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Dos & Don’ts Of Trekking – A Guide!

Dos & Don’ts Of Trekking – A Guide!


1. Over-pack

Before going ahead and stuffing everything and anything in your sack, ask yourself!  Can I survive without it? And, if, somewhere deep down, someone’s screaming a loud big YES, leave it back home. Surviving without access to particular things will be a life skill you’ll gain.

2. Spray on a lot of Aromatics

Most Aromatics are derived from nature, or, nature-identical substances, and are usually more concentrated than one can find in nature. Spraying on Aromatics can attract and lure a lot of harmless and harmful critters alike. They can creep on to, or even sting you!

3.Wander off from the Group

It may seem cool, daring, or thrilling to take off in the wild on your own for a while. But, it won’t be cool when you get lost in the middle of nowhere with no one to look out for you. Yes, the trek leads know the trail well, but, what comes off the trail, your leads are as foreign to the things out there as you are.

4.Drink alcoholic beverages & Smoke

Stick to experiencing the joys, trances, and highs mother nature has in store for you. Ward off the Cigarettes and Bottles back in your Concrete-Jungle-Home. Help yourself to a safer trip, and, an easy on the lungs hike.

5.Wait for the trail to end throughout the trek.

Always remember, it’s about the journey and not the destination. Don’t be anxious every now and then wondering how much of the trail is left, and, worry about whether you’ll be able to make it or not. Yes, the trails plan is put together in a way that everyone makes it to the end. So, stay carefree, and breathe and visualize in everything you pass by. Remember! probably this may be the only time in your life that you’d be there at that location. Although, your destination will be pretty erratic too!


1.Expect the unexpected

The downside of everything not being Robotic and clockwork yet. Expect all unlikely situations to arise, basic human errors, natural turbulence, and some off-the-plan turns. As much as your organizer makes sure you get your value for money, and time invested, understand that not everything works as smoothly as computer code.

2.Respect the natural state of the Trail

Leave be the trees, flowers, fauna, and local tribes alone. Meanwhile, realize the fine line difference between “Experiencing the culture, interacting with locals” and “Pressurizing them to interact with you or click pictures with you”. It is inappropriate to treat someone that way because they are born in ethnicity that looks different. Leave behind nothing but footprints, take back lots of unforgettable memories.

3.Be responsibly Adventurous

Let that adrenaline rush in, but know your limits. It only takes a millisecond and one reckless decision to get yourself in danger. Neither be a spoilsport and dare to be adventurous, nor challenge yourself to new levels of risk.

4.Push your sleep and physique limits to experience little things

Clear Sunrises, starry skies, hooting owls, and the sound of silence. These are the little things you’ll probably not find back in your city home. Make the best of your trip by experiencing these gems, and, discovering some new gem moments of your own.

5. Step out of your comfort zone

Pitch in your tents, sleep on a rugged tent floor, live off dimmed lanterns, collect some firewood, prepare food from peeling veggies to washing dishes afterward. You’ll learn a few life skills along the way, and, learn to appreciate little luxuries which you simply buy off back home.

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Hello There! Apart from being a Math enthusiast and aspirant CS engineer, I am a passionate traveler. I'm a Bengali-Indian brought up in Delhi and Bangalore. Currently pursuing BE from PESIT-BSC, Karnataka. I would love to share my travel stories - stories of People I met and of cultures that I experienced.I look forward to giving you a glimpse of my journeys so far! :D