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Corporate Team Outings, School & College Trips From Bangalore

Why Choose PLAN THE UNPLANNED for Corporate Team Outings?

Having completed over 400 treks in a short span of just over two years, we have successfully outgrown our aging competitors with our dynamic workflow and experienced and passionate team. Apart from covering almost all trekking and outdoor destinations around Karnataka, we also host a number of events in places outside the State including Kerala, Maharashtra, North East, Bhutan as well as several high altitude treks in the Himalayas.

And that’s the reason why over 5000 corporate employees have relied on us time and again to provide them with an experience that takes them away from their worries at the workplace and enjoy a weekend amidst the great outdoors, rejuvenating their body and mind which in turn empowers them to tackle challenges back at the office with much greater vigor.

And that’s the reason why over 5000 corporate employees have relied on us time and again to provide them with an experience that takes them away from their worries at the workplace and enjoy a weekend amidst the great outdoors, rejuvenating their body and mind which in turn empowers them to tackle challenges back at the office with much greater vigor.

Here’s What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

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  • Experienced Outdoor Leaders: Our passionate, friendly and well-trained Outdoor Leaders are dedicated to ensuring you have the greatest time with them with zero sacrifices to safety or responsibility.
  • Focus on Offbeat Experiences: We design our events with a view to ensure that you experience a place in its most authentic form. And by staying away from the mainstream and opting for more offbeat destinations we help to awaken the explorer in you.
  • Unmatched Quality of Service: From timely departures, comfortable and spacious buses, professional trek leaders and authentic home stays and campsites, the 500+ five-star reviews we’ve received on various platforms stand as testimonials of our efficiency & quality services.
  • We Understand Your Needs: With separate accommodation for women on all our treks along with ensuring at least one female outdoor leader in every group, we are dedicated to ensuring nothing stands in the way of our female travelers when it comes to experiencing the outdoors.
  • Local Support: We take pride in introducing you to our local team at each of our destinations as their dedication and warmth are very much a part of your experience with us
  • Much More than Just a Trek: The experience continues even after the journey thanks to our vibrant travel community, regular meetups and monthly travel talks that help keep the wanderlust in you alive well after your trip has ended.
  • We Believe in Giving Back: We are committed towards sustainable business practices by taking efforts at giving back to the environment through our various trail cleaning initiatives and through promoting responsible travel by strictly implementing a ‘Don’t trash your travel’ policy across all our events.

Listen to What Our Trekkers Have to Say About Their Experiences

“Thank you, PTU for the amazing trek. Extremely friendly organizers and met amazing people from different walks of life. We all enjoyed the trek like a family and came back home with some beautiful memories. We climbed rocks, helped each other, played fun games, climbed trees, sang, danced, smiled and most importantly seized every second of the trek. Great team, looking forward to more such amazing experiences. Keep up the good work.”

-Jobolika Deka

“I have been on three treks with these great people; Makalidurga, Kudremukh and Ambukuthi hills. They are amazing at organizing treks, may it be choosing comfortable vehicles, stay, food and helping trekkers to reach the peak; they are awesome. Last but not least their ice breaker activities and badge giving formula are the best.”

-Santhosh Sankar, Lead Product Engineer, Cadence Design Systems

“Plan the unplanned is one of the most professional trekking organization I have ever come across. They are extremely safe, especially for female solo travelers who just started exploring the world of traveling and treks. The trek leads are friendly and fun loving, but are also professional and take care of the group really well.”

-Abhishek Suresh Geeta, Copywriter at Tata Consultancy Services

Corporate Team Outings We’ve Hosted in the Past

Corporate Companies Collaboration

Treks VS Regular Corporate Team Outings

You don’t need us to tell you why treks are obviously a much better alternative than your regular corporate team outings. Sure, unlimited buffets are great, so are games and team building activities. But let’s be honest, apart from the fact you’re not sitting inside an office, no one really stands to gain anything from these team outings. Half of the people are barely interested and the other half will stick to their groups just like they would do, back at the office. We’ve all been there and done that.

Here’s why getting your team outdoors is the best way to develop a close-knit relationship between colleagues and their superiors.

Team Building:

In the words of Robert Munsch ‘Nobody learns how to swim by reading a book about swimming, you learn swimming by doing it.’. Similarly, you can’t teach someone teamwork. You need to put them in a situation where working together is the only way forward. And a trek no matter how small or big is basically just that.

The shared experience of facing and overcoming challenges with your teammates outside the workplace where the focus is on learning to lead by example, slowing down to help those in need, understanding the importance of following orders, and most importantly, maintaining a pace that is comfortable with the whole group automatically fosters an innate sense of comradeship.

Trust Building:

Treks are also a platform to showcase your talents and abilities as well as discover those of your teammates. And we’re not talking about just physical abilities. Personality traits such as empathy, leadership, and a helping mentality are brought forward as an activity such as trekking completely puts you outside your comfort zones and make you face situations that you normally would never face in any other setting. Thus helping you gain a much better understanding of each other’s skills and personalities.

As individuals are forced to face difficulties as well as share small moments of joy together over an extended period of time, it naturally develops a sense of trust between the team members which is the primary goal of team building activities.

Improved Workplace Relationships:

When you’re out on a trek, there are no barriers to communication. You let down your facades and interact freely with those outside your groups as you are no longer inhibited by work dynamics or office behaviors. As casual conversations flow, relationships are built and the same is carried over to the work environment.

This, in turn, makes your intimidating boss or that boring co-worker seem more human and approachable and hence treks have the potential to bring a team together and help people make relationships that last a lifetime.

That being said, if you’re still want to opt for a regular team outing activity, we will be more than happy to host the same for you.

Choosing the Right Event for Your Team

Whether it’s an intense long-distance trek that gives you the thrill of conquering a peak is what you’re looking for or a more chilled out experience or maybe even something in the middle, we have events of all difficulty levels planned for you based on several criteria including trek duration, distance, inclination and so on.  However personal fitness levels, past trekking experiences, group size and the average age of a group are factors that ultimately determine whether a particular trek would be suited for your team.

Feel free to get in touch with our team for any assistance you may need in choosing the right corporate team outing places near Bangalore based on the requirements and comfort levels of your team. Here are some of the options we provide:

  • 2 Nights and 2 Days Events – The most preferred option for a majority of our corporate clients owing to the fact that this ensures maximum time spent together as a team while making the best use of weekends as well have the option to choose from some of the best places for team outing around Bangalore. Eg: 9 PM on Day 1 – 9 PM on Day 3.
  • OverNight Events – These are more suited for groups who wish to spend adequate time together and are looking for a more casual outing. Example: 2 PM on  Day 1 to 12 PM on Day 2.
  • One Day Events – If your group is on a shorter time frame and want to leave and reach back to Bangalore on the same day, look no further and choose from some of the best one day team outing places in Bangalore.

If you happen to be looking for a more tailor-made itinerary for your team outing, get in touch with us and we can provide customized plans as per your specific requirements.

It’s time to have some fun with your colleagues!

Here is what we want to say about why trekking is one of the best options for team outings.

Submit your requirement and we will reach you by an E-mail or a Phone as soon as possible. 🙂