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Making Vodka in Chandubi, Assam: The Pati Rabha Way

A fellow YouTuber once told us that we should always look for places with authentic food.

Because in food, you find culture.

As we spent some days in Assam, we found this remote village called Chandubi (just 60 km from Guwahati), where the Pati Rabha tribals brew fresh Vodka in a span of just 1 day. The most surprising thing is the amount of love and magic they dissolve in it.

How could we not ask them for the recipe?

If you are planning a trip to Guwahati, we recommend you go to this place. Let us know in advance, we will share the details with you. Don’t forget to tag us if you go there. It for these pleasures, we go on exploration trips.

You must have had Vodka from a bottle, but to drink it fresh, you must come to Assam, where Pati Rabha Tribals brew it in traditional style. Here is the recipe for you.

Step 1: You will have to arrange some herbs before you begin.
Step 2: Take these herbs and crush them with soaked rice.
Step 3: Sieve it into a fine powder.
Step 4: This recipe is used to make Yeast.
Step 5: Once the mixture is sieved, roll them into round balls and put them in the sun for 4-5 days to let them dry and ferment.
Step 6: After some days, as you break open these laddoos, you will find some insects popping out. It is a sign of perfect fermentation.
Step 7: Make a powder, let insects fly out on their own, mix the mixture with boiled rice, and keep this mixture in a distillation column.
Step 8: Keep replacing hot water with cold water at the top to support precipitation.
Step 9: After some hours, Vodka with 50-60% alcohol content will be ready.
Step 10: Serve it with ginger, salt, roasted chicken, and salad. And tell us how it was.

Serene environs of Chandubi, Assam
One of Pati Rabha homes.
Tribal Women Showing how to Prepare Vodka
Dried Rice Cake After Fermentation
Fresh Rice Cakes that will be left for 4-5 days for Fermentation
Distillation Column Sealed Properly
Vodka is ready to be served
Ginger, Salt and Chilly – Classic combination snack for Vodka
Roasted Chicken

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