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Don’t get us wrong; Goa is hyped, and why not? It strikes the perfect touristy vibes in bars, beaches, and hotels – all jam-packed with people from all regions! All your friends might be trading you to Goa with all the rainbow stories. But if you are a peace lover, adventurer, and spiritual kind, go...
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Best Things To Do In Gokarna
For a long time, Goa remained the ideal holiday destination in India for people who craved the beach, some sun, and fun leading to over-commercialization and crowding of Goa. That’s how Best Things To Do In Gokarna slowly made its way into the spotlight – serene, less crowded, and beautiful beaches. Gokarna is a West coast...
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Let’s Explore Every Corner Of My Travel Bucket List
India is a beautiful country, no matter where you are traveling and every single corner of this gorgeous country has places to explore. Like most of you, I too have a bucket list that I want to complete as soon as I can and it includes some common things such as skydiving and some not...
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