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womens day

Celebrate Women's Day
“You owe yourself the love that you so freely give to other people” – fb.com/the idealist Women are known to nurture others. But even they need care and nourishment. It doesn’t matter whether you are a businesswoman or a housewife, you need a break from your stressful daily routine. Celebrate Women’s Day, pledge to care...
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Celebrate Women's Day With Fun
To all beautiful women out there, Here’s to all the care you take for everyone around you, To all the love you give, To all the smiles you spread Celebrate Women’s Day With Fun. Let’s celebrate the essence of womanhood and take a moment to cherish all the roles you take up with grace. Sometimes...
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celebrate Womanhood
On a Sunday morning, which would’ve otherwise been spent doing regular chores at home like taking care of the family or simply relaxing after a long week at work, 15 women set out to trek celebrate Womanhood and the Makalidurga Hill with Plan The Unplanned. Being our 99th trek (just one before we kick our...
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