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5 Reasons Why The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek Should Be Your Next Trek!

About Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

Kashmir is unquestionably a destination of the finest beauty, simplicity, and unspoiled landscape. It transforms into heaven on Earth when combined with Kahwah tea, frost mountains, glacier-fed rivers, turquoise lakes, apple orchards, and all hues of colour. The Kashmir Great Lakes Trek is specifically designed for this. Trekking in Kashmir is not simply a method to test yourself or get physically fit; it’s also a way to discover your life’s purpose.

The Sonamarg-Vishansar-Naranag Trek sometimes referred to as the Great Lakes Trek or Kashmir Great Lakes Trek in the tourist industry is a high-altitude alpine Himalayan trek in Kashmir in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. The most well-known trek in Kashmir is this one. The journey takes around 6-7 days to complete and is classed as reasonable in terms of topography and path difficulties. Seeing fresh alpine lakes, mountain summit passes, meadows and glaciers nearly every day makes the walk a wonderful delight and well worth the effort.

We give you reasons why you must trek the Kashmir Great Lakes!

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek
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1. Step outside amid the fragrant pine tree forest-

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One of the reasons to undertake Kashmir Great Lakes is the vista you get when going down from Gangbal to Naranag, which seems to be an unending walk. Your mind will be compelled to withdraw back to the realm of its own musings since the valleys seem to be so tranquil and the smell of the pine trees is so reviving. Rarely are things so challenging to describe and so difficult to experience.

2. From Gadsar Pass, you can see Five Lakes-

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When you reach Gadsar Mountain, you can see the Vishansar as well as Kishansar Lakes on the left side of the pass and three of the Gadsar Lakes on the right. One’s eyesight is undoubtedly pampered by the sight of wildflowers set against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains, but that’s not all. There are several such little lakes along the route to the Satsar camping area.

3. Visit the Dal Lake at Srinagar-

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A must-do activity in Kashmir is to see Dal Lake. On the final day of the walk, arrive in Srinagar and retire to your houseboat to enjoy the vibrant colours of the setting sun. Enjoy the local cuisine at floating eateries, try the multicourse “Wazwan” feast for non-vegetarians, and pick up some trinkets at the floating market.

4. The Kashmiri Culture-

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Appreciate building relationships with the local guides; they have a wealth of anecdotes of how Kashmir was dominated by Buddhists, then by Hindus, and lastly by Mughals, referring to its contemporary Mughal influence, to share. On the route, chat with the locals and enjoy the hospitality of the shepherds. Compared to what you will encounter when visiting the city, I imagine the mountain chats will be very different.

5. It is a modest hike that is suited for everybody-

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The Kashmir Lake walk is rated as being a moderate trek. Although there is no mountaineering, there are a few places with moderately steep inclines and boulder crossings. Since there are no simple exits due to the trail’s three mountainous terrain, the difficulty level increases from beginning to moderate.

Another benefit of the walk is that it is helpful in terms of safety.  Although the campgrounds are all located at lower altitudes, a majority of the mountains have maximum elevations of 14000 feet. This is the reason the hike is quite safe and the required AMS preparation measures are also performed.

These were some of the reasons that we have stated. What are you waiting for? Book your Kashmir Great Lakes Trek with us right now! Limited slots only.

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