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Who moved my cheese? | Kodachadri

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” – John Keats.

And then you open your eyes to wonder and find yourself embraced by clouds, trying to reach out to the deepest realms of your mind, making sure you stay awake.

Such was the unraveling experience of Kodachadri trek.

Recently shifting to Bangalore surely moved my cheese. I was living peacefully in the most peace-less city of India, contended in its fast-paced life, scared of silence, indulged in noise, traveling to escape and writing to earn. Higher studies carried me in their lap and perfectly placed me in this quiet (not-happening as I would earlier say) city of Bangalore- the city where escaping is not an option.

Treks in and around Bangalore are not just hearths of bliss but also lend a hand to the adventurous soul. Karnataka is one of the most beautiful states of India; it does not need reinvention to attract tourism. It is indeed, in its most raw form, God’s abode. It is the home to some wonderful hosts, picturesque dwellings, and peace of impulse- amidst hundreds of thoughts running through our mind, this is the place where they will find a closure, an ultimate counter with reality, and silence.

The monsoon trek to Kodachadri is not just challenging but also is a complete treat to the eyes. The dense forests, resonating waterfalls, unusual vegetation, steep trails and bushy clouds are what make this trek an unforgettable experience. Apart from the quest to reach the top, there were millions of sights which would make us want to stop and wonder.

Traveling with Plan The Unplanned made my journey special to another level. With 17 of us trying to trek the 10th highest peak of Karnataka, we sure made memories which have formed a significant part of our lives. From the ice-breaking to the onset of the trek, from motivating everybody to push themselves harder to pulling each other’s leg throughout the trek, from the laughter of joy to smiles of departure, from enjoying great food together to creating memoirs of victory- it has all been a terrific adventure!

People might come and go, we might lose touch, we might not, but these experiences create us!

Trekking has always been an integral part of my life, but shifting to Karnataka has made this part even bigger and better. If you are in Karnataka, make the most of this opportunity, and if you’re not, let your adrenaline be your guide, halt in this heaven and behold the artistry.

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About the author

With dreams in her eyes and vision in her pen, Rishika has been travelling and writing to capture beauty through her words. She is ambitious, looks out for details and dances in her own joy.
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