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9 Treks in Kodaikanal That You Should Look Forward To!

The allure of seeing new places and pushing your physical boundaries is what makes trekking so magical. Don’t forget to venture off the usual path when trekking in Kodaikanal and follow paths that meander through woods home to native animals and vegetation. One of the pleasures of walking in Kodaikanal is the possibility that you’ll discover waterfalls or vantage places from which to admire the beauty of the “Princess of the Hills.”

Trekking In Kodaikanal Plan The Unplanned

One of the finest things to do in Kodaikanal is to go hiking, which offers breathtaking views from various vantage points while you’re in this lush, emerald paradise.

There are close to 21 hiking trails in Tamil Nadu’s Kodaikanal that provide one with a pleasant adventure into nature. Among these, the most well-known Kodaikanal trekking routes are the Kodai Dolphin’s Nose Vellagavi Kumbajarai, and many more. Trekking trails can range from 5 km to 55 kilometres. Here are some of the popular trekking trails of Kodaikanal. Read to know more!

Vattakanal Trek

Vattakanal Trek Plan The Unplanned

Trek distance: 14 KM

Altitude: 6650 ft

Look for: Waterfalls, Mountain Ranges, forests and picturesque views.

Vattakanal trek is a moderately difficult trek and one of the most beautiful hiking routes in Kodaikanal. The Western Ghats’ hidden treasures, glittering waterfalls, and breathtaking vistas with dense forests are all present along this walk.

Vattakanal Trek, which is surrounded by beautiful scenery, will allow you to immerse yourself in a rejuvenating experience. When you are immersed in foggy clouds and get an adrenaline surge on Vattakanal Trek, it is a dreamlike escape in Kodaikanal.

Bear Shola Falls Trek

Bear Shola Falls Trek Kodaikanal Plan The Unplanned

Trek distance: 2 Km

A relatively short hike that is best taken during the monsoon when the Bear Shola Falls is flowing strongly. Because of the trail’s beauty, it makes for a fantastic hike at other times of the year. The path through the forest is twisting, slender, and rich in species. You will occasionally cross a little stream. Families and novice hikers utilise the 1-kilometre route all year round because of its short distance.

Elephant Valley Falls Trek

Elephant Valley Falls Trek Kodaikanal | Plan The Unplanned

It will take a full day to complete this less well-known but incredibly thrilling excursion. Vilpatti hamlet is traversed as it travels from Kodaikanal.

Visit the Kurunji Andavar Temple on the way, then continue on to Ganesh Puram before arriving at the picturesque Elephant Valley Falls, also known as the Anju Veedu Waterfalls. These towering cascading waterfalls were produced as a result of the Palar stream, from which they originate. 

Silent Valley View Trek

Silent Valley View Trek Kodaikanal | Plan The Unplanned

Trek distance: 2 Km

The Silent Valley View Point is yet another breathtaking tourist destination in Kodaikanal. It is close to the Pillar Rocks on Berijam Lake road. It provides stunning views of the valley and is a favourite spot for those who enjoy the outdoors. Its serene environment and rich vegetation contribute to its beauty, and the view from here is certain to wow you.

The Silent Valley Viewpoint is best visited in the early mornings, late afternoons, or evenings. The valley can occasionally be seen on these days enveloped in a white mist that travels through the trees and across its pleasantly green meadows.

Perumal Peak

Perumal Peak in Kodaikanal

Trek distance: 7 Km

Altitude: 2440 mts

Look for: Magnificent views of the Nilgiri Hills and the Western Ghats.

Perumal Summit, the tallest peak in the Perumalai Hills, rises to a height of 2,440 metres. While on a Kodaikanal trip, you should stop by this location, which is a region of the magnificent Western Ghats. The mountain, which is blessed with the best of nature, attracts both nature enthusiasts and those looking for adventure.

This summit is every trekker’s ideal location, located around 18 kilometres from Kodaikanal. Perumal Peak also provides a stunning perspective of the Nilgiri Hills and the Western Ghats that are nearby.

Pillar Rocks Trek

Pillar Rocks Trek Kodaikanal

Look for: Huge boulders and pillars at the viewpoint

When you desire to experience the finest of Kodaikanal hiking, Pillar Rock gives a great experience if you prefer a little bit of adventure. Your spirit will be put to the test on this hike as you must negotiate a rocky trail and make your way through stones that have been carved into pillars.

Vellagavi Village Trek

Vellagavi Village Trek Kodaikanal Plan The Unplanned

Trek distance: 7 Km
Look for: The village with no footwear worn!

There is a route that descends to Dolphin Nose Viewpoint just next to the well-known Altaf café. A trail that lands on the left and continues past this viewpoint goes to the settlement of Vellagavi. The sole road is in the direction of Vellagavi village, therefore there is minimal chance of getting lost on the trail. The villagers would frequently be seen strolling up and down the walkway.

After arriving at Vellagavi, one can either go farther down to Periyakulam or return the same way, which is by no means a simple undertaking. To walk across the region, one would require a local guide because the later route passes through a forest.

Pine Forest Trek

Pine Forest Trek Kodaikanal Plan The Unplanned

Pine Forest is a short, enjoyable hike that is one of the most well-liked areas for novices to go hiking in Kodaikanal. You may unwind in the peace of nature on this well-kept hike.

After obtaining the required authorization from the forest authorities, you may camp here throughout the hike for an even more thrilling experience. For photographers, it is a must-visit place because of the abundance of lush vegetation that makes it possible to take many images there.

Dolphin’s Nose & Echo Rock

Dolphin’s Nose & Echo Rock

Trek distance: 8 Km
Look for: A rock that resembles the snout of a dolphin

The Dolphin’s Nose path is a strenuous hike. The route is simple for novices to walk and provides panoramic views of the Pambar Bridge.

When you reach the peak of the mountain, get ready to be mesmerised by a rock that resembles the snout of a dolphin. In addition to an action-packed climb, visitors may take in stunning valley vistas and explore Echo Point for an engaging photographic experience.


We hope this list of the top nine treks in Kodaikanal will be useful for you. Feel free to add more in the comments; we will add them to the list.  


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