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As we are growing, we need your support to keep our pillars of strength intact. We at Plan the Unplanned are hiring for multiple roles.

But first, let us tell you who we are…

Plan the Unplanned is a pioneer in organising treks and trips across India. Ever since Jatin and Tarun ignited the idea of building the best trekking and travelling organization in India, we have put travellers at the centre stage of everything.   

Our vision is to create a family of like-minded people who might start as strangers but end up being part of this one big-travel-family. We bring back satisfaction by indulging with communities, unearthing cultures, meeting people, grasping stories, witnessing architecture, and snapping pictures. 

Our motive is to reduce the efforts that go into planning: you no more need to wait for your groups to say yes; you no more spend dozens of minutes looking for hotels; you no more contact people for the best places; you no more waste effort looking for the commute. Norms are changing. Most of you travel hassle-free.

The whole experience is not just limited to visiting places; we educate our travellers about sustainable living and local cultures, which makes us unique. Our dedication to giving the best to our travellers has got us “the Traveller’s Choice Awards” for three consecutive years – 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Our company started to fulfil dreams from Weekend Getaways in Bangalore, but our family members’ immense support and demand let us branch out to other parts of India, including the Himalayas, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, and the North-Eastern States. Over 50,000 people have entrusted us and have made us the fastest-growing travel agency in India. Any new idea comes alive at Plan the Unplanned. We conduct all kinds of activities, including treks, adventure activities like rock climbing, kayaking, rafting, backpacking trips across the country, cultural outings, and photo walks.

We are looking to expand across dimensions, and we need your help. Have a look at the current openings:

Content Team

Social Media Content Creator

Our Social Media team is looking for Social Media Content Creators. Currently, our work reflects on these channels: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, and Trip Advisor. We aim to expand on other platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Medium, etc. 

You will fit in just right if you are constantly looking out for new formats, trending reels, and hashtags. Your primary role would be to focus on post engagements, brand building, developing marketing strategies and media content production. 


  • Create writeups for videos, GIFs, memes, carousel posts, and info posts for social media channels.
  • Get involved in making engagement strategies, including giveaways, contests, featuring people, and advertisements.
  • Perform social listening tasks to identify travel and social media trends.
  • Social Media distribution, analysis and reporting.
  • We’re looking for around 3-5 high-quality posts per day


  • Experience in content creation using Adobe software (i.e. Photoshop, Lightroom) or similar is a plus. 
  • Demonstrable knowledge of social media, engagement factors, and digital marketing methodologies.

Salary: 1.5 – 2 Lac per annum based on experience and work quality.
Location: Remote

Image Editors and Instagram Story Creators

Plan the Unplanned seeks an Image Editor to work within the creative group. You will be responsible for creating and editing all kinds of images for social media and the website. 

Roles and responsibilities

  1. Coordinate with all teams within PTU, suggest and edit images as and whenever the need arises. 
  2. Provide creative and editorial group support in shaping daily publications on all platforms.
  3. Lead photo research for features and stories. 


  • A minimum of 6 months of experience in media or relevant fields and should know at least one among the following platforms Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Lightroom. 

Salary: 1 – 2 Lac per annum based on experience and work quality.
Location: Remote

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer will create visual concepts to communicate ideas that inspire and inform our users. 


  • Editing Maps
  • Making high-quality Instagram Stories, creatives and ads.
  • Editing Trek Pictures for Plan The Unplanned website.


  • Adobe Photoshop/Canva, Adobe Lightroom or any good photo editing tool.
  • +1 year of experience in relevant fields or Foundational course on UX design or a professional degree. 

Salary: 1 – 2 Lac per annum based on experience and work quality.
Location: Remote

Video Editor and Cinematographer

Plan the Unplanned team is looking for enthusiasts with a keen eye for different creative formats for travel videos. 

You will work with the in-house and outdoor team to direct, record and edit videos. 


  • Shoot and edit videos.
  • Optimise, resize, colour grade, and add sounds and transitions in videos.
  • Pre-production tasks like scheduling shoots, scripting, preparing props and preparing anchors.
  • Tracking YouTube Analytics for published videos.
  • Collaborating with the team to gather writeups for descriptions.
  • Creating a YouTube publishing strategy to build an engaging viewership.


  • Adobe Premiere/Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator.
  • Leadership, creativity, storytelling skills. 
  • +1 year of experience in Cinematography or a foundational course in videography.

Salary: 1.5 – 3 Lakh per annum based on experience and work quality.
Location: Remote

Creative Content Writer

We are looking for Creative Content Writers to join our editorial team to enrich our website and social media platforms with well-framed and meaningful itineraries, blog posts, trek guides and destination guides. 

We are looking for people who have an eye for detail, are flexible in thinking and go beyond the standard travel writing scenarios. 


  • Writing content for Plan The Unplanned website, social media platforms and Youtube.
  • Publish content on Plan The Unplanned website after detailed analysis and following the SEO guidelines.
  • Identify customers’ needs and gaps in our content and recommend new topics.
  • Ensure all-around consistency (style, fonts, images, and tone).


  • Having strong storytelling skills.
  • Solid English grammar skills.
  • Well-equipped with at least one editing tool.
  • Able to execute projects and do the analysis independently.
  • Someone with an explorer’s mindset who can empathise with the readers and customers.
  • Professional experience is a plus. Let us know about any internship or freelancing work you might have taken in the past. 
  • Academics: Any graduation.

Salary: 1 – 3 Lakh per annum based on experience and work quality.
Location: Remote

Technical Team

Digital Marketer

We are searching for a highly creative Digital Marketer to lead our company’s digital marketing strategy.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Plan and execute all web, SEO/SEM, email and social media advertising campaigns.
  • Design, build and maintain our social media presence.
  • Measure ROI and KPIs.
  • Track and measure SEO and Google Analytics metrics, and provide reports.
  • Build an inbound marketing plan.


  • SEO and SEM best practices.
  • Content, Email and Social Media Marketing.
  • Data analysis using different software.
  • Marketing automation for conversion of users to customers
  • Creative skills like writing and designing, and analytical abilities like Google Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), marketing automation, etc. 
  • Academics: Any Graduation

Salary: 1.5 – 4 Lakh per annum based on experience and work quality.
Location: Remote

Tech Intern

Plan the Unplanned is actively looking for Tech Interns who understand the technical aspects. If you are a fresher and have at least six months of hands-on experience with WordPress, plugins, CSS and scripting, this job is for you. 


  • Creating, updating and verifying events on a real-time basis on different social media & marketing platforms (Facebook, Insider, Eventshigh)
  • Uploading blogs and events on WordPress.
  • Maintenance of the website.


  • You will create visually appealing pages that feature user-friendly design and straightforward navigation.
  • Ability to create engaging content in the form of ads and events.
  • Basic content writing skills
  • Should be familiar and have basic knowledge of various social media platforms and how they work. 
  • Basic HTML knowledge. 
  • Basic knowledge of marketing platforms like Mailchimp. 
  • Basic Image Editing skills.

We’ll also present you a certificate as proof of your expertise provided you complete the minimum internship period.

Internship duration: 3 months

Salary: 1 – 3 Lakh per annum based on experience and work quality.
Location: Remote

Outdoor Team

Trek Lead

Trek Leading is the most rewarding role at Plan the Unplanned and also the one that requires you to be the most responsible. We are looking for sensitive, approachable and accountable Outdoor Leaders. 

You will be responsible for the management and execution of the trip. Along with this, your feedback from treks will let us know about the loopholes. 


  • Support and handle teams and groups on outdoor treks, tours and events.
  • Responsible for the on-field operations.
  • Taking care of post-sales activities like scheduling, briefing and guiding the customers on the trip.
  • Must follow an active fitness regimen.


  • Age criteria – 20 years & above.
  • Certification in Basic Mountaineering or at least one year of experience with adventure and outdoor events is a plus.
  • Work experience in a leadership role or event management is a plus.
  • Available to travel frequently and to work with energy.

Moreover, we are looking for leaders who can guide and safeguard a team under unusual scenarios. 

Salary: Remuneration is based on the number of treks you attend.
Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka

Note: It’s a weekend role, not a full-time position.

Other Roles


Jobs at Plan the Unplanned are not just limited to these works; we invite all kinds of creativity into the system. We work with Meme Makers, Influencers, Freelancers  Vloggers, etc. because we appreciate all sorts of art. If our organisation’s perspective resonates with you, you must write back to us with the kind of project or idea you would like to pursue. 

All of your suggestions are heartily welcome. If something is feasible for the organisation, we will take it forward. You could also get a chance to lead the project. 

Please mail us at: [email protected]
CC: [email protected] 

Or message us directly at +91 9482070194.

What does it mean to work with Plan the Unplanned?

Working with Plan the Unplanned is always a lovely experience. We have an open culture here. No idea goes unnoticed. If there is any new project or idea in your mind, you can fearlessly discuss it with the team. We always test the concept before judging it because that is how we come to know its feasibility and use. 

As an example, that’s how we came across our campaign Humans Who Trek, where we highlight powerful real stories of trekkers. This motivates others. That is also a part of our motive: Making you healthy and letting you meet new people on treks.


Humans Who Trek


Humans Who Trek


Humans Who Trek

Similarly, our programme for cleaning up many sites in Karnataka took shape. Some treks like Kodachadri, Kudremukh, and Tadiandamol have strict rules where one needs to register the plastic carried. Everyone is expected to bring back the plastic they take on treks without littering the mountains. Unfortunately, places like Kodachadri – which are also accessible by jeep (thus, making it challenging to account for the amount of plastic carried to the peak) – are being tainted and polluted with many kilograms of rubbish on an average weekend. One of the trekkers brought to our notice about a massive pile of garbage near the Mookambika temple in Kodachadri. The place needed help, and it was time to take matters into our own hands. If not us, who will step forward to rescue our divine nature?  

On this thought, one of Plan the Unplanned’s fellow trek leaders, Abhiram, with his friend Adith, took the initiative of the cleanup drive. But only two were not enough to finish the job. Our team circulated a message on social media groups, asking people to join us in this initiative. With the support of our vast social media family, multiple people came forward. Needless to say, the cleanup drive was a huge success.

Plus, we never bind you with us. You are free to explore your preferable projects. You can work in other companies, except travel organisations, and keep building yourself up. 

How to apply?

Mail us at: [email protected]
CC: [email protected]

Subject: <<Your Name>> – Application for <<Position>>
Example Subject: Supriya – Application for Creative Content Writer. 

What to include in the email?

  • Resume – Let us know about your experience. Even if you are a fresher, mention your strengths and skills. Write about related work. 
  • Why do you wish to work with us?
  • Write about any trek experience/adventure sports/water sports that you have already done. 

What to expect from the interview?

A person can grow with time. Unlike others, our interview process is extremely simple. Here are the steps that we follow:

  • Initially, we scrutinise your resume. Out of the multiple resumes we receive every day, your resume can make you stand out. Include everything you have done in the outdoors like activities, trekking, travelling, foreign visits, and adventure sports. 
  • Then you will be assigned a task to be completed within a dedicated timeline.
  • At last, a brief telephone call to know you in detail or discuss the assignment.

We abide by these Values…

Our co-founder, Jatin, used to visit the farthest corners and offbeat places during exploration trips. While curating places, arranging homestays, and managing timetables, he has built ‘Plan the Unplanned’ with immense love and professionalism. Journey of Plan the Unplanned might be full of tricky turns, but Jatin made sure we followed some basic guidelines. Here they are.

  1. The first and foremost priority must be that the self-confidence of trekkers and travellers is not adversely affected due to any of the activities.
  2. There should always be scope for provoking the thought process at any point possible. We must push our customers to come out of the wall of strangeness and open up in the world. 
  3. Travellers, especially women, trust us for professionalism. We never allow people to drink alcohol on treks or use obscene language. Any incident against this is strictly looked upon, and action is taken.
  4. Plan the Unplanned is not just a business for us. It is a way to tap into the lifestyle of people, teach them healthy living practices and improve their imagination.
  5. Feedback is our food. Every weekend is a learning experience for us. When you return, we take detailed feedback from our outdoor leaders, list things that need improvement and work on those. 
  6. Our prices are traveller-friendly. We keep a small portion for our efforts, and the rest goes into managing, maintaining and nurturing local communities. 
  7. Our adventure does not end with a trip. Our groups remain active. Plus, we conduct meetup sessions for trekkers to feel a sense of belonging. 

We hope all the above-written information will come in handy while applying with us. Hoping to see your application soon. All the Best.