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Happy Children’s Day

Happy Children’s Day: Remember how as kids we thought it’s cool to be an adult and couldn’t wait to grow up? Because adults went wherever they wanted to, they could decide what they want to do and no one told them what to do. Cut to adulthood and add responsibilities and we want to go back to those carefree days of childhood.

It is said that ” Look at the world with a child’s eye – it is very beautiful and colorful “. Childhood meant simplicity, childhood meant fun and childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s seasons.

Children know the true essence of experiencing nature – When was the last time you put your head outside a moving bus to let the breeze kiss your face and let your hair fly? When was the last time you made sandcastles by the beach and watched as the waves ran over them?
Do you still jump in water puddles by the stream or splash water at friends in waterfalls? Do you still play games at the valleys?

Those simple pleasures of nature made such nice memories which we still treasure.

To everyone who loves traveling, children can be greatly inspiring in making the most of it. We travel to places to learn, to soothe our soul, and satisfy the urge of adventure in us.

A child learns from the world around him, with great curiosity in eyes, adventure, zeal, and vivid imagination. Every traveler must explore the world like a child who has lots to learn and experience.

We at PTU wish you a very Happy Children’s Day and urge you to travel like a child and grow with the experience 😇

We’ve lined up some exciting events for you this children’s day weekend for you to unleash the child in you- Relish nature at its best at our Wayanad trek/Kodachadri Trek and bring out your creative best with the Photowalk at Malleswaram😀

About the author

Sanjana an ambitious, talented, energetic traveler. Excels in Zumba and MMA. She is a perfect blend of Art and Travel.
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