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Andaman_Plan The Unplanned
Andaman and Nicobar Islands is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to visit in the country. The name Andaman is presumed to have been derived from the Hindu God Hanuman, known as ‘Handuman’ to the Malays. Andaman is known for its pristine beaches, underwater wonders, impressive ecosystem, lush forests, nesting beaches for turtles and...
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If you dream of going to a place with lush greenery, then Meghalaya is the right choice for you. With more than ten living root bridges, dozens of waterfalls, hills, rivers, and more than a thousand caves, Meghalaya, which translates to ‘abode of clouds,’ is heaven on earth for nature lovers. The name ‘Meghalaya’ was...
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Here is a well-prepared itinerary for your Do-It-Yourself trip for 3 Nights, 2 Days in Srinagar. Kashmir is the land of innocence and beauty. Topping it all, it is a wave that transports you to its trickling lucidity. There is no better place to experience Kashmir than Srinagar, where artificial and natural wonders form its...
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