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Long Bike Trip Essentials for a Happy Journey

List of Long Bike Trip Essentials

Road trips serve a good purpose when it comes to feeling the most. Do you know why? Because firstly, you feel free from the multiple things you cling to unnecessarily. And secondly, only during road trips do you think maximum & it is only when exposed to vulnerabilities and uncertainties. 

When you go on a road trip on a bike, the soothing urge to do the most spontaneous things will surround you. You can stop anywhere, hang onto the least resources, and become more of a problem solver and an explorer. The brush of air on your hair, the random smile of a stranger, language barriers, passerby’s help, roadside sips of tea and Coconut water, and rewarding dusk and dawns always invite us to keep coming back despite difficulties. 

If you have never been on a road trip, I itch you to taste this adventure. The best time for a bike trip in India is March-June, then September-December. Here is a list of bike trip essentials. 

9 Important Documents and Cash

  1. Driver’s license
  2. Vehicle RC and Insurance
  3. Govt. Issued ID
  4. PUC
  5. Hard Copy of route map
  6. Permits for special places
  7. Debit Card/Credit Card
  8. Cash
  9. Passport Size Photographs

Bike Trip Essentials – Luggage 

  1. Clothes

    • Balaclava to wear under the helmet
    • Light clothes, easy to wash and dry – Four t-shirts, three pairs of pants, and a pair of night clothes (for a 7-day trip). You can wash and reuse these.
    • Raincoat and Rain Cover
  2. Electricals

    • Mobile phone
    • Camera
    • Chargers
    • Power bank
  3. Toiletries

    • Face wash
    • Shampoo Pouches
    • Trimmer
    • Toothbrush and paste
    • Lotion
    • Sun Skin Cream – SPF 30+
  4. Medical kit

    • ORS
    • Anti-Allergens
    • AMS Medications (if travelling at a high altitude)
    • Motion Sickness Tablets
    • Antacids
    • Band Aid
    • Crepe bandage
  5. GPS System

    • Download the map on mobile
    • Hardcopy of map
  6. Bike Essentials

    • Helmet
    • Riding Jacket
    • Windcheater
    • Gloves
    • Guards
    • Boots
    • Magnetic Tank bag
    • Waterproof biking suit with thermal layer
    • Parking lights at night
    • Foot pump
    • Extra Petrol
    • Spare key

Spares And Essential Tools if you are good with bikes (Optional)

  • For tube tyres bikes – one tube each for front and rear tyres. For tubeless tyres, a tyre repair kit.
  • Tyre rod – To separate tyre and rim
  • One accelerator cable
  • One piece of the clutch cable
  • Headlamp And rear brake lamp
  • Multipurpose tool kit
  • Spare cloth to clean the vehicle

10 Points to Remember for a Safe Bike Trip

  1. Stay Hydrated
  2. Carry Light
  3. Don’t get over-exhausted
  4. Be GPS ready, keep your phone charged and carry sufficient cash
  5. Take sufficient breaks
  6. Start on a light stomach
  7. Keep a bandana or balaclava to make peace with your hair. Otherwise, they generally come into riot.
  8. Keep the weather forecast handy. Know about the next day’s plan at least a day ahead. 
  9. Avoid night rides.
  10. Share your google location with someone you trust just in case of any mishap. 

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Tips to Prepare For Your Long Bike Trip

I hope this list of bike trip essentials will come in handy when planning your travel.

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