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7 best Himalayan treks to do in Monsoon
The Himalayas are a major mountain range in Asia that forms a barrier between the Tibetan Plateau to the north and the Indian subcontinent’s alluvial plains to the south. With more than 110 peaks rising to altitudes of 24,000 feet (7,300 metres) or more above sea level, the Himalayas feature the world’s tallest mountains, including...
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Bir-Billing is a doubleton destination, one incomplete without the other. The rural setting, adventure activities, spiritual aura and Tibetan vibes call people from across nations to this holy cum audacious land. Welcome to the melting pot of cultures and the “Paragliding Capital of India”, where you can amalgamate peaceful days with blessings. Pinned down in...
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Every description of a place depends on who saw it.  I was heading to Dzukou valley in early winter, 1st week of December. That’s when the days are warm and nights are cold. As planned, my friend and I set foot to see a valley that borders the states of Nagaland and Manipur.  From the...
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Rock Beach, Pondicherry
Here is a well-prepared itinerary for your Do-It-Yourself Puducherry trip for 2 Nights, 3 Days. Newly named as Puducherry (Originally, Putucceri, derived from the Tamil words putu – “new” and Ceri – “village”. The French corrupted this to Pondicherry.) in 2006, it is a union territory of India. This place might be small but has...
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Valley of Flowers- The King of Colorful Vacations
Very rarely do we find instances written in books that come to life. Today we will know more about the Valley of Flowers. Let us dive deep into this place discovered by chance and is classified as a national park and a UNESCO world heritage site. Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring.  The Valley...
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