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How About Spending a Weekend at a Heritage Home in the Western Ghats?



So far all my trips have been planned in advance but this time I decided to go for an impromptu trip just to relax,chill and completely loose myself into the wild nature. I went on an exploratory bike ride trip in the western ghats in search of some unexplored trails, treks, and waterfalls.


I pit stopped at a beautiful homestay called Mannapaapu Mane which is a Heritage Home situated in the foothills of the Kudremukh range which is just 16 km from Karkala Town in Udupi district.

The place is a paradise for travelers who are looking for an outlandish experience of enjoying the nature at it’s best.The property is 200 years old and has been converted into a homestay. The astonishing part about the place is its architecture and design which is unconventional as compared to any other homestay or resort in the proximity.




The property can accommodate 10-12 people at a time and they provide clean, hygienic and spacious rooms to stay. Mannapaapu is not only a homestay but also a home museum with the collection of an impressive range of classical, modern, and folk arts enhancing it’s walls giving one an opportunity to enjoy the nature and art simultaneously.

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The back side of the homestay has an open gallery where one can just sit and enjoy watching the lush green forest or just admire the detailed art painted on the wall.



The food is prepared with organically grown vegetables and spices from the property and authentic delicious south Indian meals are served.


Things to do:

The geographical demographics and climate out here makes it a suitable place for short trekking, exploring streams, waterfall, bird watching, and photography.


Take a walk into the woods

The property is surrounded by dense green trees which is an extension of Kudremukh range. One can take a walk into the forest to enjoy the exotic surroundings of breathtaking mountain backdrops, untouched wilderness, lush green aromatic plantations,  lyrical streams and the chirping of birds, truly mesmerizing feel of nature, wild orchids and flowers.


The homestay  has plantations of betel nut vanilla and pepper amidst lush green tropical forest that enhances the aroma of the surroundings.




Be adventurous

Homestays are generally meant to relax and provide a homely like experience but Mannapaapu redefines the homestay experience by rendering natural adventurous activities within the property. There is a short bridge over the gushing stream that leads to a small trek to the forest area.



and the trail path opens up to a huge waterfall coming all the way long from the Kudremukh range.



The mesmerizing sound of the flowing water is like a soothing music to the ears that would surely make one stop and sit next to the stream to enjoy the nature at it’s refined form. We enjoyed the outdoors more than the indoors though it was raining and shivering cold outside but the ambiance of this property left us spellbound and we could not make a move back to the homestay.


Explore the waterfall


Another interesting fact about this homestay is that it has it’s own private natural waterfall which is known only to few local workers and this is done to preserve and prevent it from getting polluted by tourists and travelers.

One path of the property leads to the forest whereas the other path takes you to this huge waterfall. One should trek downhill to reach this spot and it surely gives an immense adrenaline rush.



Try some hands-on photography


Mannapaapu is heaven for shutterbugs due to it’s picturesque view and no one can not stop from clicking bunch of photos of the waterfall, the forest trail, the stream, and the old architecture.


This property is a paradise for casual hikers who want to enjoy the spectacular waterfall and gorgeous views all within the same property.


With private waterfall and streams flowing down from majestic hills steeped in mist, virgin forest brimming with a wide assortment of flora and fauna, and the calm beauty of the plantations just outside one’s window, Mannapaapu provides ample nourishment to the soul as well as the senses.






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