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15 Monsoon Treks From Bangalore That You Shouldn’t Miss

The Monsoon season in the Western Ghats is so special that it transforms the entire region into a beautiful paradise. And what can be the best way to explore this paradise other than a Monsoon Treks From Bangalore?

We know you’ve been waiting to pick up a Monsoon Trek, so we have got a curated list of the Must-Do Monsoon Treks around Bangalore.

So, why sit at home when you can float amongst the clouds, walk-in lush green meadows, and explore all those gushing waterfalls.

Scroll down to know more about the best Monsoon treks from Bangalore:

  • Kudremukh Monsoon Trek: Often called the trekker’s paradise, Kudremukh tops this list for obvious reasons. The trek through lush green meadows which are covered by clouds makes it truly a treat for the eyes. One can get lost in the ever-changing landscapes making it one of the most sought-after treks during the monsoons. Book your trek right away here.
15 Monsoon Treks From Bangalore That You Shouldn't Miss
Kudremukh Trek, Pic Credits: Selvino Fernandes
  • Paithalmala Trek (Kerala): Next up on the list is one of the most underrated and unexplored hill stations in the Western Ghats. Located at about 60 km from Kannur, this small hill station is a heaven for nature lovers. Why wait, grab your window seat to explore this quaint little hill station in Kerala.
15 Monsoon Treks From Bangalore
Paithalmala Trek, Pic Credits: Bineesh RK
  • Wayanad (Kerala): If you are looking to experience waterfalls, hiking through rivers, bumpy jeep rides, night treks, and camping amongst the stars, then Wayanad night camping and the trek is the one you should be looking forward to. Grab a tent under the stars at Wayanad!
Wayanad - Camping and Nature Walk
Wayanad – Camping and Nature Walk
  • Tadiandamol Monsoon Trek: If you’re looking for some adventure-filled treks, then Tadiandamol is the right place for you. The tallest mountain in the Coorg District of Karnataka is full of adventure-filled trails. What starts off as a trek crossing few water streams, slowly turns towards steep climbs and lush green panoramic views. All in all, it’s a must-do for adventure lovers. Then why wait, bring out the adventurer in you by clicking here
Tadiandamol Trek
Tadiandamol Trek, Pic Credits: Abhilash
  • Kodachadri Monsoon Trek: If A forest, A waterfall, and lush green meadows are what you’re looking for a fun-filled weekend. Then Kodachadri is the perfect match for you. Standing tall as the tenth highest peak in Karnataka, the trek to Kodachadri peak starts through dense jungles and the Hidlumane Waterfalls welcome you at the halfway mark. The sunset from the top is one of the best you can lay your eyes on. Set out and explore Kodachadri.
Kodachadri Trek
Kodachadri Trek, Pic Credits: Aswin Kumar
  • Kurinjal Peak: If you’re really tired of the hustle and bustle of city life and are looking to spend a weekend in silence, then this is for you. The calmness of the Kurinjal peak is unparalleled. Get lost in the lush green meadows of the Kudremukh region of Western Ghats. What are you waiting for? Stay calm and book this trek.
Kurinjal Peak, Pic Credits: Praveen A
  • Nishani Motte: One of the lesser-known destinations in the Coorg region is Nishani Motte. The trek to the peak passes through the Bhagamandala and monsoons add a bit of adventure to it. The trail more often than not is muddy in Monsoons but that’s not all. It also gets filled with leeches, and the last stretch to the peak is quite steep which adds a lot of adventure to the trail. This trek also takes you to the beautiful Harangi dam set in peace near Kushalnagar. And no trip to Coorg is complete without a visit to the Namdroling monastery. So, why wait, peace is calling you. Excited to travel to Nishani?
Nishani Motte Trek
Nishani Motte Trek, Pic Credits: Ganesh
  • Kotebetta: Kota Betta in Kannada literally translates to Fort Hill. This is the third highest peak in Coorg after Tadiandamol and Brahmagiri peaks. Experience the echo valley [You heard that right, this place exists], lush green meadows, and the ruins of what are supposed to be the stone houses built by Pandavas who are said to have spent a significant part of their exile on this peak. Aren’t you curious to check this peak out? Why wait, click here right away
Kotebetta Trek
Kotebetta Trel, Pic Credits: Coorg Tourism
  • Kotagiri: If you’re not really the trekking type and just want to explore and connect with nature, Kotagiri is the place for you. The beautiful sunset views of the Nilgiri hills, camping under the starlit skies, and bright green coffee plantations that are a treat for the eyes are all part of the Kotagiri camping trip.
Kotagiri Trek
Kotagiri Trek, Pic Credits: Lalit
  • Kopatty: Another lesser-explored trekking destination in the district of Coorg. This is one such trek where the trail passes through villages, dense tropical jungles, water streams during monsoons, and wide-open lush green meadows. Can’t wait to explore this unique trail? Click here.
Kopatty Trek
Kopatty Coorg Trek, Pic Credits Vijay
  • Tavor Hills: Yet another unexplored destination in Coorg in this list, Tavor Hills is a perfect place for an easy trek. Being an easy trek, this trek has all it takes for it to be a memorable one. The ridge walks, dense jungle trails all add to the excitement of this trek.
Tavoor Hills Trek
Tavor Hills Trek, Pic Credits: Munch Crunch Life
  • Mullayanagiri: Being the highest peak in Karnataka has its own advantages. Heavy winds, foggy peaks, panoramic views of the valleys. Mullayanagiri peak has them all. Join us in scaling the highest peak in Karnataka.
Mullayanagiri Peak monsoon treks from bangalore
Mullayanagiri Peak, Pic Credits: Gowtham Injamuri
  • Sharavati Valley: If I have to suggest one place among all of these, this is the one. This is the trek through the dense forest which has some of the rarest flora and fauna you can spot. The end of the trail is Jog falls, the second-highest plunge waterfalls in India and the highest in Karnataka. And wait, you can also capture some of the amazing views of Sharavati Valley backwaters. So this for sure is one heck of a trek.
15 Monsoon Treks From Bangalore
Sharavati Valley Trek, Pic Credits: Laughing Elephants Campsite
  • Bheemeshwara Falls: Bheemeshwara falls is an unexplored waterfall towards the west of Sharavati Valley. The trek to the falls goes through lush green forests, muddy trail which ends at an ancient Shiva temple constructed just by the waterfalls. A popular folk tale suggests that Bheema of the Pandavas established the Linga here and ever since then it has been called Bheemeshwara (Bheema’s Eshwar). So, what are you waiting for?
15 Monsoon Treks From Bangalore
Bheemeshwara Falls, Pic Credits: Uttara Kannada Tourism FB Page
  • Karwar-Guddehalli Peak: Usually we find travelers who love beaches and others who love the mountains. But what if there’s a trek that offers you the best of both, a beach view from the top of the peak? This is exactly what Guddehalli Hill in Karwar has in store for you. The forest-covered under fog in monsoons and the panoramic view of the INS Kadamba and the Karwar shoreline is a treat for the eyes.
15 Monsoon Treks From Bangalore
Guddehalli Peak, Pic Credits: Vivek Gunagi

Already excited, aren’t you? So what are you waiting for, Bangaloreans? Plan it out and book the one that excites you the most! Also, don’t forget to convince your friends for joining this – it’s gonna be fun!

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