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Offbeat Summer Getaways Around Bangalore

Summer is here and it’s time to escape the sweltering heat of the cities and literally cool the body and mind down while giving yourselves that well-deserved offbeat summer getaways . And what better way than to hit the beaches, wander off to the hills, or escape into the wild.

But with everyone from your next-door neighbor to your Facebook stalker thronging these places, maybe it’s time to go off the beaten path and choose places that are yet to lose their virgin charms to the clutches of mindless tourism. 

For the many hopeless souls looking for an escape from the chaos that is Bengaluru, these offbeat summer getaways listed down below offer the perfect recipe to calm your nerves; a whiff of fresh air, a pint of natural bliss, and oodles of unmatched beauty minus the rampant commercialization, all the while giving their more popular competitors a run for their money.


Unwind at its secluded beaches, experience the rich local culture, go back in time at the several temples and forts here, or simply witness the majestic Aghanashani river winding her way into the Arabian Sea.

This quaint coastal town located in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka is filled with authentic experiences for those wishing to escape the tourist crowds and go back to simpler times. 

Kumta Beach Trek and Camping-5
Beach Trekking at Kumta


Beach Trek: Trek along the coastline through forest trails that connect the secluded beaches of Kumata including Heaven Beach, Small Heaven beach, Mangodlu, and Vannali beaches to name a few, and end your day with a view of the perfect sunset. 

Experience the Aghanashini River: An ancient river that meanders its way into the Arabian Sea at Kumta, the Aghanashini River offers not just picturesque views of surrounding hills, valleys, paddy fields, and mangrove forests but also a glimpse into the lives of the fishermen here who depend on the river for their livelihoods. 

Explore Kagal Fort: Built originally as a watchtower for the Mirjan Fort, the Kagal Fort perched atop Kagal Hill offers panoramic views of the Aghanashini Delta meeting with the Arabian Sea.

Plan your Kumta Beach Trek here.


By Road: Kumta is well connected by road to all nearby major cities including Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Mumbai, Goa, and Pune, and buses can be availed to reach here from these cities as well as the nearby towns of Sirsi, Karwar, Udupi, and Shimoga.

By Air: Dabolim Airport at Goa is the nearest airport located at a distance of 168 km

By Rail: Kumta railway station (KT) located just 2 km from the city center


Located at the meeting point of the Kali river and the Arabian Sea lies the quaint beach town of Karwar. Being the administrative capital of Uttara Kannada District, Karwar is a well-kept secret and offers almost everything that its more feisty neighbor, Goa offers minus the obvious crowds and party scenes.

Kumta Beach Trek and Camping-5
Find the perfect sunrise at Karwar.


Water Sports: Snorkelling, dolphin spotting, kayaking, and banana boat rides are some of the major activities that can be found here and one needs to take a 45-minute boat ride from the mainland to the island of Kurumgad to avail of these services.

Beach Hopping: Named after the great poet himself, the Rabindranath Tagore Beach is one of the main beaches at Karwar located right off the highway.

The Devbagh Beach with its dense forest vegetation along the coast provides a visual treat and is also a hub for diving and snorkeling. The Banana, Tilmati, and Majali beaches are some of the other isolated beaches here worth visiting.

Visit the Warship Museum: Located on the Rabindranath Tagore Beach, the warship, INS Chapel has now been converted into a museum where one can explore the entire length and breadth of the vessel to get an idea about the contributions of the Indian Navy as well as a glimpse into the life of a voyager.

Explore the Islands: The most distinctive feature of Karwar is the several mangrove-covered islands that lie off the Kali River Estuary. The Anjadip and Devagadaguda Islands are worth visiting and the picturesque boat ride that one needs to take along the Kali river to get there is an added bonus. 

Experience the best of Karwar here.


By Road: Local bus services are available at regular intervals from Madgaon, Gokarna, and other nearby cities.

By Air: Dabolim Airport at Goa located at a distance of 90 km is the nearest airport to Karwar.

By Rail: All Major trains running on the Konkan Railway Route, halt at  the Karwar Railway Station (KAWR) 


Summer is the time for hill stations and Kotagiri offers the magical aura of the Nilgiris minus the thronging crowds and rampant commercialization. With sprawling tea estates, gushing waterfalls and breathtaking trails, the small town of Kotagiri, located in the Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu offers fierce competition to its more popular neighbors, Ooty and Coonoor.

Find bliss at the endless tea plantations at Kotagiri


Trek to Catherine Falls: The second highest falls in the Nilgiris, the road leading up to it winds through pristine tea plantations before a final trek to the actual viewpoint through dense forests and awe-inspiring landscapes. The view of this double cascading waterfall that comes alive right after the monsoons is a spectacle to behold.

Catch the Sunrise at Kodanad: One of the best places in Kotagiri to catch the sunrise or the sunset, this viewpoint offers panoramic views of the surrounding Kodanad region flanked by tea plantations on one side and rolling hills on the other. 

Hike through Longwood Shola: This isolated stretch of untouched forest cover is every nature lover’s dream come true and the almost 1.5 km of a trek through the region is more about the experience of being one with nature than anything else.

Treat Yourself at Johnston Circle: Kotagiri offers some authentic local Chettinad cuisines and the best of them can be found at Johnston Circle located literally in the heart of the town.

Apart from the variety of local dishes, one can also savor a range of cakes, pastries, and other delectable baked varieties at the many cake shops and bakeries here.

Trek to Rangaswamy Peak: This stone monolith, a magnificent piece of natural wonder which can be viewed from the Kodanad viewpoint can also be scaled by those looking for a bit of adventure.

The trek up the peak requires a certain level of endurance but the 360-degree view from up top is worth all the efforts. One can also find a shrine dedicated to Lord Rangaswamy at the peak.

Find the perfect itinerary for camping at Kotagiri here.

Offbeat Summer Getaways
Rolling Hills of Kotagiri


By Air: The nearest airport is the Coimbatore International Airport located almost 70 km away from Kotagiri

By Train: The nearest Railway Station is at Coonoor (ONR)

By Road: Government, as well as private buses, ply to Kotagiri from nearby cities including Coimbatore, Ooty, and Coonoor. Booking a cab is also a great way to enjoy the scenery en route.


Escape from the coastline into the dense forests of Dandeli; a haven for wildlife and nature enthusiasts offering ample opportunities for those seeking a rush of adrenaline or simply to unwind amidst its lush greenery.

A plethora of magical sights and experiences await you at this humble destination located deep within North Karnataka on the banks of the Kali river. 

Dandeli Rafting
White river rafting at Dandeli


White River Rafting on the Kali River: The varied forms of the river Kali flowing through the region offers ample opportunities for all kinds of water-based activities, the most popular of which is white river rafting; one of the best in Karnataka.

It’s a perfect way to get your hearts racing while enjoying the varied sights and hues the river has to offer. Kayaking, Zorbing, river safaris, and fishing are some of the other activities one can engage in while at Dandeli.

Take a Safari at the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary: Being the second largest wildlife reserve in Karnataka, a jeep safari through the untouched forests of Dandeli is your best bet at catching a glimpse of wildlife.

One can also engage in several adventure activities inside the sanctuary including trekking, coracle boat rides, mountain biking, eco-tourism, and cycling.

Hike to Kavala Caves: This series of naturally formed prehistoric limestone caves located deep within the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary quite literally takes you back in time with its eerie silence and almost alien-like stalagmite formations.

One needs to hike down a series of 375 steps to reach the cave entrance and a further 40 feet down through narrow passageways where a naturally formed Shiva Linga can be found. 

Trek to Shiroli Peak: Whether it’s to attempt the exhilarating hike up to the top or to catch a glimpse of that mesmerizing sunset or simply to witness the majestic Western Ghats in all its glory, a trek to Shiroli Peak, considered to be the highest point in the entire Uttara Kannada Region, is bound to leave you spellbound in more ways than one.

Experience river rafting and camping at Dandeli with Plan The Unplanned.


By Air: The nearest airport is at Hubli, which is 60 km from Dandeli.

By Train: As there are no regular train services to the Dandeli Railway station, it would be best to catch a train to the nearest railway station of Alnavar Junction, located 23 km away.

By Road: Dandeli is well connected to nearby major cities including Hubli, Dharwad, Goa, Belgaum, Bangalore, Pune, and Karwar.


Located off the coast of Murudeshwar, this heart-shaped island on the Arabian Sea is home to Karnataka’s best-kept secret; an abundance of marine biodiversity combined with crystal clear waters offers one of the best scuba diving and snorkelling experiences on the Konkan Coast.

Offbeat Summer Getaways
Scuba Diving at Netrani Islands


Scuba Diving & Snorkelling: Located approximately 10 nautical miles off the coast, a short ferry ride takes you to the reaches of this coral wonderland from where you commence your underwater adventure. The Butterflyfish, Whale Sharks, Turtles, Napoleon Wrasse, Great Barracuda, Stingrays, White, and Black Tip Sharks, and Stonefish are some of the many varieties of marine life one can find here.

Check Scuba Diving at Netrani off your bucket list with Plan The Unplanned.


By Air: The closest Airport to Murudeshwar is the Mangalore International Airport located 150 kms away.

By Train: Murudeshwar Railway Station has good connectivity to all major cities.

By Road: Murudeshwar has good bus connectivity to all major nearby cities including Mangalore, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Cochin


Having its origins deep within the Western Ghats at Kudremukh, the majestic Shambhavi River makes its way to the Arabian Sea almost untouched by man and offers one of the most serene and adventurous Kayaking spots in all of Karnataka. 

Offbeat Summer Getaways
Kayaking on Shambhavi River


Kayaking: Retrace the path of the river as you start your kayaking journey from the tip of the Arabian Sea back to the Western Ghats taking in all the varied hues of the Shambhavi river for a distance of roughly 30 km over two days.

With regular breaks, some efficient kayaking, and breathtaking vistas all around, this experience can be almost meditative as you find yourself one with the calmness of its backwaters and is well suited for individuals of all experience levels.

Ready to Kayak? Check out this camping and kayaking itinerary on the Shambhavi.


By Air: The nearest Airport to Mulki is the Mangalore International Airport located around 30 km away

By Train: Mulki Railway  Station (MULK) is well connected to all nearby cities. 

By Road: Located between Mangalore and Udupi on the Kochi-Panvel highway, Mulki is several buses ply from all major cities to Mulki.

With offbeat travel being all the rage and the need to explore and ‘Instagram’ never before seen destinations and experiences, comes the responsibility of every traveler visiting these places to leave them just the way they found it. As the saying goes, “Take only memories, leave only footprints.” 

At Plan The Unplanned, we take special care to ensure all our travelers are educated and informed about the same and we take pride in the fact that the same ideology is practiced on all our trips. Remember, change always starts with you.

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