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Road Trips in South India | Plan The Unplanned
The country’s rich culture begins to enchant visitors when you approach the south of India. You won’t want to leave these states, cities, or vacations because of how beautiful the water is playing down the entire coastline. Your journey will be rewarding because of the breathtakingly magnificent scenery, historical buildings, settings, and some contemporary charm....
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Karwar, which is mostly influenced by South Indian culture, exhibits an exquisite fusion of different other cultures as a result of its history as a subject of numerous kings and rulers. Karwar’s vast biodiversity is a sight to behold, and its special position contributes to this. Both adventurous and relaxed vacationers like visiting Karwar. Karwar...
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The whole world is yours when you have wheels on your leg! These road trips are more than 500 km long, so you can easily cut off, relax and take one day, one place at a time. Here are spectacular seven road trips in India.   Leh Ladakh Road Trip Sandwiched between the striking Tibet to...
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