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Valentine’s Day Weekend Getaways From Bangalore

According to a survey of 1,000 couples about understanding how important traveling affected their relationship positively, almost two thirds (63%) of the respondents claimed that traveling has helped them stay together. Source

Let me paint you a picture of an ideal Valentine’s Day.

Champagnes, a romantic movie time, a banquet of roses, and probably a candlelight dinner. I bet you have been brainstorming on how to make a memorable day with your loved one.

To be more specific, you would be jumbled up, on how to make this valentine’s day up a notch, marking it as a special one all through the lifetime? If yes, then I am here to clear the smog by pulling out a few amazing ideas from my bag. 

Make this year a marked event for your relationship by giving them the gift of time and companionship with a travel weekend. This idyllic idea cherishes your love by spending time on the other side of the world.

After all, the beauty of relationships is having someone to share special moments and experiences with, going through all of the ups and downs together, and knowing that they’re there for you through thick and thin. 

If you are still on the verge of deciding, let me list down the advantages of traveling with your partner. 

1. Being close to nature steers clear of any relationship issues

Valentine's day weekend getaways from Bangalore

When you’re in nature, you don’t have to look into your mobile phones. Instead, you’re either focused on the people around you, or on what you are doing, like climbing or walking across a beach shore.

This will create peace of mind for you and your partner for any conversations during this will be constructive, practical on your past experiences, and paving a ray of sunshine for the relationship you are about to begin.

2. A stress-free Valentine’s weekend

Valentine’s day is clearly a high-pressured occasion. It’s because it sneaks up on you as you do the last-minute plans. Your take on minimizing your stress is a well-planned travel getaway.

So, there is no stress on disappointing your valentine, and instead, you will be busy having open conversations and indulge in an adventure as a sign of showcasing your true love.  

3. Bond better while away from the digital world

travel couple 2 Valentine's Day Weekend Getaways From Bangalore

Communication, intimacy, and trust – are the key behaviors leading to a stronger relationship. Give a chance for these key factors to build up, while you have fun and adventure at the feet of nature.

Traveling together as a couple will strengthen the friendship, deepen our trust for one another, and build an unfailing foundation of mutual respect.

4. Create a memorable relationship milestone

travel couple 1 Valentine's Day Weekend Getaways From Bangalore

No matter how long you’ve been together, there should be a few milestones for the two to be crossing. Moving together and sharing your Netflix accounts aren’t the only milestones you can achieve.

The small travel getaways can be a smart choice to increase the depth of knowing one another and result in a closer relationship. 


Plan The Unplanned gears you up with a few exclusive trips to plan a perfect valentine’s day and I am listing it down below! Let it be mountains, or beaches, or a perfect sunrise. Choose the trip that suits your taste and get ready to create memories that last forever!


1. Gokarna Beach Trek & Camping | 14th – 17th Feb 2020 | 2 days

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Gokarna is a small beach town on the coast of the Arabian sea, home to a must-visit Hindu Pilgrimage site – the Mahabaleshwar temple.

This quaint little town gets equal attention for its many calm and clean beaches; tourists from across the country, as well as foreigners, are drawn to the beauty of the town.

To really experience the sanctity and sightliness of Gokarna, we recommend trekking along the coastline and exploring one striking beach after another. You are bound to be a victim of love at first (beach) sight!

2. Kodachadri Trek | 14th – 16th Feb 2020 | 2 days

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Nestled deep in the Western Ghats in the district of Shimoga and holding its place as the tenth highest peak in the State, Kodachadri is home to lush green jungle trails through dense tropical forests, picturesque waterfalls, and mesmerizing landscapes.

Catching a glimpse of the evening sunset into the Arabian Sea from its peak offers an enchanting experience; a combination of mountain and ocean, that very few peaks in the country can boast of.

3. Kudremukh Trek | 15th -17th Feb 2020 | 2 days

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Rolling green hills, clouds kissing the mountains, forest trails, bamboo shrubs, and a dozen waterfalls, the Kudremukh Peak trek has it all; No wonder it is called the Himalayas of the south. The scenery keeps changing on the trek and will surely amaze anyone. Coming under the Chikmagalur District of Karnataka, the Kudremukh trek is one of the most exciting treks in this region. The lush greenery of the hills can never fail to mesmerize a soul.

4. Wayanad Night Trek & Camping | 14th – 16th Feb 2020 | 2 days

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We’re taking you on an adventure like never before to stunning places that are yet to make their mark even on Google.

These hidden gems of Wayanad are guaranteed to give you an experience of a lifetime with an exciting combination of breathtaking views and an adrenaline-pumping adventure that’ll leave you begging for more!

5. Explore Hampi – Trek and Camping | 14th – 17th Feb 2020 | 2 days

[tours_list title_underline=”on” tour_category_ids_condition=”IN” tour_ids=”1599″ number=”4″ show_categories=”on” order=”DESC” orderby=”date”]

Hampi is one of the World Heritage Sites that has been declared by UNESCO and is located on the banks of the Tungabhadra River. This city has a very rich history as it was one of the largest cities back in its day. It was even the capital of the Vijayanagar Empire.

With places such as Vittala Temple and the Virupaksha Temple, your entire curiosity will be well nurtured. You will be surrounded by beautiful structures of architecture that have so many stories hidden within their stone walls.

These sites also prove to be great places for taking pictures – thanks to the sheer beauty of all the structures present there.

6. Nishani Motte Coorg Trek | 14th – 16th Feb 2020 | 2 days

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Nishani Motte is an unadulterated treat to the eyes. It’s a lesser-known mountain peak of Talacauvery Range in Coorg, which is otherwise called the Scotland of India. This approximately 15 km moderate-trek starts from Bhagamandala forest range and then treading through the paddy fields, to the coffee estate, and into the Wildlife Reserve, it finally leads towards summiting the hilltop. Coorg is also famous for Coffee production, it’s the second-largest place for coffee production after Sakleshpur in Karnataka, and you can thoroughly enjoy the view of the stretches of the hills from here.

7. Scuba Diving at Netrani Islands | 14th – 17th Feb 2020 | 2 days

[tours_list title_underline=”on” tour_category_ids_condition=”IN” tour_ids=”9217″ number=”4″ show_categories=”on” order=”DESC” orderby=”date”]

If you are seeking some underwater adventure and wondering where to go, then we are here to put a pause to your thoughts and take you for the most amazing experience of your life! Well, we believe it’s time that you tick off SCUBA DIVING from your bucket list, and no, you need not travel abroad for that!

Plan The Unplanned is all set to take you for an exciting trip to Netrani Island, which has one of the clearest diving sites in India. Well, for Bangaloreans, this isn’t anything short of an adventure, to know that Karnataka has its own diving site and it’s just a stone throw away!

Being a coral island, the area is perfectly suited for snorkeling and scuba diving.

8. Kumara Parvatha Trek Challenge (Coorg) | 14th – 16th Feb 2020 | 2 days

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If you are a person who loves to challenge their mind and body, this trek is perfect for you! Kumara Parvata is considered one of the most difficult treks in the South! But there’s no gain without some pain, so get ready to push yourself a little bit and we will be there to motivate you along the way to the top. Reach the top to witness the beautiful clouds along with the green landscapes of the Western ghats. A landscape filled with lush green, pristine streams, volcanic rock formations, Kumara Parvata is a place on the bucket list of every trekker and traveler. It is the second-highest peak after Tadiyanmol in the Coorg region.

9. Kodaikanal Trek & Camping | 14th – 17th Feb 2020 | 2 days

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If you’re on the lookout to get away from the maddening city life or to take a break from the monotonous corporate lifestyle, look no further as we have answered your call. What better place to simply unwind and relax your mind and bodies than at the ‘Princess of Hills’- Kodai.

But as always, here at Plan The Unplanned we do things a bit differently and this time it’s no different. We’re taking you to explore a side of Kodai that you barely get to see nowadays, away from the tourist crowds and into untouched and pristine lands.

10. Kayaking on Shambhavi | 14th – 16th Feb 2020 | 2 days

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Kayaking on an Indian river is perhaps the most thrilling experience that anyone can ask for! While you must have always thought of it as an exotic water sport – we are here to take you for a wilderness ride, on a Kayak.

During this trip, you will get to sail and cover a total distance of 28 km on a kayak. From one side of the Palimar Dam where the water of the Arabian Sea gushes into the Shambhavi River in Karnataka, you’ll sail up to the other end of the dam where camps will be set up.

Surrounded by the Western Ghats, the camping site is amidst nature, by the banks of the river.

11. Makalidurga Trek | 16th Feb 2020 | 1 day

[tours_list title_underline=”on” tour_category_ids_condition=”IN” tour_ids=”1835″ number=”4″ show_categories=”on” order=”DESC” orderby=”date”]

Makalidurga is a trek to one of the most enchanting places as this hill has twinkling skies, a rich history, and a railway line running through the lush greenery of the hills.

Makalidurga is located only 60 kilometers away from Bangalore and 10 kilometers away from the town of Doddaballapur.

It’s because of this that a number of people, ranging from travel junkies to adventure lovers as well as those who adore nature, make their way to this stunning hill every weekend.

12. Gudibande Sunrise Trek | 15th – 16th Feb 2020 | 1 day

[tours_list title_underline=”on” tour_category_ids_condition=”IN” tour_ids=”37378″ number=”4″ show_categories=”on” order=”DESC” orderby=”date”]

Gudibande, which literally translates to A temple on top of a rock in Kannada is a 17th Century fort built by a chieftain Byre Gowda. It is one of the most unexplored forts in this region and is said to be a concise replica of the Madhugiri Fort.

Though the trail is not as daunting as the Madhugiri fort trail, the views from the top of the Gudibande fort are unmatched to any other. Atop the fort is an ancient Shiva temple that is home to one of the 108 Jyotirlingas. Once on the top, there’s plenty to explore around in the ruins all the while stunning views of the mighty Byrasagara reservoir accompany you.

Ready to rely on one another, confide in one another and be each other’s best friends and one true love? Book with us and cherish it! Get in touch with us for any more additional information and clarifications.

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