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5 Best Places to Visit in Southern Thailand

Tear-dropping Southern Thailand looks like trying hard to hang onto Thailand, but in reality, it gives a unique identity to the country. Lying on the Malay peninsula, it is home to beautiful tropical beaches, postcard islands, religious harmony, delicious street food and authentic experiences. 

As the lower parts of Thailand overlook the Andaman and the Gulf of Thailand in reverence, it can see only some of its elevated pieces, while the rest remain hidden and submerged. Many of its islands, including the well-known Phi Phi Islands and Phang Nga Bay, aka James Bond island, invite honeymooners and young birds to its nest. It houses deep waters and is a common area for water activities like snorkelling, scuba diving and swimming. 

You can start your journey of Thailand in Southern Thailand, where stunning vistas and grandly luxurious options await. You will see Muslim areas and Malay culture in all its glory here. Presenting to you the best places to visit in Southern Thailand.

Brief 6 Days Itinerary for Southern Thailand

Day 1

  • Fly to Phuket
  • Transfer To Krabi

Day 2

  • Krabi Four Island Tour
  • Overnight stay in Krabi

Day 3

  • Transfer From Krabi To Phuket
  • Overnight stay in Phuket

Day 4

  • Full Day Phi Phi Island Tour
  • Overnight stay in Phuket

Day 5

  • Explore More of Phuket, Half-Day Sightseeing Tour
  • Overnight stay in Phuket

Day 6

  • Depart Phuket

Best Places to Visit in Southern Thailand


A bird watching from above will miscalculate Phuket as an amoeba because of its shape; once it gets closer, it will understand the enormity of this province. Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. Protected by the Andaman sea, Phuket is culturally preserved. A tourist will find respite on its many beaches, pubs, and restaurants, but a true traveller will stay for the Chinese Vegetarian festival, to observe Kranok motifs on various constructions, to drown and find answers through spirituality.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Ko Tao

Koh Tao is an island in the Chumphon Archipelago group of islands in the Gulf of Thailand. Its unpolluted water, inexpensiveness, and variety of sea life invite Scuba divers and snorkelers to explore its depths. Rock climbers and hikers also try to get a pass through the jungles blooming with beauty.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Hat Yai

Reclining on Malaysia, Hat Yai is a dense eclectic hotspot for travellers, especially Buddhists, who come here for the world’s third-largest Buddhist statue. Apart from the temples, the place is a commercial hub and shopping destination. Floating markets of Khalong Hae, and weekend markets, namely Asian trade and Greenway, feed and nourish much of the city’s economy.

Source: Wikimedia Commons


Idyllic isles, limestone cliffs, dense jungles, choppy beaches, lush jungles, and luxurious travellers resorts define Krabi. From the underwater vastness to limited cave chambers, peace here comes wrapped with a buzz of activities. The trick is to take things one at a time to get the most out of Krabi.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Phi Phi Islands

Resting far away from the hustle of the country, Phi Phi Islands is a vibrant outline on Thailand’s map. The six islands are a part of Hat Nopparat Thara-Ko Phi Phi National park, home to corals and marine life. The dashing mountains, long strips of white sandy beaches, coral caves, and cliffs add a spice of beauty here.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

What To Eat in Southern Thailand

  • Khao Mok Gai: The brightly-coloured dish consists of yellow rice and chicken.
Delicious Southern Thai food
Source: Khao Mok Gai by tysb from freepik.
  • Gaeng Som Pla: Gaeng Som Pla or sour fish curry
Delicious Southern Thai food
Source: Gaeng Som Pla by Takeaway from Wikimedia Commons.
  • Khao Yam: Khao Yam is an aromatic rice salad
Delicious Southern Thai food
Source: Khao Yam from iStock.
  • Moo Hong: This stewed pork dish consists of pork belly and a paste made from black peppercorns, coconut sugar, garlic, and coriander root.
Delicious Southern Thai food
Source: Moo Hong from iStock.
  • Goong Pad Makham: Goong Pad Makham is essentially a stir-fried shrimp with tamarind sauce.
The best Southern Thai food you have to try
Source: Goong Pad Makham from Hot Thai Kitchen.

Budget for Southern Thailand

The cost of a vacation to Thailand each day can vary significantly based on several variables, including your travel preferences, the sort of lodging, the meals, and the activities. 

  • Budget Travel: 1000-1500 Thai Baht (about $35-$50) per day;
  • Luxury Travel: 5000 Baht ($165) or more.

Breaking costs down based on expenses:

  • Food: ฿481 ($15) per day
  • Local Transportation: ฿384 ($12) per day
  • Hotel: ฿2,041 ($62) per day

Highlights of Southern Thailand

  • Adventure therapy on Long Tail Boat during Four Islands Tour
  • Get on the road from Krabi to Phuket.
  • Jump straight into the blue waters on Phi Phi Islands
  • Drive along scenic beach roads via Patong, Karon and Kata beach with a pitstop at Karon/Kata beach.
  • Surrender to the exceptional beauty of Phuket’s city during a half-day Phuket city tour.
  • Visit the largest and most revered Chalong Temple, built in 1837. 
  • Experience the old-world charm of Phuket Town with its colonial Sino-Portuguese architecture. Pay a visit to the Cashew Nut factory and shop for local products. 
  • Visit the Karon viewpoint, one of the most frequented viewpoints in Phuket, where you can see the three beaches, Kata, Kata Noi and Karon.
  • You can go Snorkeling by paying National Park Fees once you reach Phi Phi Island. 

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This article on the best places to visit Southern Thailand is your saviour. If you have any other doubts or have any information that can be useful to readers, write in the comments.



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