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5 Stages Every Trekker Usually Goes Through!

Are You Aware of The Thoughts That Keep Bugging A Trekker Before He/She Sets Out For The Adventure? And Those That Knock When He/She Is Just About To Reach The Peak?

Wayanad Night Camping
Credits: Ankita. Wayanad Night Camping.

I have been to innumerable treks so far. But it surprises me that I feel the same magnitude of excitement every time I am on a trek. Since the very first time I went on a mountain trail to the recent Kodachadri trek I went to, it’s always the same brand of emotions I experience; each time I put my trekking shoes on. So, here’s how every trek sounds in my head:

  1. Gosh, this looks exciting! I should do it”:  Someday I would be just stalking my friends doing things I had been putting in my to-do-list since long. I will see them climbing rocks, trekking mountain trails or hiking in a jungle and I will realize that this is what I had been wanting to do all my life. With no further ado, I would search for a trekking trail, book it and start counting days backward.
  2. Oh snap, can I do it?”: Finally, when I am at the starting point of the trail, reality would finally hit me. I would be excited to be there but the self-doubt of whether I can complete it would be there as well. Nevertheless, we gotta do what we gotta do!
  3. This is my last trek”: Somewhere in the middle of the trail, I would be exhausted. Reaching the peak would seem even more challenging and I would even convince myself that this is my last trek. But, giving up is never an option. So I will look up and take another step forward.
  4. Every effort was worth it”: When I finally stand at the peak and look around at the view from there, I would realize that every effort is worth the surreal beauty around me. I won’t feel the pain in my legs anymore. The satisfaction of achieving the goal is the best feeling anyone can go through.
  5. Where’s my next trek?”: With every trek, I grow wiser. At least, that is what I would like to tell myself. So, every time I am back to my normal routine, I would start planning for my next trek right away.

That’s all: the entire cycle that my brain goes through yet I cannot stop myself from traveling, in this life at least.

So, there I go again, a trekker by heart, climbing another hill, cursing myself but making it to the top and planning my next trek again. By the way, when are you trekking next?