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Game of Thorns!

Isn’t that true that every solo traveler secretly wants to boldly explore the place where no one has gone before?

But let’s be honest for a moment – we are hardly that adventurous as we actually imagine ourselves to be. I mean you actually test your true self when you put yourself on the thrilling fantasy ride.

When we get out of the glass bottle of our comfort zone and when we escape like the squirrels on the red carpet of our own self, we dance on the edge of our lives. And undoubtedly, if we are daring enough we survive.

But there is no denying the fact that we, the so-called adventurous souls, are also shaken once in a while as we enter into the massive, wild, creepy forest and we also shiver with cold and fright.

As they say, “Darr Sabko lagta hai, Gala sabka sukhta hai, Par Darr ke aage Jeet hai” ! And we the Travellers: Solo or the Trip Trekkers, we get high on the adrenaline rush in those miserable conditions, As they are the conditions we live for! Yes, We crave for the situations that don’t lead to the bed of roses, as we are the Masters of Thorns! And we Love to Play the ‘Game of Thorns’!

We Get the prickles on our ways, but the experience, messages, lessons that follow from all that journeys and getaways beat all the agony, all the fear; we come up with something really worthwhile in our self and our souls are fresh and pure again.

But, if you ever push your travel desires to ‘maybe next summer’, trust me you will end up making a good loss for your winter as well. As this travel drive is an addiction, a heroine packet- if you take it in summer, you will end up decorating your winter with the snow for sure!

I know there are no guarantees that things will go exactly as you planned. Even I can’t promise where your life will be heading in next coming days, months and years. And pretty likely there are chances it will go totally unplanned! So why not get so lost in the thought of traveling that the other next possibility will pop up while you are in the midst of the adrenaline rush that you get on your adventurous trip!

P.S. You ought to play the ‘Game of Thorns’ if you possess a love for roses!6bf87b22d804e7867689711d24b61306

About the author

A totally fanatic, eccentric and adventurous person, as mediocrity pisses me off. Life is meant to be lived and you are supposed to be out of breath at the end of the day. If not, I clearly know you are not my kind of person! I am straightforward, possessive and blessed with human errors, and I guess so are you!"
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