JIBHI Road Trip

JIBHI Road Trip
JIBHI Road Trip
JIBHI Road Trip
JIBHI Road Trip

About The Trip

If you are looking to get a spice of mountain life but do not want to get lost in the crowd of a hill station, Jibhi will serve as a mesmerizing hamlet for you. Tucked in the remote Banjar Valley of Himachal Pradesh, it is at a distance of 500 km from Delhi. If you are anywhere near, get ready to rock and roll with us on Jibhi Road Trip.  

Jibhi is a walker's delight, with easy trails abundant in seamless scenery and the freshness of the air. It's a scenic place that may be distant but it brims with all attractive opportunities for travellers. It stands out because it's at the confluence of two rivers: the Tirthan River and the Flachan River. The gurgling water and the voices of wind make up for a great night's sleep. At the same time, activities like Trout Fishing, forest hiking, lakeside picnics, lake treks, and sightseeing activities will keep you enthusiastic during the day. 

The mountains surrounding Jibhi are lush with Pine and Cedar trees. Along with this, the wooden architecture is ancient but gold-like—precious. The intricate carvings and cantilevered balconies of the rustic Victorian-style houses perfectly blend with the landscape.  

We are too excited to take you on a road trip that you will remember for your lifetime. We are eager to meet you, listen to your travel adventures, and share ours. Give us a chance to take you to this offbeat location in the Himalayas. Here is a brief itinerary of the Jibhi Road Trip with Plan the Unplanned. 

Trip Highlights

Firstly, meet fellow travellers and kick off your journey from Delhi to Jibhi.

Secondly, appreciate the mud, brick, and wood architecture of the homes constructed in the Victorian style.   

Thirdly, enjoy the confluence of two rivers: River Beas and River Flachan. 

Fourth, get blessings in the Serolsar Temple and lake.

Lastly, pump up your physical side by rafting in Kullu.

Brief Itinerary

Brief Itinerary

Day 0: Delhi to Jibhi

Day 1: Explore the town on Jibhi 

Day 2: Trek to Sirolsar Lake & Jalori Pass

Day 3: Rafting at Kullu and Departure from Jibhi

Note: If the weather is bad, we won't go rafting; instead, we'll visit Chehni Kothi Trek in the Banjar Valley.

Inclusions & Exclusions


  • Transportation Delhi to Delhi by Tempo Traveller or Volvo Bus
  • Next, 2 Night Stay in Hotel/Homestay in Jibhi
  • 5 Meals during Stay ( Day 1- Lunch to Day 4 Breakfast )
  • River Rafting
  • Trip Leader
  • Most importantly, an experience that you gain


  • Any meals not included above
  • Any kind of personal expense
  • Any kind of insurance (health, medical, life accidental, etc
  • Anything not included above
  • Any entry fees for the museum, park, Jeep safari, or anything else
  • Any additional expenses arising out of unforeseen circumstances like cancellation/roadblocks/landslides/ strike or any other natural causes out of human control or any emergency evacuation expenses.

Pickup Points

Majnu Ka Tila

Detail Itinerary


Leave late evening by 7:00 PM from Rajori Garden / R K Ashram, New Delhi in a Tempo Traveler.

All Meals




Indeed, waking up in the mountains and looking up to a trekking experience is a rush in itself. After a filling breakfast, we will move towards Jalori Pass, at the height of 3120 m. Then, we will trek to Serolsar lake, which starts from Jalori Pass through a narrow pass. The walk through the dense and lush forest will capture your eye. Thirty minutes after the walk, you will open up to the broader views of the mountains. You can witness smaller pleasures like watching cattle graze, profound valleys, and blooming plants. On the way, you will also come across some ruins of cottages. Surprisingly, bricks, wood, and mud are the only materials used to construct these.

The trek will approximately take five to six hours. Subsequently, after crossing a very dense forest, we will finally reach Serolsar Lake with a small temple by its side. You can enjoy the panorama and reflect on your playful side. There is also a small cafe where you can take a break and relax. Later, you can enjoy the sunset on the way back to the homestay and sing local folk songs with trek leaders.  

Lunch, Dinner

Private Vehicle



After we arrive in Jibhi, we'll check into our hotel and have some downtime.
Following that, we'll go on a local sightseeing tour and stop at the glistening Jibhi Waterfall. We'll also go cafe hopping and explore the neighborhood market.
We'll host a bonfire in the evening and engage in some activities to strengthen our group.
After dinner, spend the night in Jibhi.
Note: If the weather permits, a bonfire will be held.



Sadly but with all excitement, this is the last day of our Jibhi Road Trip. After the sumptuous breakfast, we will move out for a river rafting adventure in Kullu in the Beas river. The river offers six grades of rapids that you will be facing throughout the activity. Additionally, all exciting words come to mind for such an activity: adrenaline-pumping, soul-satisfying, confidence-building, thrilling, stirring, action-packed; the Himalayan waters add to the experiences you will cosset for your life.
After we are finished, we will stop for a self-sponsored dinner before departing for Delhi, where we will arrive by the next morning.
In the end, give us a chance to say goodbye nicely. We are sure that this trip will add smiles to your life and keep taking you back on the journeys after you return home. In fact, the Plan the Unplanned team is always happy to see you again; Check out our other itineraries and call us soon. We will wait for your message. Till then, take care and rejoice. 


Things To Carry

  • Day backpack (20 – 30 Ltrs): When you are on a local sightseeing tour, you are required to carry only a few necessary items and for that, you need a day backpack as you will leave your bigger one at your designated stay. 
  • 1 Down Jacket / Main Jacket: It’s emphasized that you need to carry proper layers so you can avoid getting cold which is why you need to carry an insulated jacket that you can put on over your other clothes.
  • Sunglasses / People who use spectacles (Use Photochromic glasses instead of contact lenses): Photochromatic glasses are specs that are designed to transform into anti-glare shades depending upon exposure to the sun. They are good when it comes to eye protection but one can also opt for clip-on glasses etc.
  • Floaters or Sandals: When you are spending your day at leisure, a good pair of sandals and floaters will help you to move freely.
  • 1 Pair of Thermal: Thermal is a piece of garment that helps in keeping your body warm in cold temperatures. It is a necessary item that you need when traveling to cold regions.
  • Outdoor Shoes: A comfortable shoe is required when traveling outdoors, especially in the mountains. They shouldn’t be chunky, instead, they should be lightweight and sturdy.
  • 3 Quick Dry Tees: You must keep at least three pairs of quick dry tees so that you can wash them in between stops for proper hygiene. 
  • Documents: Identification proofs like Aadhar Card, and driver's License.
  • 3 Pair of Cotton Socks: Cotton socks are extremely comfortable to move around in and are lightweight as well which is why you can always count on a good pair of cotton socks while traveling. However, keep in mind to change them and avoid wearing them if they are moist.
  • Quick-dry towel: A quick-dry towel will help in maintaining proper hygiene. It must dry quickly because the wet fabric will only increase the chance of bacterial growth.
  • 1 Pair of Woolen Socks: A good pair of woolen socks, especially merino, are comfortable, limit odors and provide adequate insulation from the cold so you can wear them at night.
  • 1 Poncho: A poncho is an evolved form of a raincoat that provides coverage to your body as well as your bag and ensures total water protection from the rain. 
  • Gloves: Insulated gloves help in maintaining proper body heat in your hands.
  • Sanitizer: Prevent the risk of infections and maintain proper hand hygiene by making sure you carry a hand sanitizer.
  • Sun Cap: A lightweight sun cap with side flaps is perfect to keep your head cool and avoid sunburns on a sunny day. 
  • Lip Balm: Your lips can become chapped due to the harsh cold winds so it's important to keep them moisturized.
  • Cold Cream & Sun Screen (SPF 40+): To avoid sunburns and chafing, you need to put on sunscreen as well as cold cream.
  • Water Bottle (1 Ltrs): Hydration is extremely important when it comes to traveling. Carrying a water bottle that you can refill with Himalayan water is a must.
  • Bag for all your Toiletries: A bag with all your essentials including napkins, toothpaste, sanitizers, paper soap, etc should be carried in a ziplock bag. 
  • Personal Basic Medical Kit: Carrying a medical kit with bandages, Dettol, and medication for headaches, nausea, etc is necessary.
  • Mobile charger / Power bank: Although you'll get electricity at most places, it is always advisable to carry a charged power bank in case of emergencies.
  • Travel Laundry Bag: In case your clothes get wet or your garments don’t dry, you can carry them in the bag and keep them separate from your dry clothes. 
  • Camera: This should be obvious. To make sure that you get to capture all the great moments from your trip. Make sure that you have enough storage and some extra batteries as well.

Policy and Terms

Here's the cancellation policy for Himalayan Treks/Backpacking Trips/Road Trips

  • If you cancel before 30 days - 90% of amount will be refunded
  • If you cancel between 20 -30 days - 75% % of amount will be refunded
  • If you cancel between 15-19 days - 50%  will be refunded
  • If you cancel between 7-14 days - 25 % amount will be refunded
  • If you cancel between 0- 7 days before the departure date - No amount would be refunded.
  • *Intimation Period means the number of days before the tour is scheduled to start
  • **Cancellation Fee is the amount of money that will be deducted from the total billing amount before offering the refund.
  • Refund/Cancellation requests are accepted only by email at [email protected] and not via call or Whatsapp.

Note: For All The Above Refund Cases Transaction Fees/Internet Handling Charges will be dedcuted from the overall amount and balance amount shall be refunded. You can transfer your ticket to anyone so that you could save your hard earned money

For other trips and travels with us, and detailed terms and conditions check the      following link : https://www.plantheunplanned.com/refund-cancellation-policy


The interesting thing about travelling alone is that you get to meet new people from diverse backgrounds, and towards the end, you are no longer strangers. Hence solo travellers are always welcome to join us on our trips. Read more about solo travelling here and get inspired! https://www.plantheunplanned.com/solo-yet-accompanied/

Safety and security are our priority at all times. Hence it is safe for women/girls to join us on our treks and travels. Our trek leaders accompany the team at all times, and our campsites are secured and safe for accommodation. We also have female trek leaders who accompany us on most of our treks.

Not at all. You could keep all the extra luggage back at the campsite/homestay and carry only the necessary stuff for the trek (Raincoats, Torchlight, Waterbottle, lunchbox, and your valuable)

We are extremely sorry, you cannot postpone to any future date in case you fail to attend the trek on the mentioned date for any reasons whatsoever (family/health/work emergencies). You can write to us at [email protected] as regards and our team will get in touch with you on the same

Well, you are in the mountains and none of our trails has a washroom facility during the trek.

Details for availing discounts are mentioned in the following link, https://www.plantheunplanned.com/membership/

Jibhi is renowned for its luscious green scenery and magnificent waterfalls within pine trees. The region offers some of the greatest walking trails with breathtaking views of the Great Himalayan peaks. Jalori Pass, Kullu, Raghupur Fort, Jibhi Waterfalls, Jibhi Valley, and Serolsar Lake are just a few of the amazing tourist destinations there.

In Jibhi, it does occasionally snow during the winter months of January and February. Aside from that, you will experience heavy snowfall and plenty of snow as you travel a bit higher towards the Shoja and Jalori Passes.

Jibhi has a respectable cell network and internet access. The best 4g networks in Jibhi are Jio and Airtel. Jibhi has nearly smooth cellphone and internet access.

The best time to visit Jibhi, however, is from the months of March to May, taking into account the local climate. It's that time of year when summer is just around the corner and the days are beautiful and the nights are cool.

By Air: The closest airport is 60 kilometres and two hours from Jibhi in the Kullu district of Bhuntar. From Bhuntar, a taxi costs around 2,200 for the one-way trip. Flying to Chandigarh and taking a cab (6,000 one-way) to Jibhi is a more affordable choice for a party. By Rail: The nearest train station is at Shimla, 150 kilometres and six hours south of Jibhi. Passengers must change trains at Kalka because there is no direct service between Delhi and Shimla, however there are several connections to ensure a comfortable journey (5 hr to Kalka and a further 5 hr to Shimla). Visitors can take advantage of the chance to ride the renowned "toy train" from Kalka to Shimla. From Shimla to Jibhi, a cab ride typically costs about 6,000. By Road: The easiest way to get to Jibhi is to take a bus from Delhi to Manali and get out at Aut. To acquire a cab from Aut, make arrangements with your lodging for a pickup ($1,000 one-way) or take a different bus to Banjar, which is 8 kilometres before Jibhi, and then a taxi from there. If you leave early in the morning, you should be able to complete the 520 km/12 hr journey to Banjar Valley if you are coming from Delhi. However, if a stop is necessary, Ambala or Chandigarh are both viable options.

Additional Information

How is the Trip /Trek Organised?
For the proper organization of Backpacking Trips and Himalayan treks, Plan the Unplanned team is associated with a local experienced team that’s registered with ATOAI (Adventure Tour Operators Association of India)

Moreover, we have been working with them for 10 years. Their highly skilled staff with 20+ years of experience, professional local guides and BMC certified trek leaders are the reasons for our continuing partnership with them. The team shall manage all operations, medical and mechanical backup starting from the base location.

Only when we have over 8 bookings from Bangalore, do we send our leaders from Bangalore.

Note: To properly utilize resources, a batch from PTU is clubbed with trekkers who originally book with the local team. This is how all trekking organizations manage their treks. An exclusive PTU batch is only formed when we have a majority of bookings ( over 8 and above ) from PTU


- Jibhi road trip is an adventure that you need to hop on and explore the Jibhi, which is a small village in Kullu hidden from the outside world and having an experience of its own. 

- Jibhi was unknown to the tourist dictionaries until a few foreign travelers started coming here in this unexplored valley again and again. The Jibhi valley became famous among travelers but is still a low-key destination for many are still unaware of its existence.

- Jibhi is famous for its serene landscape and hidden beauty while that’s not just all. There are various places to visit in Jibhi like the whole Tirthaan valley, Cheni Fort, Jalori pass, and a breathtaking trek of Sirolsar Lake.

- The best time to visit Jibhi is from March to May and from December to February, the first set of the month is the peak season for visiting Jibhi and the second set of months is the shoulder season which also makes up for a preferable visit.

- A short drive from picturesque Jalori Pass, Jibhi is a good base for hiking, birding, relaxing, and enjoying the outdoors.

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JIBHI Road Trip
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