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Travel During Corona Outbreak

Things You Must Know Before You Travel During Corona Outbreak: Addressing The COVID-19

The past few days have been a challenging and testing time for everyone across the world as we have been hit by the COVID-19 in the most unexpected ways possible and travel during corona outbreak is very expensive. On the whole, a total of 183,129 people have been infected while 7,175 people have died due...
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Top Monsoon Trek Tips – The Ultimate Checklist!

Murky trails, mud-stained trekking shoes and pants, lush greens, and countless waterfalls around every corner. This best describes trekking in monsoon. Yes, yes, absolutely enthralling. But things aren’t that tinted always. Trekking during monsoon has a different charm, but with its challenges. Don’t fret yet, read our monsoon trek tips and prepare your list of...
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Trek & Travel Insurance

Trek & Travel Insurance: A Comprehensive Guide

What is Travel and Trek Insurance and why should you take one? Interest in travel & trek insurance has been on the rise lately and for all the positive reasons, it is a very good thing to know. Read on to know why. We’ve been gifted with a beautiful world. And grabbing the opportunity to...
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Dos & Don'ts Of Trekking - A Guide!

Dos & Don’ts Of Trekking – A Guide!

Dos & Don’ts Of Trekking – A Guide! Don’ts Over-pack Before going ahead and stuffing everything and anything in your sack, ask yourself!  Can I survive without it? And, if, somewhere deep down, someone’s screaming a loud big YES, leave it back home. Surviving without access to particular things will be a life skill you’ll...
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Trek In The Himalayas

What To Pack For A Trek In The Himalayas?

The Himalayas, which in Sanskrit means a “temple/abode of snow”.I am not sure about the snow part of it but I definitely identify the Trek In The Himalayas as a temple. A temple that has the power to change people and apparently heals broken souls and many people have made the mountains their home leaving fortunes...
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Western Ghats

What To Pack For A Trek In The Western Ghats?

Well, Well, Well, You’ve taken step one to experience something that’s gonna alter your wiring forever. Trekking can be a rewarding experience for a lot of reasons and rightly so. It pushes the mental and physical endurance of a person to limits that seem unfathomable sitting in the cubicle in concrete blocks. And What best...
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What To Pack For Your First Trek?

If you’re reading this article, it means that you’ve switched to try out a different traveling style, unlike the stereotypical leisurely vacations! If you haven’t switched to trekking yet, find out  Why you should go on a trek right away! Packing for your first trek as such is quite different from your usual packing style....
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