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PTU Trek Leaders’ Favourite Treks


There are motley treks in India. Ranging from many difficult ones in the Himalayas to moderates in the Western Ghats, you will find diversity in each one of them. Over time, we have witnessed that some treks have made it to trekkers’ delight, while others are not recognised as such even though they are equally beautiful. We wanted to know what our leaders admire. And nothing was better than floating a poll and waiting for their response. Here is what we got – PTU Favourite Treks.

Our founder, Jatin, focuses primarily on offbeat treks. The good news is, they are many, and they see a lesser crowd. He suggests everyone do the Kumta beach trek in February and March.

Kumta Beach Trek

Beaches | Boulders | Watersports | Cliff | Caves | Waterfalls | Kumta to GokarnaBook Kumta Beach Trek

We tag Jatin, Director and Co-Founder at Plan the Unplanned, with various roles: a mountain junkie, trekker, biker and wanderer. Upon asking him about his favourite trek, he vehemently answers – Kumta Beach Trek. Why?

“Many people believe that trekking is stressful. They think it is an uphill task; even before doing it once, they conclude that they are fed up with the idea of crossing strenuous streams, walking for long distances and finally reaching the top to absorb the sun. Well, not all of this is true. Firstly, a trek is not always meant for the mountains; you can be walking for long, arduous distances and not find yourself climbing. Secondly, the rewards far outweigh all difficulties. Thirdly, coming across different terrains gives you confidence and a sense of accomplishment. 

When I say, ‘Everyone should trek’, it is not always about conquering the tough ones. It is about coming out in the wilderness and experiencing what our roots are. I push people to go on Kumta Beach Trek. It is a hidden gem that has serene beaches and perfect sunsets. You can come on this trek with your family for fun.”

Here are all the reasons why we consider that everyone must do the Kumta Beach Trek trek at least once:

  1. Long beach trail to reflect on self;
  2. When you look at the infinite distance till which ocean runs, you forget about minuscule things that keep on troubling you;
  3. The whole trek is a culmination of clear sand, cliffs, waterfalls and caves. The day shows you different hues with rising and setting sun, and everything else midway;
  4. You start from Kumta and finish in Gokarna;
  5. Water sports at Gokarna Beach offers all kinds of water sports;
  6. You also get to visit world-famous Yana Caves and Vibhooti Falls;
  7. The place is stress-relieving.
  8. Don’t rule it out as an easy trek; it will test your endurance. It is spread over two days, 10 km and 5 km respectively.

Here are all the other treks that our trek leaders love:

Gokarna Beach Trek

Beaches | Views | Peace | Water Sports

Kumta & Gokarna Beach Trek - Plan The Unplanned (1)Book Gokarna Beach Trek

  1. Prakrithi loves this trek because of the beaches.
  2. Kavya Shree says, “I love this trek because it is a fun trek and the beach views are amazing. Perfect trek to rejuvenate and have lots of fun and peace.”
  3. Naveen Kushalappa rejoices, “It was my first trek. Plus, the trek has everything you want.”

Kumara Parvatha 

Challenging | Proper trek | Terrain | Camping and Sunrise | Tranquility

Kumara Parvatha Trek - Plan The Unplanned 12Book Kumara Parvatha Trek

For all mountain lovers, KP provides a high. 

  1. Shashi Kiran G: “This trek is dear to my heart. There is no other trek in Karnataka where we can camp like KP. Camping in a dense western ghat is like sleeping on mom’s lap. I will never get bored even if I do it a million times. KP is different in different seasons: Amazing stargazing in winter and the beginning of summer. Monsoon is all about soaking in the rain & slush; it is pure bliss to stay inside a tent & doze off for the raindrops chirping throughout the night. Waking up early in the morning & gushing the adrenaline rush to catch the incredible sunrise from the summit is just mind-blowing experience.”
  2. Asha Subbaiah: “I love it because it is one of the most talked-about and difficult treks.”
  3. Bharath: “I love it because of the endurance and physical challenges KP offers.
  4. Jaidev Hattiangadi: “Because of the sheer challenge it presents. It is the toughest trek in South India. It is a good trek, leading a person through different terrains and gradients, breathtaking views and a true summit. I can’t ask for more! Maybe that’s why I’ve gone back to it 15 times and counting.”
  5. Mohit: “This is like a good trek where we go to the base camp, a camp for the night and trek early in the morning to the peak. We find nature in its best, and also, this is the most difficult trek that I have done till date.”
  6. Vijay S: “Altitude, tranquillity, and it’s where I feel massive and non-existent simultaneously. When I am here, I feel time stands still.”
  7. Stephen George: “It has challenging terrain, gorgeous views. The best part is the camping at the forest officer’s place.”


Challenging | Magical Views | Shola Forest | Meadows | Rolling Hills | Bella Homestay

Kudremukh Trek - Plan The Unplanned

Book Kudremukha Trek

  1. G. Rakshitha: Each trek and place has its uniqueness. I like all the places and treks I have done with PTU, but Kudremukha was quite challenging and handling the team was a different experience altogether.”
  2. Drithi: “I believe every trek is life-changing, but I love this trek because it was my first trek as a trek leader. It held sentiment and went on smoothly. The trail is beautiful, and the view at the top was magical.”
  3. Rohan Aradhaya: “Misty mountains, meadows and cloudy Shola forests, lightly drizzling streams, full of life trails are exciting for a wildlife enthusiast like myself.”
  4. Kavya Bhat: “I love it for its rolling hills.”
  5. Satya: “Spectacular view. Despite the bad leech experience, I love this trek because I got friends for life.”
  6. Bhanu N: “The scenery of grassland with strips of forests provide a fantastic vista. And who doesn’t like staying at Bella stay?

Bandaje Falls and Ballalarayana Durga Trek

View Points | Serenity | Less-crowded | Sunset point

Book Bandaje Falls Trek

  1. Ayaan Khan: “Mountains excite me. Of all the treks I have done so far, all of which have been in South India only, Bandaje Trek is my favourite. The trek starts from a pretty good height. The Rani Jhari View Point, which is magical, especially during sunsets, is the starting point of this trek! Imagine what you are going to witness in the journey ahead. I still remember the last time I trekked here in November. There was little rainfall, but the trail was lush green. The most significant factor I feel makes me love this trek is that it is not as crowded as other treks like Kumara Parvatha or Kudremukh. The sight of the rolling hills and skies while returning, at around sunset and standing at the Ballarayanadurga Fort and Rani Jhari is Soul touching.”
  2. Girish V: It is a bit easy compared to other treks, and I like having food on top of the waterfalls. The view from the Ballarayanadurga Fort is awesome. I’ve been there three times, but I want to go there again. Every time I visit it, I get a different feeling, and the clouds are pretty over there. The Rani Jhari View Point is one of the finest spots to watch the sunset.”

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek

High Altitude Trek | Alpine Lakes | Terrains | Shepherds

Book KGL Trek

  1. Rashmi: “In the Himalayas, KGL provides you with the experience of seeing seven different alpine lakes. The high altitude trek has everything – different kinds of flowers carpeting the trail that makes you feel like a garden; lakes that look enchanting; difficult ascent; different kinds of the pass and rock crossings; army camps; many shepherds on the way. It’s a week-long trek, so you get time to absorb everything.”

This is our favourite. Which is your favourite trek? Write in comments.

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