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Sar Pass Trek

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Imagine yourself in the meadows of the winter lands of Narnia. Isn’t that enthralling? As a beginner, if you want to jump on the wagon of trekking and hold onto it for the rest of your life, the Sar pass trek in 2022 will give you the right kind of high. It is one of the most sought treks of Himachal Pradesh among tourists from across the nation. 

Sar means lake. While trekking across the path from Tila Lotni to Biskeri Ridge, one must pass by a small, usually frozen lake (Sar); hence, the name Sar Pass Trek

The trek starts from Kasol or “Mini Israel”. The path is laden with many captivating alpine pastures and pine forests, offering gorgeous views of some of the highest snow-covered mountain peaks and open valleys. The pleasing vistas range from forests, meadows, snow-covered mountains to quaint villages. You will cover Grahan village, Min Thach, Biskeri Thach, Nagaru, Barshaini and lastly, we will end the trek in Kasol.

Grahan is a spiritual village in Parvati Valley. It may not be in vogue among travellers visiting Kasol, but it is a fantastic scenic hike of 10 km starting from Kasol. It has just 50 houses, and less than 300 people live here. Most of these houses are more than 200 years old. The villagers claim that they dreamt of their local deity, Yagya Maharishi, who demanded all of them give up alcohol and forbid its consumption in Grahan. Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited here for the same reason.

You will also cross two thach – Min and Biskheri. Previously, you must have heard about meadows, pastureland, Kanda; Thach is the same and means field in the local language. This is where the villagers bring their cattle for grazing. 

Whilst standing atop Nagaru, Biskeri Thach or Sar Pass top, your eyes will never get bored of the trail. The whole course feels like you are in the middle of a nature movie, and every step to the climax and down is thrilling and worthy. 

Being a moderate trek, it is suitable for beginners. You are not going to trek more than 9 km in a day. Time will be plenty to explore, soak and work out things at your own pace. Plan the Unplanned team invites you on a 5-day Sar Pass trek in Himachal Pradesh. Check out the itinerary and book your slot.  

Trip Highlights

  1. Trek to many different points on this trek, including Grahan. Grahan is a spiritual village just 10 km from Kasol. 
  2. Witness the Parvathi river on the whole trail.
  3. Cross two thach – Min thach and Biskheri thach. This is also where cattle come for grazing. 
  4. Get the views of the Chanderkhani stretch and the Manikaran town.
  5. Biskeri presents sublime views of the pine forests, the majestic mountains and lovely grasslands.
  6. Barshaini is a magnificent place for it is the meeting place of the Parvati and Tosh rivers.
  7. During these five days, talk to locals and explore.
  8. Eat cuisine of your interest in Kasol – Continental, Israeli, North-Indian. 
  9. Be a gazer of the snow-capped mountains.
  10. Photograph amidst nature.


Trek Details

  • Trek Type: High Altitude Trekking
  • Trek Grade: Moderate ( Difficulty Level is subjective )
  • Trek Altitude:  13,700 ft
  • Trek Distance: 46 km
  • Trek Duration: 5 Nights/6 Days ( Kasol – Kasol )
  • Trek Region: Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh
  • Trek Start Point: Kasol

Sar Pass Trek - An Overview

Day 1: Trek to Grahan Village

Day 2: Grahan Village to Min Thach ( 11,150 ft, 6 km )

Day 3: Min Thach to Nagaru ( 12,450 ft, 5 km )

Day 4: Nagaru to Biskeri Thach via Sar Pass ( 13,580ft, 6.5 km )

Day 5: Biskeri Thach to Kasol via Barshaini ( Drive 16 km, Trek 5 km )


Price Inclusions

  • All stays from Grahan to Biskeri Thach in Tents on a sharing basis
  • All Meals from day 1 Breakfast to day 5 breakfast are included. We provide simple nutritious vegetarian food on all days of the trek
  • you will be staying in high quality tents and sleeping bags in all the camps. We provide high altitude sleeping bags which can stand temperatures as low as - 10? c. We also provide ropes, micro spikes, gaiters etc. As required
  • Safety Equipment: First aid, medical kit, oxygen cylinders, Stretchers etc. will be available at all campsites to deal with emergencies.
  • An Experienced Trek Leaders & experienced Local Guides
  • All trekking permits and forest camping charges are included
  • Experience that you gain

Price Exclusions

  • Any meals not included above
  • Any kind of personal expenses
  • The transportation charge on Day 1 and Day 5, to reach and leave Kasol
  • Trekking equipment like trekking bag, shoe, trekking pole etc
  • Any kind of insurance (health, medical, life accidental,etc )
  • Anything not included above
  • Any additional expenses arising out of unforeseen circumstances like cancellation/roadblocks/landslides/ strike or any other natural causes out of human control or any emergency evacuation expenses.

Things to Carry

  • Trekking shoes: Carry waterproof trekking shoes with good grip and ankle support. Do not carry sports shoes.
  • Three layers of warm clothes: Carry two or three-layer jackets, fleece jackets and a padded jacket.
  • Two/Three trek pants: Carry light cotton trek pants. Denim/jeans and shorts are not suitable for trekking.
  • Three t-shirts (collared/dry-fit): Full sleeved t-shirts that prevent sunburns on the neck and arms. Carry one or two dry-fit t-shirts.
  • Thermals: Carry thermals (top and bottom).
  • Sunglasses: Sunglasses are mandatory. There will be a lot of snow on the trek and can cause snow blindness.
  • Cap: At high altitude, the sun is extra harsh so carry a cap to protect yourself.
  • Waterproof hand gloves: Carry waterproof gloves and avoid woollen gloves as they will get wet if you touch snow.
  • Socks (3-4 pairs) and a pair of woollen socks: Apart from two sports socks, you can take a pair of woollen socks for the night.
  • Headlamp/LED torch: Mandatory
  • Raincoat/Ponchos: At high altitudes, snowfall and rain are quite common and it’s mandatory to carry a poncho so that you don’t get wet. The trek will continue as planned even during rainfall. Your poncho should protect you from the rain. Carry a backpack cover for extra protection from rain for your belongings.
  • Documents – ID (Driver’s License, AADHAR Card, Voter ID:: Passport and Visa copy for Foreign Nationals)
  • Day Pack ( Small Bag of 10 litres to carry necessary stuff for the day )

Sar Pass Trek - A Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Trek to Grahan Village

Altitude: 7,700 ft
Distance: 9 km
Time: 6 hours

We will reach the designated point at 10 am, meet fellow trekkers, the trek representative, and start the trek to Grahan. The first part of the trek begins by entering a lush pine forest. This route is gorgeous, with a terrific combination of the delightful Parvati river flowing against the backdrop of the magnificent pines covering the spectacular mountains. 

This trekking trail from Kasol to Grahan is marked through forests, following the Grahan nalah. The route is easy as villagers frequently use it, and one can effortlessly cover the distance in a matter of hours, amidst the jungle, with the bird songs and whispering of pine trees. A large number of Rhododendrons can be seen in these forests. 

Sar Pass Plan The Unplanned 21

Once you get past Grahan nalah and cover the rest of the rocky and steep climb, you will reach the village of Grahan. One can explore the town, enjoy the serene and surreal view, explore traditional houses, or get a sugar rush by tasting their famous honey. 

Come back to the camp in the evening. You can indulge in playing games here or getting together over gossip. Hot dinner will be served at the campsite. You can share all the experiences over a sumptuous dinner with a bonfire. Later, you can take a stroll or retire for the night. 

Day 2: Grahan Village to Min Thach (11,150 ft, 6 km)

Altitude: 11,500 ft
Distance: 6 km
Time: 5 hours

Next morning, we will have breakfast and start early. Within a few hours of trekking, Min Thach opens up. Thach means meadow in the local language. You might find villagers taking the same path to reach Min Thach.

Brahmatal Trek Plan The Unplanned 8

Ask your guide or leader to point to Sar Top, Min Thatch and Nagaru. This part of the thach gets dense with forest covers. You will also get views of the Chanderkhani stretch to the northwest. The ridge-line continues to the east and rises to a cliff covered in snow; the campsite of Nagaru is set there.

You will also find a small canteen for refreshments. We will stop here for some time before moving ahead. 

After reaching the campsite and having a hot meal, you can retire for the day.

Day 3: Min Thach to Nagaru (12,450 ft, 5 km)

Altitude: 12,450 ft
Distance: 5 km
Time: 5 hours

You are already at a high altitude. Depending on the season, you will find snow in the mountains. If it’s August to October, you will be able to witness glaciers on top of big mountains – at an altitude of more than 14000 ft. From November to February, you will be trekking in snow. Otherwise, it is generally sunny or spring; the weather is clear in these seasons, and you get the best views.

You will wake up to a chilly morning. As soon as you wake up, you will pack your luggage and start trekking to Nagaru. Day 3 has something special for you – a challenging trail. The trek is short, but the slope falls steeply to the valley. We will start early, as the weather is favourable before noon. During the trek, enjoy the mesmerising views of the Parvathi valley. 

Upon reaching Nagaru, pitch your tents and in the evening, enjoy. The town of Manikaran can also be seen from here. 

At night, you might get lucky in spotting fireflies. Stay calm and love life. Dinner will be served early. Cherish your Day 3, indulge in spicy chitter-chatter and retire for the night to protect yourself from the cold and wake up with the same zeal the next day.

Day 4: Nagaru to Biskeri Thach via Sar Pass (13,580 ft, 6.5 km)

Altitude: 13,580 ft
Distance : 6.5 km
Time : 7 hours

Today, you will climb to the highest point of this trek. You will wake up to the stark views of the Tosh valley and a climb to look upto. 

After a slow and tiring climb, you will reach Sar Pass. The view here beholds incredible joy as you immerse in nature. Towards the east, the lofty peaks of the Tosh valley will now be visible. The white blanket of snow extends to the south, flanked by snow-capped mountains. You will also get views of Deo Tibba and Hanuman Tibba Peak. 

We will descend from this point to Biskeri alongside many magical streams flowing down the valley. Biskeri presents a sublime view of the pine forests, the majestic mountains and lovely grasslands. The villages of Tosh, Pulga-Tulga, Barshaini, and Nakthan can be seen below.

After reaching the Biskeri thach, we will take a big sigh of relief, rest and rejuvenate with a hot and healthy dinner. 

Day 5: Biskeri Thach to Kasol via Barshaini

Drive: 16 km, 40 minutes
Trek: 5 km, 4 hours

The tricky part of the trek is over. We are relatively at a lesser altitude. Waking up to the fresh, dewy morning, we will slowly pack our bags, have breakfast, and start trekking downhill through a dense forest. Walk at your pace, absorb the environment and come out. 

The path continues through a dry channel into the woods, the descent becoming steep again. Once that is crossed, we head towards the village of Barshaini.  A stream parts the twin village of Pulga and Tulga. Once you cross the bridge, you will enter the Barshaini village. The austere town Barshaini is magnificently beautiful, being the meeting place of the Parvati and Tosh rivers. 

Initially, we shall be going through the steep path keeping to the left of the stream. Then we will cross the stream and walk across a plot of land with fencing. After descending into the dense forest for a good time, you will be able to spot a crossing on a stream, with a campsite across. Soon after this, we will arrive at a grassland fringed by trees, one of the most beautiful places on the entire trek. 

By the end of the day, we take a ride to reach Kasol, and your trek to Sar Pass ends here.

With that, the trip comes to an end. You can stay in Kasol for some days, enjoy the local culture, spoil yourself while shopping, hike to a nearby village in Chahal, and learn a few Israeli words. Moreover, you can try a few famous drinks here and don’t skip momos even by mistake.

Remember that trekking is one of the best ways to explore the world because it is still not inundated by crowds, pollution, and noise. If you can trek, you must! We will depart with hundreds of memories and a loving time at the Sar Pass trek.

Here, at Plan the Unplanned, we focus on two aspects of travel: exploring nature and making meaningful connections. You will start as strangers, but you will leave with dewy eyes by its end. We would love to see you againCheck out our other itineraries and ring us soon. It would be a pleasure to see you again. Till then, take care and love life.


I'm a solo traveller, Can I join?

The interesting thing about traveling alone is that you get to meet new people from  diverse backgrounds, and towards the end you are no longer strangers. Hence solo travelers are always welcome to join us on our trips. Read more about solo travelling here and get inspired! https://www.plantheunplanned.com/solo-yet-accompanied/ 

Is it safe for Women/Girls?

Safety and security is our priority at all times. Hence it is absolutely safe for women/girls to join us on our treks and travels. Our trek leaders accompany the team at all times, and our campsites are secured and safe for accomodation. We also have female trek leaders who accompany on most of our treks.


What will be the group size?

Usually, we take maximum of 15-18 people in one group. We believe bigger groups have less fun and less coordination so that’s why we prefer smaller groups.

We need at least 4 people to operate our fixed departure tours/treks.

How do I avail discounts? 

Details for availing  discounts are mentioned in the following link, https://www.plantheunplanned.com/membership/

What is cancellation policy?

Here’s the cancellation policy for Himalayan Treks/Backpacking Trips/Road Trips

  • If you cancel before 30 days – 90% of amount will be refunded
  • If you cancel between 20 -30 days – 75% % of amount will be refunded
  • If you cancel between 15-19 days – 50%  will be refunded
  • If you cancel between 7-14 days – 25 % amount will be refunded
  • If you cancel between 0- 7 days before the departure date – No amount would be refunded.

Note: For All The Above Refund Cases Transaction Fees/Internet Handling Charges will be dedcuted from the overall amount and balance amount shall be refunded. You can transfer your ticket to anyone so that you could save your hard earned money

For other trips and travels with us, and detailed terms and conditions check the      following link : https://www.plantheunplanned.com/refund-cancellation-policy


  • Consumption of alcohol, intoxicants, and smoking would not be tolerated during the entire course of the journey. Kindly co-operate with us to make the experience more fun.
  • Put Litter in its place, do not trash the mother earth.
  • In the case of traffic delays or breakdowns expect a few delays in reaching the destination.
  • All the meals will be Veg if included
  • Plan The Unplanned will not be responsible for any loss/ hamper of your possessions. We request you to be alert about whatever you carry.
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