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Reasons Why Traveling With Your Partner Will Be Better Than Traveling Solo!

“I have found out there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.” – Mark Twain. These are, perhaps, the truest words to believe in, when it comes to traveling with your partner! I know that most of the days you wake up to...
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Stories About Traveling With Your Partner – What Makes It Special?

“Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures.” – Lewis Carroll Damn, how true these words are. Well, we all desire for a little adventure in life, and what can be better if we find a partner who’s always ready to set sail with us and embark on journeys...
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Reasons To Ditch New Year Parties & Travel On New Year’s Eve

Planning for the New Year 2020? PTU tells you how to ditch regular parties and plan new year in style!  At the stroke of midnight, On that great big holiday We’re going to have a ball, and that ain’t all I’m gonna chase my blues away, I’ll be bringin’ in a brand new year- source ...
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Why A Woman With ‘Wanderlust’ Will Make You Fall In Love With Her!

Since the time I stepped out for my first solo trip, I have always found myself aching with wanderlust. You can say that my favorite pastime is to read about new places (often end up checking flight fares too!) and I take the chance of exploring without a second thought. Embarking on countless journeys has...
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7 Reasons Why Your Next Travel Destination Should Be Sri Lanka!

To the southern part of India lies a beautiful Island whose tales we have been hearing of, either be mythological or the modern history from quite some time now. The beautiful Sri Lankan island is every traveler’s paradise as it offers a very diverse mixture of beaches, trek trails, exquisite food, and its rich cultural...
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What’s Happening At Plan The Unplanned? – A Brief Round Up! (Sept 2019)

Holla, Trek freaks! So, August is behind us now and you might be wondering what’s happening at Plan the Unplanned and what are our upcoming treks/events that you can join? Look no further. Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming treks/events. The excessive rainfall and floods in August ruled out a lot of...
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Dochula Pass

What’s Happening At Plan The Unplanned? – A Brief Round Up!

What’s Happening At Plan The Unplanned? – A Brief Round Up! (Aug 2019) What’s Up, Trek freaks! So, you must be wondering what’s happening at Plan The Unplanned and what are our upcoming treks/ events that you can join? The monsoons are in full swing, so are the upcoming long weekends. August officially marks the...
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5 Stages Every Trekker Usually Goes Through!

Are You Aware of The Thoughts That Keep Bugging A Trekker Before He/She Sets Out For The Adventure? And Those That Knock When He/She Is Just About To Reach The Peak? I have been to innumerable treks so far. But it surprises me that I feel the same magnitude of excitement every time I am...
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7 Things That Every New Traveler Must Know

Wanderlust is in the air and if you haven’t caught it yet, you are definitely missing out. If you feel like dropping everything, packing your belongings and getting on the next flight out to simply get away from the mundane, this article is your guide to doing just that while avoiding all the rookie mistakes....
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15 Monsoon Treks From Bangalore That You Shouldn’t Miss

The Monsoon season in the Western Ghats is so special that it transforms the entire region into a beautiful paradise. And what can be the best way to explore this paradise other than a monsoon trek? We know you’ve been waiting to pick up a Monsoon Trek, so we have got a curated list of...
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