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What’s Happening At Plan The Unplanned? A Brief Round Up! 2020

Holla, Trek freaks! So, August is behind us now and you might be wondering what’s happening at Plan the Unplanned 2020  and what are our upcoming treks/events that you can join?

Look no further. Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming treks/events.

The excessive rainfall and floods in August ruled out a lot of treks. Those were the times that truly tested the grit of each and every traveler among us and also proved why we should reconsider our steps towards environmental protection.

The good news is, most of the treks are opening up again. The even better news is that the treks are bleeding green and are waiting for you to witness the beauty.

Gokarna Beach Trek

An ever-exciting trek that’s jam-packed with fun and happiness. Hopping through the beaches of Gokarna and watching the sun sail down the blue horizon is only a part of what Gokarna beach trek has to offer. The second half is all about the crazy bunch of people you meet and the fun you have.

So, we are back with Gokarna and it’s more exciting than ever before. Let’s go beach hopping. Click here to register.

Gokarna Beach Trek - Plan The Unplanned - Bangalore
Gokarna Beach Trek – Plan The Unplanned – Bangalore

Dandeli River Rafting

Longing for some adrenaline rush in your mundane city lives? Look no further. Plan The Unplanned is back with an adventure-packed Dandeli river rafting and camping trip.

The mesmerizing Kali river and the lush greenery around will sure make you jump right in and get lost in the wild. So, pick up your paddle and raft away. Click here to register

plan the unplanned 2020

Sharavathy Valley Trek

Though it’s a new trek on the block, it is no less than any other trek we have at Plan The Unplanned. Does trekking through a wildlife sanctuary that is home to some of the rarest flora and fauna sounds exciting for you?

What if we told you that this wildlife sanctuary is a true testimony of the tagline of Karnataka Tourism? i.e One State many worlds?

Do enchanting waterfalls including the second-highest plunge Jog waterfall in India sound amazing to you?

Then Sharavathy Valley Trek is the one made just for you. Come, join us on this amazing trek that’s sure to take you out of this world.

plan the unplanned 2020
Sharavathi Valley Trek

Channagiri Trek

The latest addition to the collection of 1-day treks from Bengaluru is the Channagiri Trek. You can get stunning panoramic views of the Nandi & Skandagiri hills range. This trek has a lot of characteristic Deccan Plateau features like volcanic boulders and dry forests. It’s an intriguing one for the beginners and an interesting trail for the experienced ones.

Atop the peak is an ancient Omkareshwara Temple and apparently, it is the source of the north Pinakini River. Exciting isn’t it? Book it here then.

plan the unplanned 2021

Kayak on Shambhavi

If you’re tired of walking to reach a destination and are looking for a change in the mode of transport 😉 then boy this is for you. In this fun-filled Kayaking trip on the river Shambhavi, you will only do two things.

Paddle and have fun. It’s its kind experience in the untouched lap of nature. So, why wait, pick up your paddle, and paddle away.

plan the unplanned 2021
Kayak on Shambhavi

Gandikota & Belum Caves Exploration

One of the latest additions to the treks offered by PTU and the most anticipated one too. Gandikota is often called the grand canyon of India.

The Belum caves are home to some of the most important historical & geographical findings. Belum caves are the largest and longest cave systems open to the public not just in India but in the entire Indian sub-continent.

The cherry on the top is the kayaking experience on the Penna river with the canyon surrounding you.

What’s Happening At Plan The Unplanned?

So, see you guys on your choice of the trek!

And as promised, here are few pieces of the content created by the very guys who went on treks with us.

  • Here’s a beautiful video of the mighty Tadiandamol Peak by Anish Talwaria aka Travel Waria: 


  • Kodachadri is one of the most exciting treks ever and in this video made by Likith Dorbala shows you all about the raw beauty that it is. Check it out:


  • Heavy rains lashed the entire region of Uttara Kannada in August. The Tungabhadra river dam gates were opened on a Saturday evening, the 10th of August due to the heavy inflow of water at Hosapete. The river water flooded the entire campsite of PTU.
  • The PTU trekkers along with a lot of other folks were stranded with rescue operations continuing late into Monday as well. When the rescue boat was capsized, the rest of the folks had to be airlifted. Here’s a first-hand account of the events by Nitika Mehta.
  • It’s spine-chilling to see this and kudos to everyone for your grit and patience in such grim situations. Check out the post here: https://www.facebook.com/nitika.mehta.940/posts/10216881755290958


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