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Shepherd’s Trail Trek – 5 Reasons Why You should do it!

Coorg is a district located in the Western Ghats of Karnataka and has famously earned the title of being the ‘Scotland of India’. It is at a distance of 267 km from Bangalore and stands at an altitude of 1452 meters above sea level. Apart from flaunting a rich culture, it is also known for its imposing misty hills, dense tropical forests, cascading waterfalls, the green woody slopes of teakwood, sandalwood, spices and acres of tea and coffee plantations. Many are aware of the popular destinations in Coorg, but there is an absolute joy and thrill in taking the road less travelled and exploring new trails. For this very reason, Plan the Unplanned brings to you a lesser-known course – The Shepherd’s Trail Trek.

The Shepherd’s Trail Trek is located in the Somwarpet region of Coorg, and here are five reasons you should do this trek with us!

Vocal for Local

Vocal for Local has been the new mantra that has been going around lately. The meaning of this phrase is basically to encourage and promote local businesses. While going to an unexplored place is exciting, Plan the Unplanned team makes special efforts to contribute to the local economy by buying from local people, eating local food, staying, and using local produce. This way, we contribute to individuals’ sustainable living and help them earn from the flourishing tourism.

It doesn’t stop at just products we buy and things we use, but also the places we visit! Plan the Unplanned has curated the Shepherd’s Trail Trek for all curious minds and explorers.

The local guide takes us on a 12 km journey from the homestay and back. The trail is loaded with stories, treats of freshly plucked guavas and lemon from the trees, gurgling freshwater streams that are so clean that one can even drink water from them, undulating topography of picturesque sceneries, and a plethora of flora and fauna. And how can we not mention the beautiful waterfall, which is mainly known among the locals.

Secluded Trails

With the surge in COVID cases, most of our travel plans have taken a backseat. Most of us are avoiding the outdoors due to the pandemic. But what if we tell you that this place is precisely outdoors minus crowd of people. Sounds interesting, right?

The Shepherd’s trail trek is isolated and secluded. There are not many people on the trail apart from the occasional encounters with the locals who work on the plantations farms, which means that you patiently absorb the spectacular views! Above all, the trail blossoms with an occasional bloom of the Neelakurinji flowers, and thick jungles, streams and a waterfall will make up for the tiredness of walking long distance.

Exquisite waterfalls

Coorg is the birthplace of the river Cauvery and is home to several cascading streams which form gorgeous waterfalls. Abbey and Iruppu falls have been tourist destinations for a very long time, and you don’t really need our help to explore this. The rainy season is the perfect time to visit Coorg. You will find numerous waterfalls just by the roadside during this time, adding beauty to the place.

In Shepherd’s trail trek, we will be visiting two waterfalls. After the long sweaty hike, taking a dip in the water will refresh both your mind and the body. We spend some quality time here before returning.

On the way back to the homestay, we take a slight diversion into the plantations to reach a stream. The trees in between the stream make the water almost standstill — an ideal place to swim off your exhaustion. As we walk a bit further, we are standing on top of a small waterfall, from where we make our way down to the natural jacuzzi waiting for us!

On day two, we visit the Mallali waterfalls, which is humongous. The waterfall is located amidst the forest in the lush green. There is a stairway leading to the bottom of the waterfalls. We can see all angles of the water flowing from the top to falling from above us. 

Jaw-Dropping Landscapes

Coorg is a hill station. The green layer solicitously embraces the mountains. Streams, rivulets, meadows, thick jungles, coffee bushes studded with red berries, spices, and various flora and fauna naturally embellish the landscape. 

Although a remote and lesser-known place, the Shepherd’s Trail trek does not compromise in the breathtaking ambience. As we hike up the meadows, Neelakurinji flowers occasionally bloom and gaze in to wild. You can even see the enormous Kumara Parvata from here. On reaching the highest point of the trek, you are amidst the clouds. Many picturesque trees and sparkling nature trot up the memories of utmost happiness. Without an iota of doubt, this is the perfect spot for worthy instagrammable clicks. 

Organised by Plan the Unplanned

Plan the Unplanned’s primary intention is not just to tick off places from your bucket list but also to give you experiences to cherish forever. If you have been on a trek with us before, you know that we are not just any organisation aiming to finish the trek – Our treks are usually off beats locations that are a beauty to the sore eyes. If you haven’t been on a trek with us before, then we are excited to open you up to many surprises and a lot of fun!

You must’ve heard – “Friends who trek together, stay together”. As much as we encourage you to bring your friends along, we have had many solo travellers who have met people on the trek and gotten friends for life. Our trek leads are friendly and lively and will take utmost care to ensure that each experience is the very best. 

Not that you know about the trek, look out for the pricing, gears you need, things you must keep in mind and accompany us on our next journey.

(This article was authored by Chaitali and was edited by Supriya Sahu.)

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