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Omicron Cannot Infect Our Zeal of New Year Events 2022!


What did we just pass through? A draining pandemic, an exhausting lifestyle and an ever-hanging sword of knocking sad news. After vaccination, as we were finally planning an extravagant party for the upcoming new year, we are suddenly forced into a different whirl of Omicron variant. With the new variant, we are again pondering the possibility of lockdown. But wait, our celebration of the new year events 2022 should not be impacted by a variant. Although a pandemic, we humans have faced many other cruel events in the past, and we have risen powerfully every time. Nonetheless, the chances of infection can not be ignored, given the two waves that had hit us. So, even if we follow basic guidelines like getting vaccinated, maintaining social distance, and avoiding crowding, things would end our way. 

Other than these, you know what you should be doing instead: making itineraries, planning your outfits, spreading positivity, and getting ready to snuggle into the new year of 2022. We know it’s easier said than done. But travelling is your passion. You have been waiting for this time for almost one year, and now that it is finally taking place, don’t be scared. Just make sure you do a proper fact check about the area, travel regulations, the number of people affected, and decide. 

Here are some sure-shot ways of travelling and wrapping this year with upbeat vibes:

Embrace slow travel.

In the run for ticking off our bucket lists, we forget talking to the locals, eating local cuisine, and learning the local language. Multiple hotels, homestays, resorts are giving us options of long term stay at affordable prices. 

Cleartrip is thinking about you beforehand. Our partners use proper sanitisation methods after every visit and clean up space for a virus-free atmosphere. We care for you, just like your family. 

Get Creative.

People got creative and bolder in the span of the last 1.5 years. Any stories lie families hitting the road in their car to fulfil their long-awaited travel dream, teenagers covering states’ length and width on cycle, couples establishing cafes and care shelters for stranded people have mushroomed. This has allowed people to listen to various stories and learn from the practicalities. 

Help others to help yourselves.

Travel to a place you have never travelled to before. Arrange a regional get-together, visit a nursing home, donate to people on the streets, distribute gifts to random people. 

If possible, spread the good news to the people who don’t have access to television. Tell them where they can seek help from, give them emergency calling numbers. Apart from that, go local, buy local, become a local.

Try different modes of travel.

However bold we may act, we can not rule out the possibility of transmission. Be a better citizen and avoid public modes. Keep in mind to book eco-friendly options. 

We as an organisation receive multiple queries from people asking us if the conditions are still good. We regularly update our staff and customers regarding the latest news from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and government from respective countries. If anything happens, we would be among the first ones to respond. Guarding our people is our responsibility, and we are always on alert.

Pamper yourself this new year.

Get artsy; travel to places that make your passionate soul alive, like going to Rajasthan to explore music and Himachal Pradesh to learn a different cuisine.

Go to play, become healthy. Book a resort, get that much-needed spa therapy. Play alone, sing alone: you deserve it. 

Experience your city. 

Look out of your window; many artsy events are happening. Learn that new art, sing that song you have never sung, come on stage, face your demons and become a new you!

Visit remote areas.

There are places away from urbanisation. Some islands lay bare; roads are brimming with life; sites with remarkable stories. Visiting remote areas cuts you from the chain. This way, you ensure everyone’s safety. 

Or simply, if you are not confident yet, just like every year, visit your family, watch new year shows, drink coffee and eat popcorn while conversing about the past. Take a dip into the beautiful memories and encompass the insane ones. 

The whole point is nothing has changed. The celebration of the new year 2022 will again bring people closer. With a ticket in hand, as we gaze at television screens, we hope to hear positive news. And if you haven’t realised it yet, this is what we have garnered in these trying times: hope, love, pragmatism, continuous change and adaptation. 

Let us adapt and go wherever our calling is, be wary about the conditions, be updated and follow government regulations, with no worries, just this mantra in head: Stay Safe, Travel Safe.

The sun is brighter than ever. Let us rally and welcome the dazzling new year 2022 with elevated spirits and illuminating travel plans. Cheers to all our wins! 

And in case you are still wondering, there are many new year events and treks that we have prepared just for you. Check out new year events here. 

About the author

I am Supriya, a writer by passion and I have been following up with it from the past 12 years. Stamped initially as a Software Engineer, I switched to ‘All Things Travel’. I travel to find coherence in life and love stories. Admittingly craving local food, meandering through the alleys, and treasuring talks with elderlies, I prefer backpacking to connect with the roots of a place. Bylines include Tripoto, Plan the Unplanned, Women’s Web and Rough Guides. Know her better: supriyasahu.com

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