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unplanned stories

Unplanned Stories
Traveling is liberating in itself. By indulging with communities, encountering cultures, meeting people, grasping stories, witnessing architecture, and snapping pictures, we bring back satisfaction. So many stories are moving under those huts, in those trains, on the hikes. Travel is not just necessary to discover what resides outside but also to search what’s inside. Plan...
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Anshul Chaurasia has traveled 63 countries
Anshul Chaurasia has traveled 63 countries so far and his ultimate dream destination in outer space! Plan The Unplanned chats with the globetrotter as he shares his experiences, useful tips, and insights. Prepare for a ton load of travel inspiration! As a child, what did you dream of becoming in life? As a child, I...
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Last weekend, Plan The Unplanned had organized their first Travelers’ Meet and it was one amazing event. For two hours, all that was discussed was related to traveling – how people look at it, what are their constraints, how they plan their vacations and sort their budget etc.   Being travelers, we all know that...
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