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10 Treks in Maharashtra That You Should Look Forward To!

The Sahiyadris predominantly start from Maharashtra. The eastern foothills of the central Karnataka state are referred to as Malenadu, whereas the foothill region east of the Ghats in Maharashtra is referred to as Desh. In Maharashtra and Karnataka, the range is referred to as Sahyadri. Northwestern Tamil Nadu’s Nilgiri Mountains are where the Western and Eastern Ghats converge. The pictures in this article will make sure that you don’t get over trekking in Maharashtra. We are presenting to you our favorite treks in Maharashtra.

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We bet you can’t ignore the lush green paddy fields, undiscovered waterfalls, and who knows, in this trail if you come out as a different person with some great company!

Harishchandragad trek

Harishchandragad trek Maharashtra Plan The Unplanned

Altitude: 4,650 ft.
Distance: 6-8 Kilometers

Look for: Kedareshwar temple and Saptatirtha lake 

One of the best treks in Maharashtra is Harishchandragad because it leads to the well-known Konkankada, a cliff that resembles the hood of a cobra. The majority of seasoned hikers long to finish this trail and view the cliff. This is one of the best hikes to choose if you’re seeking a challenge because it necessitates climbing over rocks and stones. In contrast to other treks in Maharashtra, the Harishchandragad walk involves crossing rocky terrain, steep inclines, and some dreadful fall. View the Kedareshwar temple and Saptatirtha lake from a distance.

Rajmachi fort trek

Rajmachi fort trek Maharashtra Plan The Unplanned

Altitude: 2710 ft.
Distance: 10 Kilometers (both ways)

Look for: Old water reservoirs, Waterfalls, and Green Paddy fields.

One of the best hikes in Maharashtra, particularly during the monsoon, is the Rajmachi trek. As you walk through the rain-soaked forest, you may enjoy the streams, waterfalls, and beautiful green paddy fields. There is a lot to discover, including old water reservoirs, fort ruins, walls, and gates. You’ll also get to set up camp at a height of three thousand feet if you’re staying the night. The trail will truly put your stamina to the test, therefore experienced hikers or at the very least physically fit beginners should avoid it.

Sandhan Valley trek

Sandhan Valley trek Maharashtra Plan The Unplanned

Altitude: 3000 ft
Distance: 2 Km approx.

Look for: Crystal Clear Ponds and rugged rock walls

One of the best treks in Maharashtra is Sandhan Valley, which takes you through a 200-foot-deep valley throughout the Sahyadris. The Valley of Shadows is another moniker for the valley because of how little sunlight can penetrate its enormous cliffs. If you try the entire descent, this qualifies as a difficult trek in Maharashtra, but you’ll get to rappel down from rugged rock walls, swim in crystal-clear natural ponds, and sleep in the valley at night.

Kalsubai trek 

Kalsubai trek Maharashtra Plan The Unplanned

Altitude: 5400 ft
Distance: 6.6 Km

Look for: In a single shot, the fort peaks of Alang, Madan, Kulang, Ratangad, Katrabai, and Ajoba are all visible.

One of the challenging climbs in Maharashtra is up Kalsubai Peak, which rises to a height of 5400 feet and is known as “the Everest of Maharashtra.” The journey is exciting, especially as the rain clouds lash out at the ground below. The boulders are covered with moss and water rushes by on the walking trail, making the ascent rather tough. You will pass through lovely streams and pools and take in stunning vistas of the valleys and hills in the distance. In Maharashtra, this is one of the best hikes to go if you want a fun challenge.

Alang Madan Kulang trek

Alang Madan Kulang trek Maharashtra Plan The Unplanned

Altitude: 4,852 ft
Distance: 9 Km approx.

Look for: The never-ending view of the nearby reservoirs and peaks

This is one of the more difficult treks in Maharashtra since it takes two or three days to get to three distinct forts. You’ll scramble over stones and rocks as you make your way down a route through a thick forest while spending the nights in caves. This hike requires a lot of walking and has some steep portions. This trip is among the best in Maharashtra because of the presence of fascinating caverns, natural water features, historic fort ruins, and stunning sunrises and sunsets.

Visapur trek

Visapur trek Maharashtra Plan The Unplanned

Altitude: 3567 ft.
Distance: 3 Km

Look for: Tikona Fort, Lohagad Fort and Tung Fort

As Lohagad’s sister fort, Visapur Fort is regarded as a simple hike, making it ideal for families and amateurs alike. It lies near Lonavala and climbs to a height of 3500 feet. Although the Peshwas constructed the fort in the early 1700s, the Lohagad fort is better maintained. The walk, however, is enjoyable and offers beautiful scenery, making it the ideal fast weekend vacation from Mumbai or Pune.

Prabalgad and Kalavantin trek

Prabalgad and Kalavantin trek Maharashtra Plan The Unplanned

Altitude: 2,205 ft.
Distance: 7.4 Km

Look for: An almost vertical staircase leading to the summit

The over 2000-foot-tall Kalavantin Pinnacle is a solid rock spire that rises into the sky and has steep steps up to the top. There are no barriers or fencing, thus there is complete exposure to the outdoors. Although there are some slippery and difficult-to-navigate rock areas, reaching the summit is a wonderful joy. For those looking for a challenging but enjoyable hike, this is one of the best treks in Maharashtra.

Andharban trek

Andharban trek Maharashtra Plan The Unplanned

Altitude: 2160 ft.
Distance: 13 Km

Look for: Tamhini Waterfalls, the Plus Valley Trek, the Devkund Waterfall and the Hemant Waterfall. 

The Tamhini Ghat region’s Andharban walk leads you deep into a valley where the forested areas are so dense that the jungle is never light. This makes it one of the best treks in Maharashtra, in addition to the fact that it is a full descending trip. There are cascades and natural lakes along the way where you may cool down, as well as several bird species and unusual butterflies.

Lohagad trek

Lohagad trek Maharashtra Plan The Unplanned

Altitude: 3,389 ft.
Distance: 5 Km

Look for: Hanuman Darwaaja

One of the finest hikes in Maharashtra is Lohagad, often known as the “iron fort.” It leads you along rain-soaked pathways with streams running over them, over slick rocks, and up to the foggy fort at the summit, making this simple hike ideal for novices and nature lovers. This fort’s most well-known feature, the Vinchu Katta, often known as the Scorpion tail because it resembles a scorpion’s tail, is its primary draw. About 2 kilometers long, the tail is breathtaking from the top down.

Devkund trek

Devkund trek Maharashtra Plan The Unplanned

Altitude: 2700 ft.
Distance: 3 Km

The Devkund trek is a great location for taking pictures, taking a dip in the pool, or just walking around and taking it all in. The Devkund waterfalls are accessible by a 2-hour hike from the base settlement through a forest. In Bhira village, you’ll be able to see residents going about their daily lives and learn about their way of life. Although it’s not a challenging hike, the rainy season might make the route a little slick.

We hope this list of the top ten treks in Maharashtra will be useful for you. Feel free to add more in the comments; we will add them to the list.  


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