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Himalayan Treks

how to pack for Himalayan trek
As much as people are enthusiastic to go on those much-awaited treks, we have often seen them struggling to pack up their bags as they plan their journeys. Just pack up and go sounds lovely and thrilling, but going on a Himalayan trek means that you are out of your home for approximately seven days....
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Valley of Flowers- The King of Colorful Vacations
Very rarely do we find instances written in books that come to life. Today we will know more about the Valley of Flowers. Let us dive deep into this place discovered by chance and is classified as a national park and a UNESCO world heritage site. Despite the forecast, live like it’s spring.  The Valley...
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Trekking creates memories for a lifetime. It is astonishing to see the horizon after an exhausting climb. Trekking at higher altitudes is even more challenging, and it demands particular respect and preparation. What adds to the thrill is the lack of oxygen and the extreme conditions that push you every second. Hence, preparation is an...
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Kedarkantha Trek Guide
Deemed to be one of the best winter treks in India, Kedarkantha is one of those rare Himalayan treks that remains accessible even during winters. Suitable for those looking to begin their journey into the Himalayas or even experienced trekkers looking for a quick getaway, the Kedarkantha trek offers a unique experience to trek across...
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Himalayan Trekking Calendar 2021
Himalayan Trekking Calendar 2021– It is just the start of 2021 and I know you already have a lot of things you wish to accomplish this year. While it is awesome that you have so many things to accomplish, it can be quite an effort. And the only key is to take them one by...
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10 Best Treks In Himachal Pradesh
10 Best Treks In Himachal Pradesh: Himachal is known for its valleys and perennial rivers. It is a perfect combination for nature lovers. It lies in the cradle of Western Himalayas at the foothills of the Dhauladhar range. Himachal boasts of countless peaks for those who love to scale up the mountains.   The mesmerizing...
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