai Trek and Camping

For everyone out there who loves the view from the

Nature Walk and Camping at Wayanad

The Campsite  is an eco-lodge situated inside the forest where

Explore Hampi - Heritage Hike and Camping

The Lonely Planet describes Hampi as - "A fantasy world

Tadiandamol Coorg Trek

Coorg, as a part of its never-ending beauty and wonders,

Go Camping at Tikonapeth

Our campsites are located in the Sahyadri mountain range and

Kopatty Coorg Trek

Coorg, famously known as 'The Scotland of India', is mountainous,

Torna Fort Trek

“If Sinhgad is a cave then Torna is an eagle’s

Rajgad Fort Trek

“Rajgad”, meaning ‘Royal Fort’, is one of the biggest forts

Gokarna Beach Trek

When we hear about treks, we assume that there would