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Plan A Trek To Kudremukh was in my head for a while as this time I was looking for a new travel journey where I would be completely lost in the wild with limited or in fact no human intervention. Trekking is fun and especially if you are wandering in the wild forests of the...
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Kudremukh Trek Experience – What It Takes To Step Out Of The Comfort Zone?
What do you need to successfully complete a trek or to make it sound fancy, “to summit the mountain?” Well, here’s what I think: Firstly – Courage Yes! It starts with the courage to take the first step. You might have been an avid lover of trekking or a regular trekker at one point in...
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Kudremukh Trek
The Forest Whisper – Kudremukha trek Faraway lands, where the pixies come to life in the dark of the night. That is where I have been. A rickety jeep ride on roads that have been gobbled by the muddy terrain. Bites nibbled right off the center by tire tracks that dig into the brown lanes....
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