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How Travel Made Me A Better Person.

Don’t get surprised that Travel Made Me A Better Person, I haven’t traveled much but I’m very familiar with the feeling of exploring the new. You guessed it, I’ve been one of those curious children going around the school campus, wanting to explore hidden nooks and corners.

My very first travel experience goes back to the family trip that I had in 7th standard to Uttarakhand. I remember how excited I was.

I wanted to feel the peace that I heard about mountains. I wanted to challenge my fear of height. I wanted to make memories to tell to my friends, siblings, and grandparents. I wanted to feel how is it to live under the shadow of mountains.

So far, I’ve traveled to Mumbai, Jaipur, Agra, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Chandigarh, and many places around Delhi.

Travel Made Me A Better Person

One thing that I can’t deny as a traveler is that I am in love with the adrenaline rush that I feel when I get out of my comfort zone, aka home.

I’ve always liked traveling in public transport rather than cars. Cars make me sick, maybe because I take public transport as an opportunity to explore the places I don’t know about.

I believe not only a trip to other states counts as traveling but also a simple drive around the town can be equally joyful. As per my ideas, traveling is all about coming out of your comfort zone to explore something you have no idea about, to know something you never expected to know, and to do something you didn’t even know existed or thought of doing it ever!

Travelling helped me to evolve into a confident, mature girl who is not scared but prepared to face anything life throws at her.

I’ve always been protected by my father and brother but sometimes it turns into restriction. Travelling gave me a sense of freedom and a sense that I don’t need to be protected by someone, rather have faith in myself.

Going around alone made me independent and strong mentally as well as emotionally. I know how to talk to different people, how to take care of different situations, etc.

I’ve become more confident in realizing who I am. I’ve learned the importance of the uniqueness of one’s own personality.

I know one thing that I’ve never been afraid of, no matter what my age was. I’ve always known about the difficulties I would face outside my home but I was prepared to face them with confidence.

I’ve been clumsy but that didn’t stop me from roaming around the city.

Travel Made Me A Better Person

Being a college student, the urge to explore is stronger since college is our first step in the real world, out of the protective shadow of our parents.

Being a photographer just adds to that urge. Delhi is a vast city to explore, often underestimated by Delhiites. I also used to think, there is nothing new to see since I’ve been my whole life here but now I know how many places are there that I’ve never been to in Delhi. That’s why I’m mostly on a traveling spree during weekends.

Well, let’s just say traveling gave me important life lessons as well as memories.

For me, traveling is also an escape from my monotonous routine. It is my ultimate escape when life gets boring.

I know I have a lot more to explore and I’m ready for it.


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