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treks near Bangalore

Looking For A Trek From Bangalore? – Find Out The Best Corporate Team Outings!

MNCs all across India have stumbled upon a new – found gem. It revitalizes the body and mind, whilst building comradeship lasting more than just within the office cubicles. A healthy way to catch up on office gossip, discuss new ideas, talk about the latest episodes of Game of Thrones, or the age-old debate of...
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Skandagiri, Sun Sparkles Here On The Horizon

“Beyond the horizon, are our dreams, unfolding one after the other” Skandagiri the most admired spot for its sunrise from the peak. Also known as Kalwara betta, it is located at 70 Km from Bangalore making this spot to go for a perfect night hike and to see a marvel of a sunrise. I was...
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