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Let’s Plan Your Next Trip Together

Travelling is one of the best things in life as you get to leave behind a mundane routine, get to explore new places and meet all sorts of new people. However, all of us tend to make a lot of mistakes when we are planning a trip and we end up spending more than we should, end up forgetting things we should always keep handy and somehow it ends up diluting the fun of the trip. I am going to help you plan your next trip and make sure that you can have the best time that you are possibly dreaming about.


While most people choose the destination and then decide how much money they can spend on that particular trip, I believe that is the wrong way of going about things. I personally think you should first decide how much money you can spend on a particular trip and then take the rest from there!

Choosing a destination

Once you have put aside a certain amount of money to spend on a particular trip, make a list of some places that fall under the bracket of that amount of money. After this particular list is made, keep on shortlisting the places until you manage to choose one, that you want to visit the most.

Research about the place

You must have chosen a particular place to take a trip to for a number of reasons. It could be that you have heard nice things about it, you think it looks good in pictures or it has an immense architectural beauty that pleases you. Whatever the reason may be, do not let that be the only reason you visit the place. Find out things about the place including places to eat and stay, ways to travel and things to do.

Setting an itinerary

Once you have finished finding out every possible thing about the place that you possibly can, make sure to organize all the information that you have created and make an itinerary out of it. When you are making your itinerary make sure to set aside enough time to relax and enjoy being in a new city as well.

Find great deals

While planning a great trip, try to find the best deals available. This best part includes saving as much of your money that you can by finding the best deals possible. These deals can be for accommodation, transportation and special events that you might be attending in the city.

Making the bookings

Once everything has been decided including where you will be staying and what you will be doing on your trip, make sure to book everything as soon as possible. Do not make the mistake of leaving the bookings for the last minute as the tickets might just get sold out, or prices may hike exorbitantly.


This is one of the most complicated parts of planning a trip as I always end up forgetting something or the other. I would recommend going through your itinerary and making a list of what would be needed so that you forget as little as is humanly possible.

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So go ahead and have a great trip, hopefully without forgetting as little as possible.

And don’t forget to invite me the next time!


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