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How do I pay for the trek?

We follow online-based transactions for payments and you will be asked to pay the full amount as you book your travel/trekking slots with us. After choosing your trek, on the right side of the respective page, you will find a booking option where you can choose your preferred dates and book your slots. We accept multiple options of online payments such as wallets, debit cards, net banking options to name a few.

For international fund transfer and payment, contact us on 


By when must I book my trip?

Booking trips with us totally depends on the availability of slots. 

What is the Cancellation Policy?

For Departures from Bangalore: In the event that YOU cancel your trek, this is the cancellation policy we follow. 

Intimation Period*

Cancellation Fee**

7 days or more

10% of the total invoice value

Between 3-6 days

50% of the total invoice value

Between 0-2 days

100% of the total invoice value

For other trips and travels with us, and detailed terms and conditions check the      following link

Can I cancel on the date of departure and use it in future?

Check our policy for details regarding any cancellations and refunds.

Are there any hidden charges?

A Goods and Services tax of 5% is applicable on all our trips and travels. Also do check out the various inclusions and exclusions of respective treks to estimate personal expenses on the trip

Can I transfer the ticket to someone?

Tickets are transferable if the trip does not include the prior need of permits and personal document checks. 

      Safety, Group Size and Sex Ratio

Is it safe for Women/Girls?

Safety and security is our priority at all times. Hence it is absolutely safe for women/girls to join us on our treks and travels. Our trek leaders accompany the team at all times, and our campsites are secured and safe for accomodation. 

Can women trek during periods?

We believe that periods do not stop a woman from pursuing an adventure or travel. It is absolutely normal, and women can trek during periods. To get more insights on how to manage your periods during travelling, check out our detailed post http://bit.ly/2vlPgp8 

Are these treks open for children?

We believe that age is just a number and does not hinder one from exploring and traveling. However children aged below 12 are recommended to be accompanied by a guardian.

I am a Solo traveller, can I join?

The interesting thing about traveling alone is that you get to meet new people from diverse backgrounds, and towards the end, you are no longer strangers. Hence solo travelers are always welcome to join us on our trips. Read more about solo traveling here and get inspired!

How safe are the homestays/campsites?

Our destinations and stay locations are chosen with utmost care, supervision and adequate research on reviews and customer satisfaction. Therefore our homestays/campsites are very safe for accomodation.

How big is the group?

The usual size of our groups excluding long weekend escapades, backpacking trips, himalayan adventures, and new year events, is usually a group of 8-30 people. 

I have a female friend coming along, will there be any female company?

Our treks usually have an equal gender ratio. So your friend will have another female company. 

Do the trek leads know the routes?

Our trek leads generally are well versed in the area and trekking routes. Addition to that we have a local guide accompanying us on most of our treks

What do we get to eat during the trek?

Due to the ban on plastics in most of the treks, we recommend you to carry your own snacks, preferably in a small box or container.

What are the fitness requirements to do a trek?

Weekend treks do not require intense training and high levels of fitness. If an individual can walk long distances with a reasonable number of breaks, it is more than sufficient. For more info check out the detailed fitness requirements for trekking in Western Ghats and Himalayan Treks

     Accommodation & Travel

What type of accommodation do you provide?

Accommodation could be in the form of tents or homestays, based on the itinerary of respective trips. Please note that our stay areas will offer basic facilities and ensure a comfortable stay. 


Is the accommodation seperate for men and women?

We have separate rooms/dormitories/tents for men and women.

What kind of food can we expect?

The food served is nutritious, adequate, and involves the local/traditional cuisine.

Are alcoholic beverages allowed on trips?

Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited on all our trips. 

Can we have separate tents for couples?

We provide separate tents (or tents for two) if informed prior to the trip and involves additional charges.

Do we have washrooms?

There are a sufficient number of washrooms in our campsites/homestays.

Is there a place to store our luggage?

Luggage and baggage can be left in common rooms at the campsite and dormitories or rooms in homestays. 

What type of vehicle will we be travelling in?

We travel by tempo travellers and mini buses, based on the size of the group. 

Can we join the campsite directly?

Yes, you can arrange your own mode of transport and join us at the campsite directly. Please note that you will have to pay the full amount of the trek if you choose to join us on our ride back to Bangalore. 

Can I charge my digital camera, mobile or other batteries on my trip?

Sufficient charging points will be provided in the campsites and homestays, hence you can charge your electronic devices. We suggest you nonetheless carry a power bank.

     Pickup and Dropoff

Are the pickup and dropoff points the same?

The pickup and drop locations usually are the same as mentioned on the website. Any change with regards to the same will be intimated over email and WhatsApp groups. 

Are there any pickup points other than those mentioned?

Yes, we do have other options for picking a traveler on board with a few locations provided that are on the route to our destination. Following are the same:

  • Croma Store, Sony World Signal
  •  Trinity Circle Metro Station
  •  Yeshwanthpur Metro Station
  •  Goraguntepalya Metro Station
  •  Nayandahalli Metro Station

Do you provide the bus details and point of contact?

Yes, we provide bus details and point of contact, over email and whatsapp groups. 


How should I pack for a trek?

Details on mandatory items and other requisites for the trek are given below the itinerary of each respective trek. For more information check the below links:-

What kind of shoes should I wear?

Trekking shoes or shoes that provide good grip would suffice for a normal weekend trek. Please note that Himalayan treks have a different requirement of shoes. To plan better, check out our detailed Packing List for Himalayan Treks

      Safety and First Aid

What about medical emergencies?

Each trek leader is trained in giving first aid. Incase of medical emergencies, we ensure that the fellow trekker is taken to the nearest hospital. If you want insurance please get in touch with us.

What medications must we carry?

 You can carry your regular or any other personal medication as per your requirements.


Who can become a member?

Anybody can avail our membership plans. For more details on the same check https://www.plantheunplanned.com/membership/.

How do I avail my free trek or discounts?

Details for availing of free treks or discounts are mentioned in the following link, https://www.plantheunplanned.com/membership/


Where can I get more information?

You can always contact us for more information. https://www.plantheunplanned.com/contact-us/ 

What documents must I carry for the trek?

We recommend you to carry your id proof (aadhar, voter id, license etc). In case you are a foreign national it is mandatory to carry your passport. Addition to this if there are any other requisites, the same will be intimated to you prior to the trip.

Will there be a mobile network?

Network facilities vary according to each place. In most places, there is access to at-least one or two service providers.