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Ultimate Guide to Exploring Hampi for 1 Night, 2 Days


Introducing Hampi

Hampi is an Indian village in Karnataka, prominently known for its magnificent ruins, unseen architecture and undulating boulder-strewn landscape. Presently, it acts as an abode for Lord Shiva’s devotees who come here for a rampantly chill laid back lifestyle.

About Hampi

Hampi served as the capital of the Vijayanagara empire in the 15 century. It was immensely rich in art and architecture. It is said that life bustled here when the empire was in full swing. Although the empire fought many successful battles against the Mughals, it succumbed to death when the Deccan Sultanates comprising Bidar, Golconda, Ahmadnagar, Berar, and Bijapur attacked and looted it for several months. They invaded the village and turned it into a ghost town when almost everything was burned down, cut down and broken into millions of pieces.

Presently, Hampi is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rampage caused here, and remnants of the remains tell a thousand tales. Shock waves of that time lay buried in history. What we see today is an adorable and peaceful village. Apart from that it is also an adventure spot, bouldering junction, camping heaven, spiritual abode, a religious centre and an architectural marvel. A two-day trip is sufficient, but to witness all colours of Hampi, you would have to extend your stay. 

Why are the hills of Hampi different from others in the Western Ghats?

For a creative mind, the boulders of Hampi might appear as if someone deliberately kept them that way. However, the actual reason for such an appearance of Hampi is a bit different. Unlike the Western Ghats and the Himalayas, these are not formed because of tectonic shifts. From the geological angle, millions of years of erosion have caused the monolithic to crack, split and eventually metamorphose into their present form.

Brief 2 Day Itinerary for Hampi

Day 1

  • Reach Hospet and then Hampi early in the morning.
  • Settle in a homestay and freshen up.
  • Visit all sightseeing locations that are in a circuit: Virupaksha Temple, Vitthala Temple, Lotus Palace, Queen’s Bath, Monolith bull, Elephant Stables, Lakshmi Narasimha temple. 
  • Sunset at Hemakuta Hill.
  • Spend some time in the evening near the Tungabhadra river.
  • Go shopping and check out cafes.

Day 2

  • Start early the next day. Many ferries cross the Tungabhadra river at nominal fees. The last ferry that comes back from Hippie Island is at 5 pm. Plan accordingly.
  • Rent a two-wheeler.
  • Go for a small uphill hike on Anjaneya hill to Hanuman Temple.
  • Indulge in Adventure activities: Coracle Ride, Rock Climbing and Cliff Jumping.
  • Go to Anegundi Village. On the way, get greeted with paddy fields and banana plantations. 
  • Come back to the Hippie town.

Best Time To Visit Hampi

October to February

Places to Visit In Hampi

Hanuman Temple

File:A View From Matunga Hill
(C): Wikimedia Commons

Mythologically, Anjaneya hill is considered the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. He was born to Anjana; hence, the hill where he was born came to be known as Anjaneya hill. There are 575 steps on Anjaneya Hill that reach the top, where a small Hanuman temple is located. It is an excellent site to look at all of Hampi from a bird’s eye view.

Vittala Temple

The Stone Chariot, Hampi.jpg
(C): Wikimedia Commons

The heartthrob of Hampi and an ornate structural marvel, the Vittala temple was built in the 15 century. There are many awe-worthy aspects to the Vittala temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is constructed in the Dravidian style of architecture. Adjourned with musical pillars, private rooms, and carvings from ancient epic Ramayana, Kamasutra positions and trading practices tell stories from different centuries. One other thing that will surely catch your attention is that the nose of all idols, animals, gods, commoners, and doorkeepers is sabotaged. 

The iconic stone chariot found in Indian currency is also displayed here. Then, there is an abandoned market where horses were traded for gold. These traders came from Europe and China.

Tungabhadra River

File:Hampi, India, Banks of the Tungabhadra River, Rocky hills of Hampi.jpg
(C): Wikimedia Commons

Tungabhadra River is a sacred river in South India that originates as Tunga and Bhadra. These rivers start flowing individually from the eastern slopes of the Western Ghats, confluence and finally join the Krishna river. 

Virupaksha Temple

File:Hampi, India, Aerial view of Virupaksha Temple, Panorama of Hampi.jpg
(C): Wikimedia Commons

In the epicentre of the Hampi bazaar lies the Virupaksha temple. The main gopuram is 50 m high. What attracts visitors here is the elephant Laxmi that blesses devotees as they come inside the main hall.  

Monolith Bull

Yeduru Basavanna is a huge monolithic bull. The design is not elaborate; the bull stands guard and faces Lord Shiva in the Virupaksha temple. Almost 500 years old, this monolithic bull has withstood the test of time and destruction.

Sanapur Lake

File:Hampi - 44615291541.jpg
(C): Wikimedia Commons

Sanapur Lake is an essential part of Hippie Island or Virupapura Gadde. One of the many tranquil spots in Hampi, Sanapur Lake is a place for adventure and nature-lovers alike. Although locals make you wary of the crocodiles, no one has had any encounters to date. It is famous for coracle rides, cliff jumping, swimming or just walking beside it. In no time, the spectacular contrasting colouring of the landscape, the paddy fields, and the brown background make you its very own. 

Adventure Sports Hampi

  1. Hiking
  2. Cliff Jumping, Sanapur Lake
  3. Bouldering
  4. Coracle Ride 

How To Reach Hampi

Hampi, being a travellers’ paradise, is well-connected by all means. 

By Air

The closest airport is 32 kilometres Jindal Vijaynagar Airport in Toranagallu, which has connectivity to Bengaluru.

By Rail

The closest railway station is in Hospet, 13 kilometres away. Many buses frequently run from Hospet to Hampi at nominal prices. You can even take an auto.

By Road

Distances from major cities:

Bengaluru – 340 km
Hyderabad – 372 km
Hubli – 160 km 

Overnight buses connect these cities to Hospet. From Hospet, Hampi is some 13 km. Frequent buses go from Hospet to Hampi, starting from 8 am. 

Budget for Hampi (per day per person basis)

INR 1500 per day.

To get around in Hampi, you can rent a bike or scooty at a price of less than INR 500 per day and roam around. Otherwise, auto is also a convenient option, but it costs more. 

Food and stay are also reasonable. 

What To Eat in Hampi

Over time as tourists have flocked to Hampi, they have impacted cuisines. The same reflects in food that’s served in Hampi. Many cuisines like South Indian, North Indian, Israeli, Chinese, Asian, Vegan are served. 

Mango Tree Cafe and Chillout cafe are must-try in Hampi. 

Shopping in Hampi

Hampi is a treasure trove for shopping-lovers, as it is to archaeologists and nature-enthusiasts. Hampi bazaar showcases infinite designs of bohemian jewellery, jazzy clothes, stone artefacts, Lambani art, funky belts, elaborate bracelets, leathercraft, music instruments, and many more hippie vibes. You can just not go away from Hampi without shopping here. 

Places of Stay in Hampi

Hostels/Affordable Homestays

You can directly hit the street and ask for homestays. Many of them provide food options. 

Hotels for Stay

  1. Whispering Rocks
  2. Gowri Resort

Luxury Resorts for stay 

  1. Lakshmi Heritage Tourist Home
  2. Megha Resort
  3. Heritage Resort 

How Long Should A Trip Be for Hampi

A typical trip to Hampi is of 2 to 3 days. All sightseeing locations along with activities can be covered in this duration. But to get into the soul of Hampi, you might have to spend more time. 

Additional Information about Hampi

  1. Google map from major cities: Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad
  2. Hampi Weather and temperature Information: Hampi has hot summers, and the maximum temperature of Hampi can reach upto 40° C. The Winter season from October to February is the best time to visit Hampi.
  3. Festival that happens in Hampi: Hampi Festival or Hampi Utsav is celebrated for three days in November. It is a cultural extravaganza that has been celebrated since the Vijayanagara reign.

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