Assam Chandubi Two Day Trip

Assam Chandubi Two Day Trip
Assam Chandubi Two Day Trip
Assam Chandubi Two Day Trip
Assam Chandubi Two Day Trip

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₹ 3499/-

About The Trip

Looking to explore an offbeat part of Assam near Guwahati? Come to Chandubi. 

Switching enigmatic landscapes, natural grandeur, snaky roads and vast grassland just 65 km from Guwahati will make you question how something so astonishing can exist in a city's vicinity. Many people who live in Guwahati don’t know about the serenity of this place. It is where tourists take a backseat, and the area divulges one wonder at a time. If there were five words to describe this place, those would be Economical, Less time-taking, Serene, Close to nature and Authentic. 

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to learn the traditional Vodka Making Process, prepare and taste Vodka, meet the indigenous Pati Rabha tribals, see the traditional cloth weaving process, visit Chandubi Lake, learn the Bamboo Jewellery Making Process, sway on the beats of the Bogejari Folk Dance. 

We will savour local cuisine with 7+ dishes – twisted with flavours, all desi style. All dishes are traditionally cooked from local fish, country chicken, and herbs. Apart from meeting the tribals, we will take the Chandubi Village Walk and go to Chandubi Lake for a boating session. The lake is one of the nine lakes in Assam and is located at the foot of Garo Hills, formed in the 17th century after a massive earthquake watered by the Kulsi River. Listen to all the mystical stories about how this lake was christened. 

We did this Lower Assam Exploration trip as a part of our Offbeat Exploration in the Northeast; since then, it has lived in our hearts. When we posted about this on our social media, it went viral, and we received multiple queries from people who wanted to do this. And so, we present to you – the Chandubi Two-Day Trip. Read the complete itinerary of the two-day Chandubi trip and book your tickets at the earliest. 

Trip Highlights

  1. Become a spectator of the beauty of Chandubi Lake
  2. Taste Local Cuisine with 7+ varieties of dishes.
  3. Learn traditional Vodka Preparation.
  4. Savour freshly brewed Vodka with starters.
  5. Participate in the Bamboo Jewellery Workshop and learn about this art from the tribals.
  6. Get a chance to interact with the Pati Rabha Tribe.
  7. Sway on the beats of Bogejari Folk Dance.
  8. Learn about Traditional Cloth Weaving.
  9. Boating in Chandubi Lake.
  10. Take a Chandubi Village Walk.

How to Reach Chandubi near Guwahati

Chandubi Lake is at a distance of 65 km from Guwahati. The nearest airport to Chandubi Lake is the Lokopriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport in Guwahati, 40 km from the lake. Guwahati is also well-connected to major cities by rail. You can take a bus or any other private vehicle to Chandubi Lake.

Note: Without Travel, people will have to take care of their entire day's travel. We will begin our day directly in Chandubi. The location will be shared with you in an email. 


With Travel ₹ 4999/-

Without Travel ₹ 3499/-
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INR 3499/-

per person

*Prices will vary for Long Weekend
With Travel ₹ 4999/-

Without Travel ₹ 3499/-
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Brief Itinerary

Day 1

8 am: Pickup in Guwahati (Pickup points will be shared later)
10 am: Reach Chandubi 
10.30 am: Reception & Registration
11 pm: Tea and Group Photo
2 pm: Ethnic Cuisine Lunch  
4 pm: Vodka Preparation by Pati Rabha tribals
5 pm: Bogejari Dance
6 pm: Traditional Cloth Weaving 
8 pm: Dinner 

Day 2

7 am: Rabha Village Walk
8 am: Go for a boat ride in Chandubi Lake
9 am: Breakfast
11 am: Bamboo Jewellery Workshop
12 pm: Depart to Guwahati
2 pm: Trip ends

Inclusions & Exclusions



Local sightseeing transportation with Tempo Traveler from Guwahati to Guwahati.

Food Plan: 1 Lunch with 7+ food variety, 1 Dinner, 1 Breakfast

1 Night Stay

Medical and Mechanical Assistance

One Guide will be there for communication and guidance.

Parking and Admission Tickets

Practical Information regarding all activities, including the Vodka making Process, Cloth Weaving, Bamboo Jewellery Workshop and Food.

Boating Fees is included.

First Aid.

One Shot Vodka

Dresses and basic makeup for Bogejari Dance for Women

Driver Compensations

Pickup and dropoff at fixed times.





5% GST

Any additional personal expenditures.

Additional lodging and meal expenses.

Any additional meals not included in the inclusions section.

Parking and entrance costs incurred during sightseeing.

Expenses incurred as a result of flight cancellations, landslides, roadblocks, and other natural disasters.

Other activities/services not covered in the inclusions.



Detail Itinerary

Lunch, Dinner

Private Vehicle



Distance of Chandubi from Guwahati:  65 km
Time Taken: 2 hours.

We will receive you in Guwahati at around 8 a.m. Have your breakfast beforehand. This tour is set in an offbeat location and food places are not available easily. We will directly have our lunch at a tribals' home at around 2 pm. The timings and vehicle details will be confirmed to you in a separate email. 

We will stop for tea and group photos. After which at around 12 pm, we will go to a tribal house for lunch. You can indulge yourself in cooking with the tribals and also get to learn about their cooking process. 

Later, we will prepare Vodka in traditional style with herbs and rice. It is a fun process. Although actual Vodka preparation takes approximately 4-5 days, we will go through the entire process in about 45 minutes for knowledge purposes. 

Later, we will cherish and drink freshly brewed liquor

How about a dance session after a glass of Vodka? Presenting to you Bogejari Folk Dance. Women perform this dance. If your group comprises women, these ladies will give them dresses, do a makeover and involve them in dancing. They teach you one step at a time so that you will have a fun time dancing. 

Apart from other activities, Pati Rabha tribals weave clothes. Most of them have a traditional weaving machine in their homes. We will walk you through the process of how a yarn is woven

Later, while listening to the stories associated with the place, we will have dinner and retire for the night. 


Private Vehicle

Stay Not Applicable


The following day, refreshed, we will wake up to a different lifestyle. Here, people start with their chores at around 4 a.m. We will give you a leeway and allow you to sleep till 6 a.m. After which, let’s get ready to go for a village walk. By 8 a.m., we will reach Chandubi Lake, where we will go for a boat ride. 

Spend some time here. Our guide will explain to you about the place. At 9 a.m., we will have our breakfast. 

At around 11 a.m., reach the place where you will learn about the Bamboo jewellery-making process. You can even buy something to contribute to the local economy. 

These people are simple. Their everyday life involves cattle rearing, agriculture, household work and arts like bamboo jewellery, Vodka, etc. If you have any doubts, you can ask these people. Some of them know Hindi. If not, the guide will help with translation.

Later in the afternoon, we will depart to our respective places. You will indeed have a hard time leaving this place, but with memories in your bags & photos in your lens, you can live upto these events any number of times you want. These hangovers will keep you occupied for a few days. And once you know you want to do it again, we are here. Check out our other itineraries and ring us soon. It would be a pleasure to host you again. Till then, love and live life.

Policy and Terms

Please visit this page to learn about the Cancellation policy.

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INR 3499/-

per person

*Prices will vary for Long Weekend
With Travel ₹ 4999/-

Without Travel ₹ 3499/-
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Assam Chandubi Two Day Trip
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