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8 Reasons to Go on a Trek Right Away

Ever canceled a trekking plan just because of some random excuse? Well, we are here with 8 Reasons to Go on a Trek Right Away there are millions of those who get excited at first with the thought of trekking, and then lose hope and cancels the plan!

We have come up with 8 super-fantastic & strong reasons for you to go out there and explore. Hope this keeps you motivated and stops you from coming up with another lame excuse for not traveling!

1. You deserve a break!

Yes! You really deserve that one break from the routine, no matter how patient you are. Stop fooling yourselves & pretending that you are happy in spite of being stuck in that ugly monotonous schedule, and go get a dose of peacefulness out there in the mountains. Break the chain and live few moments untamed.

2. Get witty!

A trek just isn’t just about huge rocks and boulders, you learn a lot more while you travel to the mountain regions and get to experience the simple life of those places. We like to call it “involuntary learning” – your mind just absorbs everything when you feed it this way. You realize you kept learning all the way, only when you start telling your stories. It would just make you a more knowledgeable person – in a true sense of the term!

3. It gives you some “ME” time

The wide landscapes and tall green trees never interfere or mess with your thoughts and you are totally free and on your own. The silence there helps you to soothe your senses and heal your wounds, deleting all those sad incidents you have been through. Peaks are the best place to remember and leave back certain things. You can actually forget everything and live for a moment there.

4. Push some limits

8 Reasons to Go on a Trek Right Away

Only when you come out of that comfort zone, you know what you are capable of. Most of the time people just can’t believe that they just completed the long tough trek. You would never have imagined yourselves on that scary high peak, nothing can match that happiness when you have made it there. So sweat it out and give your muscles a little surprise, they can do much more than what you think.

5. It brings out the “Farhan Qureshi” in you.

8 Reasons to Go on a Trek Right Away

Trekking gifts you with other interesting hobbies like photography and travel blogging! You start clicking pictures that are actually great and won’t be using those hashtags for likes on Instagram anymore. Many of the photographers today have learned that it’s their passion after crazy trips like these. Curious who’s hidden deep there inside you? Time to trek.

6. It’s the unconventional version of FB and Tinder!

8 Reasons to Go on a Trek Right Away

You get to meet like-minded people, maybe that person you had always been waiting for or a friend for the rest of your life, the chances are way too high! Worth giving it a try right?? “People who climb together, stay together” seems logical. Anyway you get to be a whole new person with the strangers, try giving out a different impression : )

7. It gives you a different perspective

8 Reasons to Go on a Trek Right Away

After everything you have been through, the climb, the hunger, the thirst, the not-so-safe adventures and camping in the wild winds, taking stairs when the elevator is full won’t be that tough and you will have fewer complaints about life, in general. It gives you a different perspective about comforts and living.

8. Final thing! Do it for the view up there

8 Reasons to Go on a Trek Right Away | Munnar - Top Station

Thesaurus isn’t enough to explain what the world looks like from there, no poet or writer can ever justify the beauty of the experience, you have to eat it to know the taste, similarly, you gotta be there to know what we are talking about.

Surveys have even shown that people tend to have more creative thoughts up there, so a pen and scratchpad would come in handy!


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A happy traveller, trying to find and share some happiness with everything I have seen and known. Always happy and ready for some adventure.