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Top 10 Beach Getaways Near Bangalore

Little children holding a bucket and spade, ready to make castles out of the sand.

Surfers riding high on the majestic waves of the ocean.

The glimpse of a fisherman’s boat on the horizon as the sun is setting.

Parachutes gliding through the clear blue sky.

Don’t you just love the beach?

10 Beach Getaways Near Bangalore:-When you live in a fast-moving city that keeps you on your toes throughout the week, lounging around on the beach is the ideal way to take a breather.

From teenagers to working professionals, no one can deny the sanctity that the beach brings with it. So, here’s our lowdown on the 10 best beach getaway spots around Bangalore that will give you a much-needed break.

Getaway 1: Gokarna

Gokarna - Paradise Beach

Well known as a temple town and tourist destination, the winding path leading to the beach town of Gokarna is of scenic beauty. With the Western Ghats on one side and the majestic Arabian Sea on the other, Gokarna boasts of many beautiful beaches but these are our favorites – Paradise Beach, Half Moon Beach, and Om Beach.

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Getaway 2: Maravanthe Beach

10 Beach Getaways Near Bangalore
Maravanthe Beach

About 12 km from Kundapur, vehicles on the NH-66 are blown away when they stop to see the Arabian Sea on one side and the River Suparnika on the other. Maravanthe is a serene and unspoiled beach with golden sand and swaying palm trees. With many private cottages and hotels located on its shores, you can indulge is a range of water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving or take a boat ride in the Suparnika River. For those looking to feel more connected, you can perform yoga or visit a temple on the banks of the Suparnika River. Feast on delicious seafood, catch a glimpse of marine life as you take a swim, or sit on the beach and watch the spectacular sunset at Maravanthe. You will be sure to lose sight of your worries!

Picture Source: https://www.justdial.com/photos/maravanthe-beach-maravanthe-udupi-tourist-attraction-1bs051x-pc-53028642-sco-58mqqy2i66e

Getaway 3: Mangodlu Beach

Mangodlu beach
Mangodlu beach

Located about 20 km from Gokarna, Mangodlu is a small private beach with clear sand and blue skies. Some parts of the area are hilly while other parts have no seashore. Very few people visit this beach so it’s perfect for some peace and quiet. The crimson-colored sky as the sun sets in the evening is a true picture of the beauty of nature. Don’t forget to pack some eatables and drinks before you head out.

Picture Source: https://indiahikes.com/documented-trek/kumta-gokarna-beach-trek/the-clean-sands-of-mangodlu-beach-kumta-kudle-beach-trek-indiahikes-amogha-skanda/

Getaway 4: Heaven Beach (Kumta)

Heaven Beach Kumta
Heaven Beach Kumta

If your idea of the beach is to be the only one around, surrounded by nothing but the intricacies of nature then Heaven’s Beach or Kumta is for you. Unlike your usual beaches, the shoreline of this beach is covered by lush greenery and has a tall idol of Lord Shiva that you can visit. Take a stroll on the sand, dip your feet in the clean water and feel rejuvenated by the serenity around you.

Picture Source: https://indiahikes.com/documented-trek/kumta-gokarna-beach-trek/

Getaway 5: Varkala Beach

10 Beach Getaways Near Bangalore
Varkala Beach

Counted in the top 10 seasonal beaches in the world by the Discovery Channel, Varkala Beach is a perfect combination of sun, sand, and sea. The striking view from the long winding stretch of the cliff attracts tourists from far and wide. Quaint little café’s such as Darjeeling Café and Café del Mar sit right along the cliff so, both food and beach-time is just minutes away from any hotel. Popular for the magnificent sunsets, soothing Ayurveda treatments, and lip-smacking seafood options, Varkala is a must-visit for one and all.

Picture Source: http://irisholidays.com/keralatourism/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/varkala-beach.jpg

Getaway 6: Kodi Beach

10 Beach Getaways Near Bangalore
Kodi Beach

‘Kodi’ means shore in Kannada and this beach in Udupi is rightly named Kodi beach because it’s surrounded by water on 3 sides. With backwaters on one side and the sea on the other, the view of the water from the road is remarkable. The beach attracts very few tourists and is a place of tranquillity and stillness. You can take a boat ride in the backwaters and sit and drink in the glorious sunset from the shores of the beach. Be sure to pack food and drink before you visit since this beach isn’t commercialized but is perfect for a peaceful day out.

Picture Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/skshettyphotography/29731695713/

Getaway 7: Delta Beach

Delta Beach
Delta Beach

Delta Beach or Kodi Bengre Beach is located in the town of Kodi Bengre, Udupi. This is a confluence place where the Suvarna River merges with the Arabian Sea and serves as a mini port for fisheries. Kodi beach stretches for 6-7 km until it reaches the delta point. Drive your car up to Delta point and walk over to the pristine waters of the beach. You can grab a bite to eat at “Hotel Kinara” while you enjoy the therapeutic silence, clean water, and sweet sunset at Delta point.

Picture Source: http://www.dronestagr.am/kodi-bengre-beach-udupi-karnataka-india/

Getaway 8: Majali Beach

Majali Beach
Majali Beach

You want a few days devoid of the noise and rush of city living then head to the beach town of Majali in Karwar. (Just be sure to carry food and water) Apart from a fisherman trying to fetch their daily catch, the beach is untouched and serene. You can stay at the Majali Beach Village which offers many recreational games in the resort-like volleyball and cricket ball. The resort also offers activities like kayaking, pedaling and nature walks as a part of the experience. Considered one of the most beautiful beaches is Karwar – this beach is ideal for a long weekend away!

Picture Source: https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/01/b9/e9/80/twilight-hours-at-majali.jpg

Getaway 9: Tilmati Beach

Tilmati Beach
Tilmati Beach

Tilmati beach is located about 14 km from Karwar town and can be reached by car or bus. Catch a bus or drive up till Gabitwada, Majali and then you’ll need to hike for 1 km to reach the beach. The word “Tilamati” translates to sesame sand and this beach gets the name because the sand is made up of black sand of fine-grained basaltic rock. The rustic charm of the beach is the main attraction and it makes for a great picnic spot. (Bring your own food) You can pay to pitch a tent over the rocks or a nearby hill if you want to stay overnight. This beach is one of the top places to go to in Karwar.

Picture Source: https://www.tripoto.com/trip/tilmati-beach-unique-black-sand-beach-5941b921eb5c8

Getaway 10: Malpe Beach

Malpe Beach
Malpe Beach

At about 6 km to the west of Udupi, the beach town of Malpe is also a major port and fishing harbor on the coast of Karnataka. The beach has a never-ending coastline which means you can relax in the untouched portions of the beach, eat fresh seafood from stalls and delve into some adventure by trying the various water sports they offer – banana boat ride, kayaking, and jet skiing. My personal favorite is paragliding – there’s no feeling like having your feet lifted off the sand and gliding above the water as the sea breeze hits your face. There are several home-stays that are right off the beach which makes your stay convenient and stress-free. You can also take the boat ride to St. Mary’s Island. The island is surrounded by clear blue water because tourists can only visit during the day. The island is comprised of rustic rock formations and white sand. Sit on the rocks, stroll on the sand beach and watch the sunset from the island!

Picture Source: https://www.mumbaitravellers.in/coastal-karnataka-tour/

Beach Bonus: Pondicherry

Rock Beach, Pondicherry
Rock Beach, Pondicherry

A town comprised of vintage white houses, a beach surrounded by a string of rocky terrain, and an array of traditional French cafes and restaurants. Pondicherry was once the largest French colony in India and up to now boasts of its love affair with the French through the strong French influence on the architecture of the city, with boulevards lined with Mediterranean-style vintage houses and bakeries. Sit on the rocks and watch the sunset, shop at the evening market and visit the Pondicherry museum to get a real taste of this little city. Another important attraction located 8 kms from Pondicherry is the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, one of the most important ashrams in India which attracts people from all over the world. Lastly, the cultural uniqueness of the place wouldn’t be complete without the numerous Indo-French restaurants. You trip isn’t over until you have dinner at at least one of these charming restaurants. The beach at Pondicherry and all the charm that comes with it is an experience you’ll never forget.


“Let the sea…set you free!”

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