One could fly down from respective metro cities or towns to Bagdogra! From Bagdogra airport, you can take a taxi or bus and reach the Howrah Petrol Pump, Hill Cart Road in Siliguri. At Howrah Petrol Pump you have buses one in the morning 6 – 7 AM ( approx ) and one in the noon

Love gives beauty to everything it touches and there’s only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved. This Valentine’s day Plan The Unplanned is full of love and gratitude for everyone who joined us on our journeys and helped us come so far. Valentine’s Day for us is not just to celebrate

Why should you travel with your love this Valentine’s day? As the quote goes ” In life, it’s not where you go but who you travel with”! You can only be sure if someone’s the right one for you once you’ve traveled with them. There’s something really intimate and special about sharing life’s journey (and

No matter when you ask me this question, my answer will always me same: “Nothing”. But this weekend was different, I had a plan – a plan I was delaying for a really long time. But the moment I got to know none of my friends are coming, I just lost that enthusiasm. I was

On a Sunday morning, which would’ve otherwise been spent doing regular chores at home like taking care of the family or simply relaxing after a long week at work, 15 women set out to trek the Makalidurga Hill with Plan The Unplanned. Being our 99th trek (just one before we kick our shoes in the

About a month ago, I woke up one morning, and as I usually do, (gasp!) I checked my phone.  A friend of mine had posted about a Football match in the city the next evening. I saw a chance to break out of the monotonous Home – Office – Home routine I had gotten into, and

Ever seen inspiring posts on your feed that had #solotravel and felt inspired to go on that dream vacay all on your own? As shown in movies or travel blogs sometimes solo travel is all you need to break the monotony in your routine lives to connect with your soul. But scared of your safety,

Remember how as kids we thought it’s cool to be an adult and couldn’t wait to grow up? Because adults went wherever they wanted to, they could decide what they want to do and no one told them what to do. Cut to adulthood and add responsibilities and we want to go back to those

The Forest Whisper – Seeking the Peak Faraway lands, where the pixies come to life in the dark of the night. That is where I have been. A rickety jeep ride on roads that have been gobbled by the muddy terrain. Bites nibbled right off the center by tire tracks that dig into the brown

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” – John Keats. And then you open your eyes to wonder and find yourself embraced by clouds, trying to reach out to the deepest realms of your mind, making sure you stay awake. Such was the unravelling experience of Kodachadri trek. Recently shifting to Bangalore surely moved