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Bangalore weighs equally on the trekking vs corporate scale. The city is the spotlight among adventure enthusiasts. There are two types of people in Bangalore: people stuck in traffic wondering what to do next and people who hit the trail and return in the meantime (pun intended). You decide where you want to be.

Your mood is to trek? Hit the Western ghats.
Dreaming about water sports? Gokarna and Dandeli are your best bets;
Eyeing some thrill with history punched? Go to Badami and Hampi. 

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Frequently Asked Questions at
Plan The Unplanned

There are two options for transportation:

  • With Travel

PTU will arrange a vehicle. This will include the following -

  1. PTU will arrange all your transport to and from the base city. 
  2. Any travel to places mentioned in the itinerary within the destination. 

Example - Shubham chose the 'With Travel' option. A seat would be reserved for him to travel to and from the base city, travel for activities, travel from and to homestay to trek base, or any other case.

  • Without Travel

PTU will not arrange any vehicle. If you choose this, you will have to arrange for your own vehicle for travelling for the entire duration of the itinerary. This means -

  1. PTU will not arrange any vehicle to or from the base city.
  2. Unless exclusively mentioned, PTU will not arrange for any travel within the destination. 

Example - Shubham chose the 'Without Travel' option. He will not be eligible to board a PTU-arranged vehicle for any duration. Even if Shubham reaches the destination, say Gokarna, by bus or train, he will still be arranging auto/scooty for travelling within Gokarna. 

Note: PTU will not be responsible for arranging vehicles in extreme scenarios, like private vehicle damage. We will only be accommodating people based on availability. No matter the distance, this would always be INR 1000 or more per person. 

Note: Activities, stay, and food is the same for all customers in both cases.

The interesting thing about travelling alone is that you get to meet new people from diverse backgrounds, and towards the end, you are no longer strangers. Hence solo travellers are always welcome to join us on our trips. Read more about solo travelling here and get inspired! https://www.plantheunplanned.com/solo-yet-accompanied/ 

Safety and security are our priorities at all times. Hence it is absolutely safe for women/girls to join us on our treks and travels. Our trek leaders accompany the team at all times, and our campsites are secured and safe for accommodation. We also have female trek leaders who accompany us on most of our treks.

Are you a beginner? Kickstart your journey into the wild and a life of adventures and travel, with some of our best weekend trips planned with utmost quality and fun! Misty Peaks and the gorgeous greens of Coorg offer amateur trekkers four of its best spots, Shepherd’s trail, Kopatty, Nishani Motte and Tadiandamol for trekking. Lush tea gardens of Wayanad, Kodaikanal, the Nilgiris, and Munnar have the best of itineraries too!  Kurinjal Peak trek in Kudremukh could also be your pick if panoramic views and dense jungles fascinate you. One could also start by cooling off the sandy shores of the ocean. If that seems like your ideal getaway then join us on the Gokarna beach trek and Camping or Kumta Beach trek. Busy schedules and routines need not necessarily cut you out of opportunities to explore. If you have got just one day and would love to try something fun and light, hop onto our Uttari Betta Sunset Trek, Madhugiri, Gudibande Sunrise trek, Makalidurga trek, or  Kunti Betta Day trek. They are all easy!

Travellers are often pleasantly surprised to have found adventure, greenery, and spectacular heights within close proximity of the city. If breaking dawns and dusky skies are your kinds of thing then don’t miss out on the Uttari Betta Sunset Trek, Gudibande Sunrise Trek, and Skandagiri Sunrise trek, a pure delight to the eyes of many! Other trips such as Madhugiri (Asia’s largest monolith), Kunti betta day trek, and Makalidurga trek too have a great history, and panoramic views and offer one the ultimate escape from routines and mundane life.

Our weekend treks in Kudremukh and Kurinjal are that which promise travellers the ultimate mountain experience, with lush fields, dense jungles, and a walk into the misty-rainy wild. You could also choose a weekend the Scotland of India doing the Kumara Parvatha trek, Tadiandamol Coorg Trek, and Nishani Motte Coorg Trek. They will definitely be your best pick!  Sharavathi Valley and Kodachadri Trek, nestled between the Western Ghats covering Shimoga, is a package of dense jungles, water bodies, and plenty of great views! That completes the list of our most happening 2-day treks over the weekends. Join us and get easy access to these picturesque destinations and explore the wild in your unique ways

Ready for bigger challenges? Discover a new side to adventure. Test your limits at Kumara Parvatha trek. Check your endurance amidst lush trails and misty monsoons in Dudhsagar Falls & South Goa Exploration or Kudremukh Trek.  Combine adventure and history on your trip to Bandaje Falls Trek via Ballarayana Durga Fort.

The Scotland of India i.e Coorg is one of the best places to trek. Beginner or pro, Coorg has a spot for all nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Some of the most popular treks are Kumara Parvatha Trek, Tadiandamol Trek, Shepherd’s trail, Kopatty and Nishani Motte. Most treks are easy and picturesque offering travellers a pleasant weekend.

Chikmaglur is known for its heavy rainfall during monsoons and mist-adorned peaks. Below the vast skies lie lush green fields, thick vegetation, and jungles. We have two popular treks in the region, the famous Kudremukh Trek and Kurinjal trek, which show off the western ghats and its spectacular panoramas. So hop in for a perfect monsoon adventure!

Other Popular Treks in Chikamaglur Region:

  1. Mullayanagiri Peak ( Karnataka's highest peak )
  2. Bababudangiri
  3. Ettina Bhuja Trek
  4. Bandaje Falls Trek
  5. Ballarayanadurga Trek
  6. Kemmangudi Trek
  7. Narasimha Parvatha Trek

For Departures from Bangalore:

In the event that YOU cancel your trek, this is the cancellation policy we follow

  • If you cancel before 7 days - 90% of the amount will be refunded
  • If you cancel between 3 - 6 days - 50 % of the amount will be refunded
  • If you cancel between 0-3 days - No Refund

Note: For All The Above Refund Cases Transaction Fees/Internet Handling Charges will be deducted from the overall amount and the balance amount shall be refunded. You can transfer your ticket to anyone so that you could save your hard-earned money

"Transfer to a future date is only possible only if you cancel between 3-6 days before the trek date and not on the day of departure or a day before"

For other trips and travels with us, and detailed terms and conditions check the following link: https://www.plantheunplanned.com/refund-cancellation-policy

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