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7 Treks in Wayanad

Wayanad has preserved itself as a sanctuary for trekking enthusiasts. It is a mid-land where rawness comes dissolved in luxury. From the smell of Coffee, Tea and Spice Plantations to the sound of Coconut and Areca to the decorations during Onam, Karkidaka Vavu, Kuravilangadu Vela and Pullooran Patu festivals, Wayanad turns a haven for those who embark on trails and dream of settling into Mother Earth’s favourite parts. 

Here are some treks in Wayanad you will treasure. Scroll through the piece to find where you can gather your permits. While reading, don’t miss the love-shaped lake tucked gently in one of the treks. 

Here is a treat for anyone planning to do treks in Wayanad. Thank us later!

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1. Aranamala River Trek

Aranamala River Trek Distance: 4 km River Trek
Aranamala River Trek Difficulty: Easy-Difficult (Depends on water in the stream.)

Ethereal environment, bolting views, dancing waterfalls, and pictures of Cardamom plantations – this is Aranamala hill station, some 12 km from Meppadi and 30 km from Sulthan Bathery in the Wayanad district. The highlight of this trip is the Aranamala Stream trek that empties into the Aranamala River. During monsoon, as water fills up, it becomes an adventurous trek. 

A local Guide is a must to do this trek. They will take you down the trodden path on this river trek; it goes to 900 Kandi Glass Bridge.

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2. Banasura Hill Trek

Banasura Hill Trek Distance: 8 km
Banasura Hill Trek Difficulty: Moderate

A window offering spectacular views of Chembra Peak and Pakshipathalam is Banasura Hill Trek. A legendary figure from Indian mythology, Banasura, inspired the hill’s name. It has a distinctive cone shape. 

Renowned because of the Banasura Sagar Dam – the Earthen Dam largest in India and Second-largest in Asia – Banasura Hill trek starts some 2.5 km away from the dam. 

Fact: The Banasura Hill trek impounds the Kabini river’s Karamanathodu tributary. 

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Banasura Hill Trek

Know All About Banasura Hill Trek

The trail to the top of Banasura Hill is clearly defined for the most part. The majority of the trail winds through very dense Shola trees. From its base, Banasura, a massive cone-shaped hill, may be seen in all its glory. 

The Banasura Falls diverge into a babbling stream that meanders over stones and plants. About 2.5 kilometres from the Banasura dam in Wayanad is where the ascent begins. The Meenmutty waterfalls are about a half-walk hour from the Forest Service office and are worth the effort (beginning stage of the Banasura Hill trek). 

Meenmutty Falls is Wayanad’s most impressive waterfall, with numerous spectacular cascades. The 1,000-foot cascade is famous for its three-tiered playing field.

It’s an arduous climb to the top of the hill. The hiking path stealthily winds through the valleys, where swaying crops provide a lush backdrop. Throughout the Trek, there are a few spots where the grandeur of the Shola forests stands out. The trek offers a progressively more impressive view of the Karamanathodu stream of the Kabini River

The three-hour hike to the summit is stimulating and taxing due to the path’s undulations and steepness. The first 45 minutes of this route are the most challenging because of how steep it is from the get-go. Some parts of the Trek are particularly dangerous due to leeches and thorny bushes. Therefore, the travellers must proceed with caution. 

About halfway there, you’ll see three or four breathtaking mountain streams where you can refill your water bottles. After the initial hard elevation, the remaining 1.5 hours will gradually incline. In addition to rocks and boulders, the grass on the trail is knee-high. 

Several cliffsides provide a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. Carry on ambling down the trail; you’ll pass a few knolls en route to the summit. The top is the best place to get breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Continue down the same path you came down with. It’ll take you three to four hours to make your way down the nine-kilometre stretch of winding terrain, including mountain streams, knee-high prairie, and 60-70 degree inclines.

3. Chembra Peak Trek

Chembra Altitude: 2100 m
Trek Distance: 9 km (to and fro)
Trek Difficulty: Easy
Trek Start Point: Meppadi

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Famous for Hridayarassu or Heart Shaped Pond, located in Wayanad, Chembra Peak is the trek that opens up cloudy vistas, tea plantations, a watchtower, grass lawns, and flora and fauna. 

4. Edakkal Cave Trek

Edakkal Cave Trek Distance: 1 km + 400 steps
Best Season: November to March
Edakkal Cave Trek Difficulty Level: Easy

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Edakkal Cave is a beginner’s trek. Notably commercialised, you will find multiple snacks, tea and clothes shops on the way. The reward is the cave and several carvings on the upper level of the cave.

5. The Brahmagiri Peak Trek

Brahmagiri Peak Trek Distance: 10 km (both ways)
Brahmagiri Peak Trek Time: 5 hours (to and fro)
Brahmagiri Peak Altitude: 1608 m
Nearest town: Mananthavady
Camping: Not Allowed
Brahmagiri Peak Trek Best Season: November to February
Brahmagiri Peak Trek Difficulty Level: Medium to Difficult


The Brahmagiri Peak trek in Wayanad takes us through the unsullied corners of Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. You will come across a pretty gurgling stream, and if lucky, you will spot wild animals. Take a local guide who can navigate you through the trail.

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6. Soochipara Falls Trek

Soochipara Trek length: 4 km (to and fro)
Additional Activity: Rock Climbing
Nearest Village: Meppadi

Source: Wikimedia Commons

A well-laid path takes you to a stunning waterfall in Wayanad – the Soochipara Waterfalls. Falling from a height of 656 feet, the Soochipara or Sentinel Rock Falls gives an enrapturing experience to visitors. You can even try rock climbing here.

7. Pakshipathalam Trek

Pakshipathalam Trek Distance: 4 km
Camping: Not Allowed
Pakshipathalam Trek Permits: DFO, North Wayanad

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Translated as “Abode of Birds” in Malayalam, Pakshipathalam is home to many species of birds. At 1,700 m above sea level, it is among the most frequented locations in Kerala. The trek traverses through moist deciduous forests, grasslands and caves. 

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These are the seven Treks in Wayanad in Kerala. If you have more treks in mind, care to write about it in the comments; we will add them to the list.

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