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How to Surf, Kayak, Wakeboard?
Your confidence lets you glide in water fearlessly. But before facing waves higher than life, following ‘baby steps’ is mandatory. This is a beginner’s guide on how to Surf, Kayak and Wakeboard. Don’t forget to look at the ‘Tips for Beginners’ section. Also, hanging till last might sound passionless, but it will set your ground...
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A backpack is like a tool for a successful trek. It is your little friend that sticks with you in all conditions. In this, choosing the right backpack for yourself is your responsibility.  We have seen trekkers selecting big backpacks, stuffing them and planning to offload them on the trek. If everything goes right, offloading...
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Mountaineering/alpinism involve climbing on tall mountains. The duration of such expeditions can go from somewhere around 6 weeks to 9 weeks. Preparing for such a duration is generally a herculean task. We have seen mountaineers preparing for almost a year, considering the demands that a mountaineering expedition requires. This article will cover a list of...
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